Best By Kilian Perfumes For Men in 2020

5 Best By Kilian Fragrances For Men

The appeal of a perfume brand lies in its delicious scent. Without this quality, any perfume would lack the delightful essence that defines them. By Kilian is a well-known French brand that excels in creating delightful perfumes. The 5 Best By Kilian fragrances for men showcase the brand’s ability to capture masculine splendor while maintaining a seductive appeal.

Top 5 By Kilian Fragrances For Him

1. By Kilian Dark Lord For Men

Dark Lord - By Kilian

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The fragrance called “The Dark Lord” by Kilian is a scent for men that falls under the category of Leather fragrances. It was released in the year 2018. Dark Lord is known for its exceptional quality and ability to evoke a sense of mystery and subtle masculinity in anyone who wears it.

Dark Lord includes hints of cedar, cypriol, leather, vetiver, pepper, bergamot, rum, and sambac jasmine. These ingredients combine to create a rich and intense scent reminiscent of a fully bloomed flower.

Furthermore, it has a remarkably long lifespan and a strong fragrance. Dark Lord is perfect for wearing during autumn days, particularly because of its strong and captivating presence.

2. By Kilian Moonlight in Heaven

Moonlight in Heaven - By Kilian

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Moonlight in Heaven is a fragrance that is perfect for the modern, elegant, and seductive man. It belongs to the Aromatic Men olfactory family and was launched in 2016.

The fragrance incorporates modern elements with notes of mango, rice, coconut, tonka bean, vetiver, and grapefruit. This combination creates a citrusy scent with hints of sweetness. The fragrance has a long-lasting longevity and leaves a strong impression.

Moonlight in Heaven is perfect for wearing during your summer vacations, allowing you to experience the delightful essence of citrus.

3. By Kilian Straight to Heaven

Straight to Heaven by Kilian

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The fragrance called “Straight To Heaven” has the ability to transport you to dreamlike heights unlike any other perfume. This is because it is highly potent and belongs to the Woody Spicy scent category for men.

The fragrance, released in 2007, has a blend of rum, nuts, nutmeg, musk, jasmine, patchouli, Virginia cedar, and amber. This combination creates a delightful mix of fresh flowers and the robustness of trees.

It has a long-lasting scent and leaves a strong impression. Carry its scent during the winter season and create a warm atmosphere.

4. By Kilian Imperial Tea

Imperial Tea - By Kilian

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Imperial Tea is a fragrance designed for men, belonging to the Green Aromatic olfactory family. It has a captivating and mysterious scent that lingers for a long time and leaves a strong impression.

Imperial Tea, which pleasantly surprised both locals and visitors in 2014, combines the scents of tea and jasmine. These two elements create a refreshing and intense aroma that is perfect for hot summer days.

5. By Kilian A Taste of Heaven

A Taste of Heaven - By Kilian

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To conclude with A Taste of Heaven, it is a fragrance that shines as the top perfume for spring days. It belongs to the Oriental Fougere olfactory family, which makes it incredibly alluring.

The fragrance includes oakmoss, amber, vanilla, tonka bean, sour cane, African orange, bergamot, and rose. These notes combine to create a sweet and highly aromatic scent that evokes the powerful aroma of incense.

A Taste of Heaven has a strong and long-lasting scent, perfect for those days when you want to impress your girl and make a lasting impression.


The top 5 By Kilian perfumes for men are truly amazing. They are made with an exquisite formula that evokes strong sensations. Wearing these perfumes will make you feel unique and special.

Only five individuals were selected based on their significant influence, both internally and externally. It is important to note that By Kilian is designed specifically for the contemporary man who possesses a captivating allure.

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