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5 Best Battery Lawn Mowers of 2021

Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers of 2021

With the Best Battery Mowers of 2021 keep your Lawn neat and clean. Mowing lawn Mowers by yourself is a pleasant pastime if there is the right equipment. You no longer need to hire a professional to do it.

If you are looking for effective Lawn Mower tools, these 5 Best Battery Lawn Mowers of 2021 are worth Buying. Your lawn will show the effectiveness of the tool you have at your disposal. It is therefore essential to acquire the appropriate model. Since you already know the features that interest you in a battery mower, all you have to do is look at a comparison to choose the machine you want to use.

The battery-powered lawn mower does the job for you, as long as it is right for you. We have identified some interesting models on the market, among the most used by people. Makita XML03PT1 is a compact device, with adjustable speed, which allows 10 different cutting heights to be achieved. Dewalt DCMW220P2 is adjustable and powerful equipment, using 2 batteries of 20 V. It is easy to move and store.


5 Best Battery Lawn Mowers of 2021


  1. Makita XML03PT1 Kit

 Makita XML03PT1 is undoubtedly one of the Best Battery Lawn Movers you should buy in 2021. It as has a large capacity. It works with 2 batteries of 18 V, which give more force to its engine, and comes with 2 other lithium-ion batteries, to support the first ones. All four charge quickly. Moreover, a double charger accompanies the machine.


This mower has a solid deck, which guarantees its durability. It is equipped with a brushless motor, which can work at a speed of 2500 rpm. The height of the cut can be changed. You are free to adjust it according to the grass to be cut. You have the choice between 10 different heights.

This machine has handles that you can fold up so that you can store the device. It is discreet because it has a noise reduction system. This allows you to cut the grass even very early in the morning, without waking the whole neighborhood.


  1. Dewalt DCMW220P2 Cordless Lawn Mower

This Dewalt battery mower is a 3 in 1 model which is one of the best Battery Mowers to Buy in 2021 as it has a grass collector and also has the mulching option. The freshly cut herbs are transformed into fertilizer to maintain the roots which are in the ground.

This natural fertilizer is immediately distributed through the discharge located at the rear of the machine. It is a practical system in Canada, to take advantage of every natural element.


The machine works with 2 batteries of 20 V which accompany it with a charger. This gives you a powerful mower, with a voltage of 40 V. This mower has a 20-inch deck, made of metal. Its durability is therefore assured.

With a simple lever, it is possible to adjust the height of the cut. You can choose from a range of 3.8cm to 8.6cm. The machine has a handle that folds easily. Besides, it weighs only 25.72 kg.


  1. Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower

Before asking where to buy the best battery lawn mower in 2021, think about what options you will need on such a machine. This Greenworks model is distinguished by its operation with a single 40 V battery, accompanied by the appropriate charger.

Battery life of up to 45 minutes lets you do most of your tasks. It has 5 modes, for cutting height. This allows you to mow the lawn, regardless of the height of the grass. A steel deck supports the other functionality of this mower. Indeed, this device collects, at the same time, the herbs to produce fertilizer.

On the lateral part, it ejects the fertilizers, on the surface to be fed. This model is equipped with the Smart Cut technique, which adapts the blade to your needs. The blade speed increases automatically when the machine is under heavy load. The wheels are made for all types of terrain.


4. Black Decker CM1640 Cordless Lawn Mower

 If you haven’t yet discovered the best brand of battery mowers, this model will surprise you. Black + Decker is known for the high quality of the tools it produces. This mower is easy to handle. It only takes a push of a button to make it work.

The cutting height varies from 1 to 3 inches. A lever is used to change the height. In the event of a change of parameters, the 4 wheels are raised in one fell swoop. This Black + Decker battery mower is equipped with a 40 V lithium-ion battery. This has an autonomy of approximately 30 minutes.


A second battery is provided, to replace the other, if you have a large area to mow. One can recharge quickly, while you use the other. The machine has a 16 ” bridge and a bag that is used to keep the herbs. This is a fabric bag. It is a compact model, suitable for narrow surfaces.


  1. Worx WG743 Lawn Mower

Finding an inexpensive battery mower is not complicated if the quality is your priority. This Worx machine is a smart device. Equipped with a couple of 40 V batteries, it has a 43.2 cm bridge.

Intelligent technology automatically adjusts power for thicker herbs. This does not put too much strain on the batteries. The machine has 6 different cutting heights, which you can use depending on the condition of your lawn. Just lift the lever.


If you haven’t yet decided which battery mower to choose, this one will make your life easy. It displays the remaining battery life so you can stop work. The accompanying charger has two ports to simultaneously recharge both batteries. It features a collection bag that has an indicator to alert you when it’s full. The handle makes it easy to transport the mower and store it.

Buying Guide – How to Choose a Good Battery Mower?

The choice of a good mower should be made by considering the characteristics of the machine. Several models exist on the market. It is not easy to focus on the right tool for you. This is the reason why we have prepared this buying guide for the best battery mowers.

Machine capacity

Not all battery mowers are created equal. Obviously, it is more advantageous to acquire the most powerful device, provided that it suits your budget. The cutting height is one of the most important criteria.

