Best English Learning Apps for Android in 2020

10 Best English Learning Apps for Android in 2020

Thanks to some applications to learn English, you can learn it from home comfortably. We made things easier for you by selecting these 10 Best English Learning Apps for Android in 2020. There are an estimated 6,500 languages ​​spoken in the world. Outside of those languages, English is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, only behind Mandarin Chinese.

List of the Best English Learning Apps for Android in 2020

There are several applications available on Google Play to learn English. However, not all offer an intuitive learning experience. To avoid the hassle of having to find an app that’s right for you, here are the top 10 best English learning apps on Android 2020:

1. Improve English

improve english: best apps learn english androidThis Application is one of the best applications for learning English. It has a variety of different English-based courses, and you can choose the topics you want to learn. Improve English helps you develop your vocabulary in three distinct stages: Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced. This Application uses interactive word games and presents information on cards to enhance your learning experience.

Download Improve English

2. Duolingo

app to learn english duolingoDuolingo is the most popular Application for learning English and other languages. It is suitable for those who are only taking the first steps to learning English. The app makes the learning experience super fun and easy. You don’t need to spend more than 15 to 20 minutes a day to learn new words and phrases. Duolingo provides feedback based on your performance to help you track your progress.

Download Duolingo

3. Busuu

busuu learn english: best apps learn english androidHere is another excellent English learning app that is good for beginners. What’s even more exciting and unique about Busuu is that you can connect with the community. Doing this would help you receive feedback from native English speakers. The app covers all the basics of your lessons, such as reading, writing, speaking, and spelling in English.

Download Busuu

4. Drops

drops learn languagesDrops come with a beautiful user interface. The app helps you learn English with illustrations and focuses on teaching you how to have a conversation in English. Microgames make the learning experience more enjoyable, so you are willing to learn more. Each session lasts 5 minutes, which is perfect for those who cannot spend more than a few minutes each day learning through the Application.

Download Drops

5. Rosetta Stone

rosetta stone: best apps learn english androidRosetta Stone is a fantastic application for learning languages. The app allows you to read short stories and provides instant feedback on its performance. You can even download lessons to learn at your own pace and without an Internet connection. Rosetta Stone gives you access to the PhraseBook function, where you can quickly learn some common phrases.

Download Rosetta Stone

6. Memrise

memrise app to learn englishMemrise is an award-winning learning app and also one of the most popular language-learning apps on Android. The app connects you to real people who are native speakers of the language you are trying to learn. Each lesson in the app helps you develop conversation skills instead of just learning grammar. Memrise is worth checking out if you’re interested in English-speaking skills.

Download Memrise

7. Learn English

simply learn english: best apps learn english androidIf you are looking to learn American English, then you can use this Application. The free version is a bit of a disappointment as you don’t have access to many words and phrases. However, the premium version gives you access to over 1000 words and phrases from over 30 different categories. The audio clips within the app are of high quality, and the speaker is a native speaker of English from the USA.

Download Learn Simply English

8. Beelinguapp

beelinguapp learn englishBeelinguapp helps you learn English and some other languages. But, it does it in a completely different way than most other language learning apps. The Application allows you to read and listen to short stories in different languages, side by side. Therefore, you can read the story in your native language, as well as in English or another language, to learn the words and phrases while doing so.

Download Beelinguapp

9. BBC Learning English

bbc learning english: best apps learn english androidThe BBC application itself helps you learn English for free. The Application gives you access to a large number of different transcripts and questionnaires to learn English. A recent update also brought audio programs (6 Minute English, 6 Minute Grammar, and 6 Minute Vocabulary) for users to learn. These audio programs can be downloaded to listen offline as well.

Download BBC Learning English

10. FluentU

fluentuHere’s another app that sets itself apart from the rest by using YouTube videos. All the videos presented in the Application accredit the channels. The videos featured in the app fall into various categories, including inspirational talks and music. Some video lessons may not be what you’re looking for; however, for the most part, the videos that appear will help you learn English.

Download FluentU

If you are a beginner in English, I will recommend that you start from Duolingo and then use Improve English to take complete control of the language. For fluent spoken English, you can try Memrise or Drops. Let us know in the comments which of these apps you plan to use to improve your English. For more Android news visit Top and Trending


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