Best Balenciaga Perfumes For Women

Top 9 Balenciaga Perfumes For Women

As a Spanish fashion house born in the Basque country, it has always been recognized for its high-quality designs, as well as its fragrances, which have been well-known for decades. Since the beginning of perfumery, Cristóbal Balenciaga has been praised for this glorious brand. This brand has been on the market for over 60 years, offering the most refined products, which is why we would like to share The 9 Best Balenciaga Perfumes for Women with you.

9 Best Balenciaga Perfumes For Women

9. Rumba by Balenciaga

Rumba by Balenciaga

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With oriental and woody accords, Ruma was launched in 1989. It is a magnificent combination of exotic notes, giving it an aroma worthy of a very self-confident woman. With this magnificence that fully represents the Spanish house Balenciaga, your mood and style will be greatly enhanced.

A variety of notes are prominent at the beginning, including orange blossom, raspberry, peach, and bergamot. Its heart notes include honey, magnolia, carnation, orchid, heliotrope, and lily of the valley. Sandalwood, leather, patchouli, musk, and sweet vanilla are among the base notes.

In winter, Ruma truly shines, delivering its finest qualities with excellent staying power and a moderate strength that envelops you in a delightful aroma, infusing your day with cheer.

8. B Balenciaga by Balenciaga

B Balenciaga by Balenciaga

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B Balenciaga is planted as a safe option for today’s woman, the B Balenciaga is based on a practically perfect blend of woody and aromatic accords, it represents one of the brand’s best-selling perfumes, which anyone can check out right after the first sniff.

It opens with notes of lily-of-the-valley, violet leaves, and peas, opening the way for the middle notes of cedar and lily root, ending with deep notes well represented by musk and cashmere wood.

B Balenciaga can be used any season of the year, although it shows its best during spring and summer when you and the people around you can smell such an elusive aroma. It will accompany you for long hours, and its moderate vigil will protect you so that you feel comfortable in any place and situation.

7. B Balenciaga Intense by Balenciaga

B Balenciaga Intense by Balenciaga

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It is a slightly modified version of the original Balenciaga B, this time with more focus on seduction. Perfect for evenings when you want to be a woman with style, character, and a lot of presence. You will be able to improve your personality and have that irreverent touch at the most demanding parties with B Balenciaga Intense.

As the scent opens, you will notice the spectacular combination of green tea and blueberries. Its heart notes are marked by the queen of the night, while cedar and mahogany stand out in the deep notes.

Wear Balenciaga B during the most anticipated nights of winter for a breathtaking experience. Its harmonious trail exudes confidence and curiosity, captivating those around. This long-lasting fragrance will scent you for hours.

6. Balenciaga L’Eau Rose by Balenciaga

Balenciaga L'Eau Rose by Balenciaga

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With its floral and fruity notes, Balenciaga L’Eau Rose was released in 2013 and is sure to bring thousands of pleasant emotions to our senses after our first sniff. In its olfactory composition, it is aimed at sublime women who live life relaxed, but never exaggerated.

Blackberry top notes are categorically represented, while patchouli and rose middle notes will make L’Eau Rose a little more sophisticated and majestic. Cedar and musk base notes finish L’Eau Rose delicately and majestically.

Perfect use of Balenciaga L’Eau Rose is recommended during spring, when the beautiful flower environments remarkably resemble the perfume notes, giving you a unique contrast. There is an incomparable aroma left behind by its trail, which will accompany it for its duration.

5. Cristobal Balenciaga by Balenciaga

Cristobal Balenciaga by Balenciaga

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In Cristobal Balenciaga’s line, we are dealing with one of the most classic scents. It is a fragrance that has nothing more or less than the name of its creator. Since Cristobal Balenciaga was introduced in 1998, its aromatic chords are still a talk-show item today, a delicacy of notes that every woman wants to try.

