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5 Best By Kilian Perfumes For Men in 2022

Best By Kilian Perfumes For Men. The deliciousness is one of the best and largest identities of a brand of perfume, since without this feature, then any perfume can be felt with delight that characterizes them. By Kilian is one of the French brands that have best known how to bring this of the utmost delight in perfumes, and therefore The 5 Best By Kilian Perfumes are proof that every fragrance must contain the maximum masculine splendor but is always oriented to seduction.


5 Best By Kilian Perfumes & Colognes For Men 2022


1. Dark Lord – By Kilian

Dark Lord - By Kilian

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The Dark Lord by Kilian is a fragrance that belongs to the Leather for Men olfactory family and was launched in 2018. It is one of the most exquisite perfumes in its entire arsenal while always creating an aura of mystery and delicate manliness in all its users.

It contains some notes of cedar, cypriol, leather, vetiver, pepper, bergamot, rum, and sambac jasmine to give that aroma that is too heavy and that feels like a ripe flower. In addition, it contains very long-lasting longevity and a huge scent.

It is a fragrance to wear very well for every autumn day, especially for its imposing way of arriving.


2. Moonlight in Heaven – By Kilian

Moonlight in Heaven - By Kilian

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Moonlight in Heaven is a fragrance that fits all the prototypes of man modern, elegant and seductive since it belongs to the olfactory family Aromática Men and was launched in 2016.

It has a lot of modernity in the choice of its notes which are mango, rice, coconut, tonka bean, vetiver, and grapefruit for a quite citric aroma, but also sweet aromas and compasses that will stick very well with its long-lasting longevity and its heavy wake.

This perfume is wonderful for you to wear on all your summer vacations and you can feel all the splendor of citrus.


3. Straight to Heaven – By Kilian

Straight to Heaven by Kilian

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A fragrance like Straight To Heaven can easily take you to the heights of dreams like no other perfume, especially since it is very strong in all its essence and that it belongs to the Woody Spicy olfactory family for Men.

Its aroma that was launched in 2007 contains notes of rum, nuts, nutmeg, musk, jasmine, patchouli, Virginia cedar, and amber so that its touches of fresh flower along with the strength of trees are wonderful with that long-lasting longevity and heavy wake of which it boasts. Take its fragrance with you in winter and break the ice.


4. Imperial Tea – By Kilian

Imperial Tea - By Kilian

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Belonging to the Green Aromatic olfactory family for Men, Imperial Tea is a perfume that hides a mystical aroma that is also very felt thanks to its long-lasting longevity plus the plus of a heavy trail.

With this aroma that had the honor of surprising locals and strangers in 2014, you will have notes of tea and jasmine, these two pieces will make up that touch of freshness, intensity, and in addition to a very open-air aroma that you will like for all hot summer days.


5. A Taste of Heaven – By Kilian

A Taste of Heaven - By Kilian

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To finish with A Taste of Heaven is to do it with a fragrance that is the star perfume for spring days, it is a perfume that has the Oriental Fougere olfactory family as its main weapon of maximum seduction.

Its notes of oakmoss, amber, vanilla, tonka bean, sour cane, African orange, bergamot, and rose to make everything sweet, as well as very aromatic and reminiscent of the most powerful incenses. In the same way, this perfume has long-lasting longevity and a very heavy scent so that all those days where you want to conquer your girl is possible.


Final Considerations

The 5 Best By Kilian Perfumes For Him are a true marvel of sensations as well as the exquisite formula that By Kilian makes those who wear them shudder, therefore you have the option of being the most special man. Only five were chosen for all the power they have both internally and externally, remember that By Kilian is made for the most modern man, but also seductive.


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