Best Blue Light filter Android apps in 2020

10 Best Blue Light Filter Apps for Android

Overusing your smartphone can hurt your eye health, which is why it’s necessary to use night-mode apps to prevent eye problems while using your device. Discover the best blue light filter apps to use on your Android devices.

Nowadays, most people use personal computers and smartphones to do their homework or other tasks. However, not everyone is aware that digital devices emit blue light that can harm your eyes and disrupt your sleep cycle.

Best Blue Light Filter Android Apps [Night Mode Apps]

These blue light filter apps can help you regulate your sleep cycle by promoting healthy melatonin production and reducing eye strain caused by prolonged screen exposure.

1. Darker Screen Filter

This application not only allows you to choose different colors that will complement your screen but also allows you to read comfortably at night, unlike other applications that have a standard filter. The app reduces eye strain by lowering screen brightness to a much lower level.

Download Darker Screen Filter

2. Dimly Brightness Reducer

Dimly helps you decrease blue light exposure by adjusting the brightness of the screen and can also be used as a tool to help you sleep on time. 

Also, it is a light application, so if you are worried about having insufficient storage due to a bulky application. The user interface is simple while having all the necessary controls to use it.

Download Dimly Brightness Reducer

3. Blue Light Filter

This blue light reduction app adjusts the screen to night mode, making your eyes relax. 

Besides, you can also customize the filters, schedule them at your preferred time, and activate or deactivate the filter by touching the widget. 

If you find it difficult to customize your filters, there are three ready-to-choose profiles that you can choose to protect your eyes.

Download the Blue Light Filter

4. Blue Light Filter Night Mode

This blue light reduction app has an easy-to-use screen filter slider to adjust the screen according to your taste.

It is also an energy-saving app so you can read or watch without the need to charge your phone every few hours.

Another feature to keep in mind is the easy-to-use buttons that allow users to turn the app on and off in just a second.

Download Blue Light Filter Night Mode

5. Twilight

Twilight has proven to be a reliable blue light filter for Android. The app is marketed as a great way to bring back the normal sleep pattern of children and those who have difficulty sleeping at night. 

It has the same characteristics as other blue light filtering applications, but what makes it unique is the tint of its filter and its programming system.

Download Twilight

6. Night Owl

Night Owl is another application that you can download that allows you to decrease eye strain while working or playing on your device. 

The app enables you to reduce the brightness of the screen to a level that is lower than normal. 

Adding to that, it also features an advanced color filter and a cute owl widget that you will love to display on your phone.

Download Night Owl

7. EasyEyes

EasyEyes is a simple blue light filter application that has exciting features. It has the standard temperature and brightness function to adjust the lighting on your device and allows you to program filters to be used day or night. 

The notification toolbar also allows you to easily change settings along with the widget to access the application conveniently. 

It is very convenient to use the application’s programming function to avoid having a dim screen during the day.

Download EasyEyes


Unlike the other mentioned blue light filter applications, HALO has a unique feature that users are amateurs. 

Activate the programmed filter when it detects that you are lying down; this will save time instead of manually adjusting the settings when you are about to sleep. 

It will effectively block the blue light from the device to keep your eyes protected and to make you sleep easily.

Download HALO

9. Eye Protector

By downloading this application, you can use its key features such as the automatic screen dimmer and color adjuster to choose your type of filter. 

It also has a dark mode to relieve eye strain from looking at the screen for a long time. 

Using dark mode allows you to comfortably use your device without the need to think about having irritated eyes.

Download Eye Protector

10. Night Mist

This application improves the contrast level, eliminates color saturation, and keeps your eyes safe by blocking the blue light on the screen of your smartphone. 

It will alleviate eye strain while using your phone by making adjustments to the brightness and color temperature of the screen. 

It’s still a new app with few users, but if you need a blue light filter app that does the job and is easy to use, then you should give this one a try.

Download Night Mist

Last words

If you are suffering from irritated eyes and are having trouble sleeping, then you need to download the Night Filter app.

Blue light can be beneficial to health, but if it interferes with your sleep cycle and damages your eyes due to prolonged exposure, something needs to be done about it to prevent it from getting worse.

All of the apps mentioned above are free, but you also have the option to choose a paid version to unlock special features that can help protect your eyes even more.

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