Best Azzaro Perfumes For Men

10 Best Azzaro Perfumes For Men

These Best Azzaro Perfumes For Men feature a distinguishing element and a potent weapon for seduction that oscillates, identifies, and feels at ease, regardless of whether the smell is sweet, robust, or made for a mature guy.

Loris Azzaro, better known in the fashion industry as Azzaro was born on February 9, 1933, in Tunisia. In his own country, he earned a degree in Contemporary Literature and worked as an Italian teacher.

His Italian ancestry affected his passion for design and modeling from an early age, and it was in 1962 that he founded a boutique in Paris, whose clothing included elaborate embroidery and quite striking and unique embellishments for the period.

In addition, thanks to its amazing success with its original clothing, it pushed its way into the fragrance industry in 1975 with the creation of the “Azzaro Couture” line, which was inspired by haute couture and was very well accepted by the public high-end.

Best Azzaro Perfumes For Men

Azzaro’s perfumes began to evolve, drawing a new audience, and that is when it began to make its collections of colognes for women and men, increasingly honing its smells. Discover the best Azzaro fragrances for Him.

1. Azzaro Chrome Eau de Parfum

In 1996, this spectacular fragrance that belongs to the citrus-aromatic olfactory family was launched on the market.

Since then, it has become one of the pillars of the brand and one of the best-selling perfumes around the world. 

It comes in a crystalline bottle, combined with a beautiful sky blue color and a white cap adorned with silver edges, evoking the invigorating and comfortable freshness that spring and summer days bring.

Azzaro Chrome Eau de Parfum

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Likewise, it has a main hydric, aromatic, woody, and fresh spicy accord, turning its spectacular aroma into a classic that makes us think of the immensity of the sea and the subsidiary, happy and free outings that parents have with their children.

In itself, its creator was inspired by family values ​​and the memories of his childhood spent on the Mediterranean island of Antiparos, in the Aegean Sea where light and navy blue bathe the sunsets.

In its top notes, the sweetness of pineapple, aromatic rosemary, neroli, and the explosion of freshness offered by bergamot and lemon (acid lime) are perceived.

Then move forward with a heart of cyclamen, Persian violet, and exotic oriental scents like coriander, jasmine, and oakmoss to culminate with an exquisite background of sandalwood, tonka bean, and a masculine touch of musk, oakmoss, cedar, and rosewood from brazil.

In general, its exquisite nectar has several nuances and evolves as it dries on the skin. This perfume is informal, and sporty, and refers to freedom, becoming a classic that all virile men want to have. 

It has longevity that ranges from moderate to long-lasting and a moderate trail like a sunset in the Mediterranean makes it unique and balanced and makes it an icon of the Azzaro house.

2. Azzaro Wanted Colognes

This manly, passionate, and attractive perfume will never go unnoticed. It begins its presentation with an original, suggestive, and collectible bottle, as it resembles a revolver, which is transparent showing its exquisite yellow liquid.

It is adorned by a lid that refers to the exit of the bullets, evoking the power and manly vitality that will undoubtedly make women who perceive its aroma delirious since this fragrance points directly to their hearts and is ultimately a weapon of seduction.

Azzaro Wanted Colognes

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It belongs to the woody-spicy olfactory family and has main aromatic, fresh, spicy, green, citrus, and woody accords. 

It was launched on the market in 2016 and since then all gentlemen have wished to have it because this is a scent for successful, enterprising, and magnetic men who are desired by all women.

Its top notes are open clean and energetic, where the freshness of lemon (acid lime) and ginger is perceived. 

Likewise, they are accompanied by the exquisiteness of lavender and mint, to then continue with a heart of Guatemalan cardamom and Virginia juniper, which provide robustness to the essence. 

The sweetness of the apple and the geranium emerges, offering appetizing nectar that will intoxicate the senses. 

To culminate, in its classic and resounding background, the Haitian vetiver, Tonka bean, and amber bring a virile and electrifying touch to this perfume.

