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5 Best Budget Smartwatches of 2021

Best Budget Smartwatches of 2021

Almost everyone who has a smartphone is getting an accompanying smartwatch. Not only is a smartwatch a great accessory to have, but it is also a great device that can help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

There are so many smartwatches on the market but some of the best smartwatches are not the cheapest. If you are looking for a great smartwatch but do not want to spend too much, here are some great options for budget-friendly smartwatches.


5 Best Budget Smartwatches to Buy in 2021


1. Apple Watch Series 3

While Apple smartwatches are not the cheapest on the market, they are one of the best for iPhone users. Fortunately, the Apple Watch Series 3 is still compatible with the latest iOS so even though there are more recent models of the Apple Watch, you can still go for the Series 3 if you are looking for a cheaper Apple Watch.

The 38mm Apple Watch Series 3 is still a great choice of smartwatch and most of the users say that it is one of the best that has been released by Apple. The smartwatch connects seamlessly with iPhones so you can check notifications and remotely control your phone. The integrated fitness tracking works great and there is even GPS, which is not always available on budget smartwatches.

Since the Apple Watch Series 3 still got the watchOS 7 software update, the smartwatch now features new watch faces, tracking capabilities for your sleep cycle, and additional support for new workout styles and routines.


2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

In a similar case, Samsung’s newer line of smartwatches is also pricey, but the previous generations of Samsung smartwatches are still compatible with the latest Android software. This means that you can save yourself some cash by using the older models, like the first-generation Galaxy Watch Active.

The first-generation Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is one of the best smartwatches for Samsung and Android users. It is also a lot cheaper than the newer generations of smartwatches. The fast processor paired with the elegant and sleek software makes for an easy-to-operate smartwatch. In fact, it is a lot easier to use compared to other Android smartwatches that use the Google Wear OS operating system.

This smartwatch is great for daily wear and basic uses but does not support many well-known apps so you will not be able to download certain apps onto the watch. However, the watch does come with Samsung’s own apps, including the fitness ones, so you might not need to download any third-party apps after all.


3. Realme Watch

Realme has yet to make a name for itself in the international smartwatch industry, but the company does already have a decent following. The Realme Watch is one of the smartwatches released by the company and while it might not be the latest, it is still one of their best.

The device features a decently sized 1.4-inch touchscreen display and it is also splash-proof, so you do not have to worry if it gets a little wet. The smartwatch does not come with GPS but makes up for it in the fitness and sleep tracking capabilities. You can also use it to check the oxygen level of your blood. The heart rate monitor on this Realme smartwatch works decently for regular movements, but you might not be able to rely on it during your more intense workout routines.

While it might not be the most stylish or the fanciest smartwatch on this list, the Realme Watch is still a great choice for a budget-friendly smartwatch, but you will have to be an Android user to enjoy this device.


4. Xiaomi Mi Watch

Xiaomi smartwatches are very popular in Asia and there is a really good reason why. Not only are they the cheaper option of smartwatches but they are also compatible with both Android phones and iPhones.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch smartwatch comes with a high-quality, 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen display. The polyamide plastic case allows the smartwatch to be lightweight and waterproof. The smartwatch uses a custom Xiaomi OS but can surprisingly support controls for Amazon Alexa. It can also handle notifications and a multitude of watch faces with ease. As for the apps, the Mi Watch features fitness tracking, GPS, energy monitor, and heart rate monitor. Asides from the many workout modes offered, users can also enjoy the Garmin-owned Firstbeat for more recovery insights.

Whether you are an Android or iOS user, you will surely love this Xiaomi Mi Watch. It has all you want in a smartwatch, from a good mix of features and great tracking capabilities to a stylish design and long battery life.


5. Fossil Sport

Fossil might not be the first name that comes into mind when you think of budget smartwatches, but this popular fashion brand does offer cheaper options from their wide array of wearable tech. The Fossil Sport is one of the least expensive smartwatches from the brand, but it surely does not seem like it at first glance.

Equipped with an efficient Qualcomm 3100 processor and a Wear OS operating system, the Fossil Sport can keep up with your fast-paced, active lifestyle. It also comes with GPS, a heart rate monitor, and NFC for mobile cashless payment. The smartwatch is already pretty stylish on its own but if you ever feel like changing up the look of it, you can replace the band with something that suits your taste.

Overall, the Fossil Sport is one of the best Wear OS smartwatches you can get at the moment, and it will also add a little style to your everyday look.

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