Most machines are adjustable on this point. They, therefore, have an option that allows this function to be modified, about the height of the grass. In general, they cut grass from 20 mm up to 75 mm, depending on the model.

The size of the blade is a closer look, as it determines the ability of the device to cut a large area. Thus, you will not need to pass the machine several times on a part, to cut all the grass which is there. This is an important criterion if you want to find out how to choose the best battery mowers for 2021.

The blade is the most important part of the mower. The material with which it was made defines its robustness. Hardened steel blades are the most widely used. This accessory must be solid, and very sharp. Otherwise, the machine will waste your time. A good quality blade will last a long time, and cut herbs more efficiently.

The characteristics of the battery

To avoid having to search at all times for where to buy a new battery mower, choose the machine according to the battery power. The mowers offered in the market are equipped with a rechargeable battery from 20 V to 40 V. Machines with a powerful battery can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Do not forget to check the autonomy, in your choice. Longer battery life allows you to mow a larger area, or even finish what you set out to do.

Most of these devices are sold with 2 batteries. It will be necessary to pay attention when you browse a price comparison. With 2 batteries delivered with the mower, you can continue cutting with the other, when one is charging.

The corresponding charger must accompany the machine, otherwise, you will have to invest in this accessory. Lithium-ion batteries are the most suitable. The other models with a memory effect have a very limited lifespan. Make sure the battery is easy to remove for recharges. It will save you time and make the machine more durable.


The weight of the machine can help you choose a model. A lightweight mower is easy to handle and transport. The handles allow you to grip and guide the unit while mowing. If they are ergonomic, they will not tire your hands. The adjustable handlebars are even better. You can adjust it as you like.

The dimensions of the mower are to be considered if you are looking for the best battery mower. A larger model can be complicated to handle, but it is suitable for a larger surface. A small mower can squeeze in tight areas.

Don’t forget to check if the machine makes a lot of noise. A noisy device will disturb the whole neighborhood every time you go to mow your lawn. There are battery mowers that feature a noise reduction option. As for vibrations, they are annoying for the person holding the handlebars. Prefer models that do not produce too much.

Additional features

To know how to buy a battery mower with a better value for money, you will have to think of a few features that can make your life easier. Some models are equipped with a grass collector.

This saves you the hassle of collecting the cut herbs. Others have the mulching function. The collected glasses are used as fertilizer, for the same lawn. If these options interest you, prefer machines that have them.

There are mowers whose blade has a release system. When it hits an obstacle, it automatically blocks. This increases its lifespan, and consequently, that of the mower. A grass guide option can also be useful to you. On a small area, near a wall, this function directs the grass towards the blade. With these tips, you can choose the right battery mower for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s


Q1: How to mow the grass?

To mow the lawn, you need a mower. This tool can be electric, it must be plugged into a mains to operate. Others work with gas. There is also the battery mower. It is considered the most economical solution if you plan to cut the lawn in a location far from a power source.

You can buy some, to make things easier for you. This will save you from spending a lot on gas, or the hassle of an extension cord. It will only be necessary to choose the right model so that it corresponds to the tool which will be useful to you. Just turn on the machine and run it over the entire area to be mowed.

Q2: When to mow the grass after sowing?

If you mow the lawn right after sowing, the mower may suck up the young plants, which are not yet firmly rooted. Wait until the herbs come up. From a thickness of 3 cm, you can cut the herbs. Determine how high to mow them.

Normally, at this stage, they are not at the same level. Be careful, it is not advisable to cut the herbs when they are wet. You have to wait for them to dry. Even if you have a cheap device, don’t be in a rush to use it.

Q3: How to have a beautiful lawn?

A beautiful lawn is remarkably green and uniform. If you don’t have a battery mower yet, you’ll have to think about it. Are you always going to have a gardener take care of your lawn? This is a task that you will have the pleasure of doing if you have a battery mower. You will have to compare the models offered on the market if you want to acquire one.

Q4: How to redo a yellowing lawn?

A lawn turns yellow when it lacks essentials. Most of the time, it is fungi that are responsible for it. It will therefore be necessary to make them disappear. To do this, pour 3 liters of water into a bucket and add 3 tablespoons of baking soda, and mix well.

Fill a spray bottle with this mixture. Make sure all surfaces are covered. Repeat the operation 3 times a week, until the yellow part disappears completely. You can cut the herbs when they are long enough.

Q5: How to maintain a lawn in spring?

In spring, the lawn needs special care. Now is the time to grow and re-green your lawn. The solution is to maintain it with fertilizer. Currently, it is possible to manufacture natural and inexpensive fertilizers.

Some mowers are equipped with the mulching option. It is a system for transforming fresh herbs into fertilizer. These machines also include a system for spreading the fertilizer thus obtained.

Before applying fertilizer, it is best to fill in the holes and cut the grass close to the ground, using a lawnmower. This will allow you to see the sparse parts. You can also introduce young plants, to make the grass thicker. Remember to water often, so that the nutrients are well introduced into the soil.

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