Its scent ranges from moderate to heavy and is not intrusive, adapting to all seasons, both day and night, and due to its long-lasting longevity, you will be scented for hours. 

This cologne is versatile and for its fresh and elegant touch, it suits all sweet, daring, seductive, and free men who are between the age range of 30 years and over.

3. Azzaro Chrome United

Under the Chrome line, this exquisite fragrance was launched on the market in 2013, and it stands out in the collection as a tribute to the ideals of the designer.

Represents manly strength and friendship. Its classic bottle has crystalline edges with an intense blue center engraved in the center with the name of the colony.

It is also adorned with a striking silver cap that reflects sophistication, simplicity, and the relaxed harmony of today’s virile men.

Azzaro Chrome United

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It has ozonic, green, citrus, aromatic, aquatic, and musky main accords, and in its top notes, the freshness of bergamot is clearly perceived, which is masterfully coupled with an exotic touch of coriander and Sichuan pepper.

It continues in its aromatic circle with a heart of black tea and exquisite violet leaves that, when combined with a robust and manly background of cedar and white musk, produces an exceptional and very masculine formula.

This perfume is perfect for spring and summer days, as its trail is moderate and not very intrusive. Likewise, its longevity on the skin is intermediate, so you will be perfumed for long hours.

This fragrance with its sweet start, making its way to citrus fruits and culminating in robustness, is indicated for young people and adults over 25 years of age and over.

4. Azzaro Pour Homme

Under the Fougere olfactory family (combination of lavender with notes of oakmoss in the background, creating a forest or herbal atmosphere), this perfume was born in 1978 and, since then, it has become a classic whose collection la All the imposing, elegant, seductive and sexy gentlemen who know what it is to carry a good scent and at the same time, be fashionable.

Azzaro Pour Homme

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Its intense yellow liquid denotes duration, and maturity and is packaged in a crystalline bottle stamped with the logo of the house. In addition, its black cap gives it a sophisticated air, alluding to its lineage.

It has main aromatic chords, woody, fresh spicy, and mildly spicy. Likewise, floral and earthy scents have been included that give a defined touch to the fragrance, making it perfect for the cool days of spring and the intense nights of winter and fall.

Its composition is complex given the variety of ingredients it contains. In this way, in its top notes the delicious caraway, iris, lavender, clary, aromatic basil, and the sweetness provided by anise are perceived, accompanied by a fresh and citrus touch of bergamot and lemon (acid lime). 

Then, move towards an exotic heart of sandalwood, juniper berries, patchouli, and the delicious vetiver, ingredients that are combined with cedar and cardamom providing a decided and defined touch to the essence. 

Finally, it closes its circle of scents with a regal, intense, and masculine background of leather, tonka bean, musk amber, and oakmoss.

This vintage perfume has long-lasting longevity on the skin and its trail ranges from moderate to heavy, being perfect for the days and nights of all the seasons of the year, especially in the winter seasons, but taking care of its use during the summer. 

Its nectar offers its bearer a balanced sensation of virility that will make him feel highly desired.

5. Azzaro Chrome Intense

You can feel the immensity and intensity of the ocean with this fragrance which is packaged in a classic, crystalline bottle and tinged in an elegant dark blue color that evokes the ocean currents.

In addition, it is adorned with a white lid and silver details that enhance its exquisiteness and high quality.

Azzaro Chrome Intense

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It belongs to the woody-spicy olfactory family and was launched on the market in 2015, based on its predecessor Chrome, but with a more complex composition. 

Since its inception, this perfume has been one of the favorites of all men, becoming a classic whose refreshing and enigmatic aroma everyone wants to wear.

Its main accords are composed of fresh spicy, citrus, green, woody, and musky, and its ingredients evolve pleasantly, combining perfectly and providing a morning breeze, whose sensation is provided by clean elements such as bergamot, grapefruit (grapefruit), and the exotic ginger. 