The scent begins with notes of clove, bergamot, and fig leaves, which are followed by medium notes of peony, jasmine, and freesia, before ending with enigmatic sandalwood, patchouli, and musk.

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Our mildly wakeful and lingering scent has a remarkable length that will make us feel unique and in great demand when we are around people during our gentle walk.

4. Talisman by Balenciaga

Talisman by Balenciaga

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To truly capture the allure of Talisman, it’s akin to a talisman, a luxurious gemstone that bestows its charm only upon those who dare to adorn it.

The Balenciaga line’s classic fragrance, launched in 1994, has stood the test of time and continues to be a favorite among perfume lovers. This timeless fragrance continues to charm audiences today.

Aromatic notes include pineapple, nuts, aldehydes, mandarin, osmanthus, peach, rum, and bergamot, all of which open the fragrance. In addition to the richness of notes, the heart notes of cyclamen, carnation, iris, freesia, jasmine, and lily of the valley end categorically with leather, tonka bean, patchouli, musk, honey, cedar, and caramel.

Due to its complex composition, it is a fair creditor to its fame and success, as we can see. It’s a fragrance that will suit you for any occasion, will provide a duration few fragrances can match, plus a heavy trail that will make you notice anywhere, using its strongest notes and making you look radiant on any occasion.

Use this magic potion during autumn or winter nights, and you’ll soon discover why it ranks among Balenciaga’s most successful fragrances.

3. Rosabotanica by Balenciaga

Rosabotanica by Balenciaga

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Women who enjoy long walks and feel in harmony with nature will love Rosabotanica, which has green notes, which give it a super fresh feeling.

As of 2013, it has been marketed, and Kristen Stewart is one of its biggest users. Rosabotanica opens with notes of hyacinth and petitgrain, followed by roses, cardamom, and grapefruit. Finally, its base notes include cedar, vetiver, another range of woody notes, and white amber.

We have already mentioned that this is a brilliant combination that will make you feel very comfortable and refreshed; you will not even need to worry about how long it will last you because it is very durable, staying on your skin for a long time. Your light trail will also accompany you from a short distance, making your fragrance very noticeable.

2. Balenciaga Paris by Balenciaga

Balenciaga Paris by Balenciaga

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In the most beautiful seasons of Paris, Balenciaga Paris transports us to the enigmatic, classic city of Paris. Originally released in 2010 as a floral chord perfume, Balenciaga Paris is considered a perfect choice for women who enjoy long walks as well as being in touch with the everyday life of Parisian people.

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There are many delicious notes in Balenciaga Paris, including clove, patchouli, cedar, violet, and violet. In addition to providing a magical aroma that keeps us very active and fresh while visiting any of our favorite cities, these notes are linked together to create a magical aroma. Besides its duration, the trail will make you feel fluid, fresh, and comfortable as if you were walking for the entire duration.

1. Florabotanica by Balenciaga

Florabotanica by Balenciaga

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The oath is made with mint, roses, and marijuana. There is no need to be scared by the name; Florabotanica has only achieved success since its launch in 2012. With its unique blend of aromatic chords, it is deserving of excellent reviews from any renowned perfumer.

As the fragrance opens with mint notes, which provide the perfect amount of freshness, its middle notes are rose, clove, and cannabis, the scent of which is one of the perfume’s most controversial notes but which is undoubtedly the perfume’s most important chord. Lastly, it is finished with notes of vetiver and amber, which give the fragrance a strong sense of solidity.

Florabotanica duration is impeccable, lasting up to 12 hours on the skin. With a moderate awakening that anyone passing by will notice, it is perfect to be used on the sunniest days of spring or summer, where you can enjoy all its aromatic power.


The Top Balenciaga Perfumes for her represent a feat in the world of perfumery, created with great care so that their wearer can explore their full potential during the most appropriate moments, so we strive to showcase your best works. Wear a fragrance that perfectly matches your personality and style, and feel fresh and unique!

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