Top 10 Best Call Recording Apps for Android

Top 10 Best Call Recording Apps for Android

These Top 10 Best Call Recording Apps for Android will do your job if you need to record conversations on your Android device.

One of the best features of a smartphone is its ability to record voice calls. Call recording is a very important feature as it helps you record important conversations that you may want to listen to again later.

Best Call Recording Apps for Android

Call recording apps have many useful uses. Some people want to record phone calls for legal or security reasons. However, we recommend that you use these applications under the law.

1. Interview Record – ACR

ACR is a Free ” Phone Call Recording ” application that is undoubtedly the Best Call Recording App for Android. ACR is one of the most popular call-recording apps on Android. It has several features, including interview recording quality settings and cloud backup.

With ACR, you can record incoming and outgoing calls in different formats without time limits.

Warning: Some phones on the market do not support the “Double-Sided Voice Recording” feature. Therefore, the ACR Call Recording application may not work properly on all models.

2. Automatic Call Recorder – Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is one of Android’s most popular call recorder apps. Record the phone call you want and choose which call to keep.

You can specify the calls to be saved and those to be ignored. You can listen to the recording, add notes, and share it. Integration with Google Drive ™ and Dropbox allows searches to be stored and matched in the cloud.

3. Automatic Call Recorder by recorder & smart apps

This application is the other automatic call recorder application on this list. There are many good features, including automatic call recording, some organizational features, the ability to record in several different audio decoders, and more.

The call recorder is very easy to use; you can set which calls are allowed and which are ignored. You can manage your recording files, listen to the recording, add notes, and share them. It also supports cloud storage. You can set a conversation, record it, and store it in your desired category.

4. Blackbox Call Recorder – Call recorder

Blackbox is a professional call recorder developed as a reliable tool for automatic call recording. Designed with a clean interface, Blackbox ™ features advanced call recording technology on a robust utility platform.

It has features like record recording, cloud backup support, and recording quality settings. Blackbox Call Recorder differs from other call recording applications with Bluetooth accessories and dual SIM support. It has a long feature list and a cleaner interface than any call recording application on the list.

5. Call Recorder Automatic

An automatic call recorder allows you to record your phone calls. Record any phone call with this automatic call recorder; choose which contacts or incoming/outgoing phone calls you want and which calls you want to record or share.

To record conversations with this app, turn on your phone’s speaker during the call. The application is simple and easy to use.

6. Cube ACR – Interview Recording

Call recorder – Cube ACR allows you to record incoming and outgoing phone calls and VoIP calls easily. Technically the most advanced interview recorder. This app works with normal phone calls and VoIP services like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram, and others.

It supports call recording for most Android versions. If you tried to record calls using other apps to record calls and did not get a satisfactory result, try this app.

It has many useful features, including organizational, playback, and recording quality features. You can exclude people from automatic conversation recording.

7. Smart Recorder – High-quality voice recorder

A free and easy-to-use voice recorder for Android. It is specially designed for high-quality and long-term recordings with a clean and simple user interface.

With the silence skip feature on the move, you can shorten the records by bypassing the relative silence.

For example, no matter what happens, it lets you catch nighttime sleep conversations or snoring. It is better than other voice recorders and has excellent recording capability.

8. Smart Voice Recorder – HD Audio Recording

Smart Voice Recorder is another voice recording application with some call recording features. If necessary, it can switch between normal recording and call recording.

You can also record various audio codecs and share them with your cloud storage if necessary.

Voice Recorder is a smart voice recording application designed to record high-quality voice on Android mobile devices.

This voice recording application lets users quickly record and play high-quality voice and voice memos from their smartphones.

9. Voice Recorder

The Voice Recorder app is another voice recorder with a call-recording function. Many of its features are for voice recording, so the call recording feature stays in the background.

You can record in 4 different audio file formats such as MP3, high-quality PCM (wav), quality AAC (m4a / mp4), and AMR (3gp). Adjustable speed rate from phone quality (8 kHz) to CD-quality (44 kHz).

With You can get call recordings withselectable sound source (microphones or phone calls) feature, you can get call recordings.

10. Otter Voice Meeting Notes (for English)

Otter Voice Notes is a transcription service and voice note editor. Strengthen note-taking with AI (AI) and use Otter for meetings, interviews, conferences, and daily conversations.

You can listen and edit your notes, print existing voice memos, and more. This does not record calls like other call-recording apps.

Record and receive meeting notes for you in real time so you can continue focusing on speech and ensure it can be shared with your team. You can get 600 minutes of free transcription service per month.

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