Then, it advances with an intense and very fresh heart of ozonic notes, lichen, and water jasmine and, finally, a decided, powerful, and stable background of amber, musk, yerba mate and woody notes emerges that will make its smell a vice and unforgettable.

It has moderate longevity on the skin, with which you will feel perfumed for many hours, and its trail, also moderate, will give you a pleasant feeling of freedom and an exquisite and unmistakable essence like drops of sea.

Chrome Intense by Azzaro is the ideal one to wear during the hot summer days so that you are always fragrant and appetizing, just as if you were a God of Olympus. It is very suitable for spontaneous and active men, who like to live life intensely at all times.

6. Azzaro Pour Homme Intense 2015

In a crystalline bottle that reveals its intense yellow liquid and is adorned with a dark lid that reflects elegance and decision, this excellent perfume was launched under the Pour Homme line in 2015.

It belongs to the Fougere aromatic family and its accords They are warm, spicy, woody, aromatic, amber, and a touch of cinnamon, which offer a regal aroma, but sweet at the same time.

Azzaro Pour Homme Intense 2015

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This fragrance, given the few ingredients that compose it, is simple, but they are very strong by offering us their pleasant smell. 

In this way, it opens with an exotic and fragrant note of cinnamon, then continues with a consistent and manly heart of brandy and Haitian vetiver to culminate with an enigmatic and exquisite background of amber and tonka bean.

It has moderate longevity on the skin, with which you will be scented for many hours and its also moderate trail is not intrusive, so you can wear it during autumn days and cold winter nights. This fragrance is very suitable for mature gentlemen who know what they want to get out of life.

7. Azzaro Silver Black

This delicious fragrance was launched on the market in 2005 and its elegant black bottle with a silver band shows us the greatness of the aroma that the Silver Black perfume by Azzaro for men can offer us, which turns out to be magnetic, seductive, and of a high level of refinement, as it is one of the most sophisticated of the firm.

Azzaro Silver Black

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It belongs to the Woody-Aromatic olfactory family and is composed of main aromatic, woody, citrus, fresh spicy, green, and warm spicy chords, which are excellently combined to give us a touch of seduction and mischief in single nectar.

It has a fresh and daring start thanks to its notes of bergamot, lime (green lemon), apple, and anise, ingredients that also offer a pleasant sweetness.

Then move forward with an exotic heart of coriander, Virginia juniper, and cardamom, blending with other forceful, disturbing, and manly essences such as sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, and the unrivaled potent white musk.

In the same way, its longevity on the skin ranges from moderate to long-lasting, making you feel pleasantly odorous for a long time, and due to its moderate trail, you can make it the perfect one to wear on cold winter and autumn days. 

Undoubtedly, this cologne stands out among the others, as it opens its olfactory pyramid with vitality, attracting its aroma instantly. 

This perfume is very suitable for formal, mature, and irresistible gentlemen who have to bear and who reflect security, and self-confidence, and who, in addition, bet on seduction and exclusivity.

8. Azzaro Visit

In 2003, this fragrance was launched under the spicy woody olfactory family and is composed of main woody, fresh, spicy, balsamic, warm spicy, and smoky accords, becoming the ideal for all seasons of the year and very especially for spring, autumn, and intense winter nights.

Its top notes are complex, due to the composition of its various ingredients. But these have been merged in a masterful way to offer us an exotic and exquisite aroma that only the combination of nutmeg, refreshing bergamot, and fragrant ginger could give us.

Likewise, it continues to advance with the exuberant pink pepper and cardamom, which fused, emit a completely seductive elixir of gods.

Then, its liquid joins with a consistent and strong heart of guaiac wood, cedar, and mystical incense to culminate with a resounding and masculine background of musk and ambergris.

This perfume has a moderate trail and longevity on the skin, making you find yourself scented for long hours and offering you an intense, very manly, and personal scent, with which you will not go unnoticed at any time. 

It is preferably indicated for men with an age range from 25 years old, who are mature and know what they want and expect from life.

9. Azzaro Chrome Legend

From the Aromatic-Fruity olfactory family and under the Chrome line, this exquisite perfume was launched on the market in 2007.

