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8 Best Free Android Radio Apps [2022]

Best Free Android Radio Apps. Although most Android devices already have a free radio app built-in, they don’t always work well, or we have something more, and we’re looking for more stations, stay tuned and discover new programs and music.

People think that listening to the radio has become obsolete and obsolete. Tech companies have chosen not to create a free Android radio app for their devices. This notion is false because many people prefer to start their day by listening to the radio.

Don’t worry; there are various Android radio apps available online for free download from PlayStore. Today we’re going to discuss a specific topic and bring you the best Android Radio apps to listen to the radio on your smartphone for free.


8 Best Free Radio Apps for Android in 2020


1. iVoox

In iVoox, you will find podcasts of all kinds to listen to wherever and whenever you want. You will find podcasts of all these categories (and even others):

  • Children’s stories and audiobooks for adults.
  • Language courses and other subjects.
  • Conferences and talks
  • Classes
  • Humor monologues.
  • Poems
  • Meditation audios.
  • Biographies

Does that seem insufficient to you? Also, it is a free Android radio application without ads and does not require any subscription, which gives you many advantages over your partners. You can subscribe, if you wish, to your favorite programs and receive notifications when there is a new one.

Also, this radio and podcast application for Android recommends programs according to your preferences, with which entertainment is guaranteed. And what’s more, it lets you listen to live FM radio – yes, in this case, online. A very well classified and well-organized app, and also compatible with Chromecast.


2. Audials

Audials are presented as a mobile player, which also allows you to save the songs of your choice in MP3 format on your mobile and listen to them without an internet connection. The online application has more than 80,000 stations. You will also have the option to set it as a mobile alarm, and the station you choose will ring when you decide. You can quickly jump from station to station, and, thanks to its history, you can repeat the song you love so many times.


3. Last.fm

Are you a fan of electro, house, hip-hop, country or any other genre and want to explore? Yes, this is the perfect free Android radio app for you. Last.FM is designed to understand your favorites by scanning your music apps such as Deezer, Apple Music, Spotify, a local music app, etc.

Then he suggests great similar music for you. This is very effective because the app gives you updated music and keeps you up to date with the latest trends in the music world. For the first time, it is very easy to find your way in the application, thanks to the user-friendly interface designed by the developers. Additionally, you can send an app review and recommendation. This ensures that your recommendations match your musical lifestyle.


4. TuneIn Radio

No matter what type of music you like to listen to, you are guaranteed a pleasant listening experience on TuneIn Radio. TuneIn Radio has more than 100,000 stations available in France and around the world.

The application guarantees the satisfaction of the order, whether you are interested in news, lifestyle, sport, music, etc. The app is not only accessible on your smartphone or tablet; you can listen to it via Android Wear and Google Chromecast devices.


5. myTuner Radios France Online

It is the best free Android radio app, the number one in over 50 countries, and has a fairly high ranking among users. Sports, news, and music at more than 30,000 stations in over 120 countries around the world at your fingertips. You can listen to your favorite stations and discover the stations most listened to in France, Australia, or Japan.

The application allows you to record in real-time and perform a search by genre (pop, top, sport, rock, news, etc.), by country, by format or by city. Also, you can listen in the background while performing other activities with your mobile phone. It is the best application to listen to radio from around the world.


6. iHeartRadio

Listening to stations on the Internet for free has never been easier. With iHeart, you can listen to music, news, podcasts, sports, humor, and debates in the palm of your hand. The stations that can be heard coming from North America. An ideal opportunity to discover new successes before reaching the European and French lists. You can sync it with any device, including Chromecast. Discover the best of American music with iHeart Radio.


7. DI.FM Radio

FM Radio (Digitally Imported) is another free Android FM radio application, ideal for fans and electronic music lovers. The app works with streaming stations and has over 80 different types, as well as a huge collection of exclusive content that you can listen to before anyone else.

Electronic music fans around the world choose the shows. You can find the specific style you prefer: Trance, GED, house, lounge, dance chillout, ambiance, techno, and much more. The interface is very intuitive and allows you to discover new electronic talents quickly and easily. It has a schedule with DJ shows and live shows.


8. Dash Radio

If you don’t want to focus on a specific genre or group, the free Dash Radio radio app for Android is for you. Here, the user is spoiled for choice and can choose from over 60 radio stations for their radio station playlist.

The overall music selection is very good, as radio stations include new hits as well as real classics. There are also regular special outings, where renowned DJs design a special program. Dash Radio is therefore particularly recommended for anyone who wants several musical genres and is always looking for new successes.


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Final Words

Listen to the radio online or without an internet connection (offline). Listen to what you hear; we are sure that these applications will cover your needs. What do you think of these Radio apps for Android? If you think there is another great free Android radio app that we may have missed, please let us know in the comments section and tell us why you think the radio app is a great choice.



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