Its main accords are woody, green, fresh, fruity, and citrus and they reflect an aroma with pleasant sensations of adventure and Liberty.


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It was created thinking about the filial and family ties that a father has with his son and is an invitation to share feelings, emotions, and teachings through unique and unforgettable experiences and moments.

Its bottle is elegant and in an intense blue like the infinite ocean, adorned with a silver cap that symbolizes purity and at the same time, softness. 

Its aroma of monolithic composition is far from pretentious since its combination is simple, casual, active, and very refreshing.

Thus, in its notes, an impression of freshness is perceived that is given by energizing ingredients such as tonka bean, green apple, and bitter orange. Likewise, other components such as oakmoss, musk, and amber, give it a manly and energetic touch.

As for its longevity, it ranges from moderate to very long-lasting, therefore, you will not have to worry about touch-ups, keeping you perfumed for many hours. 

As for its trail, it is moderate and its initial and powerful expression softens with the hours, becoming the ideal fragrance for summer days and nights, with which you will always feel comfortable wearing this delicious and attractive scent.

10. Azzaro Pour Homme Elixir

Under the Oriental olfactory family, this excellent fragrance was launched on the market in 2009. Its bottle is elegant, classic, transparent, and combined with a dark red color in degrade, which gives it a modern and passionate touch.

Azzaro Pour Homme Elixir

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She offers us its exquisite intense liquid, reflecting its quality and durability on the skin. Likewise, it has main aromatic, balsamic, fruity, vanilla, and sweet chords, providing a seductive, sexy, mature aroma and ideal for classic and attractive men.

Its aroma is monolithic in composition and is made based on fresh ingredients provided by geranium, lavender, bergamot, mandarin orange, and Amalfi lemon.

In addition, other components such as tonka bean, pear, coumarin, and vanilla give its smell a characteristic sweetness that when combined with strong and decisive elements such as oakmoss, benzoin, black currants, and French labdanum gives energetic and very manly nectar.

It has long-lasting longevity on the skin, allowing you to be scented for many hours, and due to its heavy scent, it is perfect for you to wear on cold winter nights and cooler days in autumn. However, it also adapts in the spring if you wear it wisely, making it a very good alternative for daily use.

Without any doubt, Azzaro Pour Homme Elixir has a formal and striking style for gentlemen whose age range exceeds 30 years and whom it will catch with its fiery liquid.

Final Verdict

This creation guru has had a dizzying career since the opening of his atelier, rising and becoming famous in haute couture thanks to the launch of his line of circular dresses called “ajourée circles,” which immediately became a great success because they offered originality, color, and movement, and were preferred by both young and mature women of the time.

This enabled him to go further, eventually venturing into the show universe, because his designs piqued the interest of famous artists of the time such as Sofa Loren, Isabelle Adjani, Brigitte Bardot, and Jane Birkin, among others, who began to use them in their presentations, thereby promoting their collections and overwhelmingly propelling them to the top.

Following the death of this great creator on November 20, 2003, the Azzaro house began a steady shift in its direction, to achieve a balance between the codes of the house and modern life, which is today joyous, fluid, sensual, and very free.

In short, from its inception, this manufacturer has given much to talk about, not only with its catwalk collections, but also with its invigorating, determined, and unique perfumes. The perfume becomes a personal, individual aspect and a powerful weapon of seduction for the Azzaro brand.

That is why since its inception almost 60 years ago, this house has made a point of offering aromas that denote unforgettable and masculine paths, standing out with its lines of exquisite, elegant, and sophisticated fragrances.

Not surprisingly, its collections have crossed international borders, producing millions of dollars for the house while also giving an innovative notion in the world of fashion and transforming, in part, the tastes and preferences of an ever-expanding public. demanding and desiring innovation with a touch of exclusivity.

That is why, in these lines, we have supplied you with the Best Azzaro perfumes for Men so that you may get a sense of the perfume that best suits your skin and personality.

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