Best Chrome Extensions in 2020

60 Best Extensions on Chrome Web Store For Everyone

We have compiled a list of the best must-have Google Chrome extensions to increase productivity, and we guarantee that you’ll find them incredibly useful for finding and using the tools you need repeatedly.

Many people have switched to using Google Chrome as their default web browser and have never looked back. One of the main reasons for this is the easy accessibility of numerous extensions that cater to every need.

20 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity

From having all your favorite blogs in one place to quickly checking your Google ranking status, to ensuring the reliability of the websites you visit, there’s a Chrome extension for everything.

1. The Great Suspender

One of the hallmarks of Google Chrome is its high energy consumption and its tendency to collapse. Many users have suffered from the same thing for a long time. And the answer is simple, The Great Suspender. It suspends tabs that are not being used and decreases the use of RAM.

2. Speed test by Ookla

Rather than going to the website every time you want to test your internet speed, you can search for the answer directly via your toolbar instead of the Ookla Speedtest extension.

3. Taco

Google Chrome isn’t just about spending your free time browsing websites, etc. It can be transformed into a productivity center simply with a simple extension like Taco.

Taco works with a multitude of services such as Asana, Trello, Google Tasks, Webmail, and others to help you organize a to-do list and more.

4. Winter

A good way to turn your Gmail account into a productivity center for you and your team, Winter, helps you greatly.

It offers a multitude of options like a shared mailbox system, shared tasks and labels, and much more.

5. AutoPagerize

According to the standard of the Google search engine, your results are always displayed on pages.

After browsing through a series of pages, you will need to click Next to go to the next page. AutoPagerize helps you find the next page as you reach the bottom of the search page.

6. Google Quick Scroll

Browsing through a long article is heavy, to say the least. Often when you research the benefits of the ad blocker, you get long responses and more. Google Quick Scroll helps you find the exact content you’re looking for.

7. Quote this for me: Web Citer

Sometimes assigning articles to their original author becomes a big pain for other students and writers.

Web Citer is the solution for you. It offers a formatted citation, which, in the vein of MLA, easily cites Harvard citation styles.

8. Any do

One of the best Chrome multiplatform extensions, it offers you a seamless transition with all your tasks and checklists.

You can easily synchronize your to-do lists and more from your mobile and your desktop computer. It also allows you to create new reminders and lists.

9. OneTab

Do you want to enumerate your Chrome experience and reduce the number of tabs that you end up opening each time?

OneTab will do wonders for you. This extension compresses all your tabs into one page.

10. Google Data Saver

While this isn’t new to the table because other web browsers offer data compression and economy, there is still a lot to offer Chrome users. Adding this extension allows users to save bandwidth and data.

11. Strict Workflow

Have you spent too much time in recent days on social networks, viral feeds, and online hubs? And do you plan to reduce it? Well, Strict Workflow will surely help you. It works in the same direction as the Pomodoro application and offers a minute counter where all time-consuming applications are blocked. At the end of each counter, you will have a 5-minute break, and right after, the counter will start again.

12. StayFocused

StayFocused, one of the best Chrome extensions to stay productive that exists, it helps you to be at your best while working.

It works on a self-limiting basis and puts an end to your habits of spending time on addictive sites.

The extension has a defined duration and allows you to access the site only for a limited period.

13. Noisli

Ambient music indeed helps to focus on work or studies and keeps the mind calm and clear. Noisli offers the same thing, an answer to the ambient sounds you were looking for. It has a website as well as an add-on extension.

14. Chrome Remote Desktop

If you want to feel both geek and absurd? Get Chrome Remote Desktop at your disposal, and you will be both. It helps you to control your PC simply via the smartphone. Just install the app on Android and download the extension in the Chrome browser.

15. Unshorten link

We have long observed the use of link shorteners. Link shorteners offer a simple solution to awkward URLs but pose a security risk.

Unshorten link provides you with an intermediate page when you click on these shortened URLs and tell you where you are being redirected.

16. Pushbullet

Bringing your Android phone to the Office is a common thing but on the Chrome screen? Well, that’s what Pushbullet does. It helps you manage sections of your phone and even lets you quickly view the notification. As with the MightyText, you must have the application on your smartphone next to the extension on Chrome.

17. Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

Everyone likes to take screenshots, right? What if you could take the screenshot in seconds with ease? Awesome screenshot helps you with that. It allows you to edit screenshots to create effects such as blur and annotations.

18. Print-Friendly & PDF

You have already had trouble printing a web page immediately. All of these ads and problems come into your print profile. A sacred problem, isn’t it? Extension Print Friendly & PDF helps you print user-friendly pages without clutter or bulky ads.

19. Turn Off the Lights

Want to feel the atmospheric lighting system that matches your video stream? Turning off the lights will do the job for you.

It automatically dims the background lighting of your window or tab when you click it. It even has customizable options like fade effects, night mode, and more Use it while scrolling through videos on YouTube.

20. Momentum

The typical new tab page for Chrome is not very interesting. This is something that we have already seen for a long time and which are often fed up with.

Momentum, for its part, helps to create an excellent new tab page that is useful enough. It offers tasks, schedules, weather conditions, background images, and quotes to provide the ideal setting.

8 Best Chrome Extensions for Privacy, Security & Ads Blocker

1. Adblock Plus

Tired of ubiquitous ads and pop-ups every time you open a new tab or site? Adblock Plus could help you with this. One of the favorites on the list, it offers a clear impression of the web pages you want to visit.

2. uBlock Origin

Another of these types of ad-blocking extensions, uBlock, is the right answer for those looking for a smart option outside of Adblock Plus. Instead of zeroing all ads, uBlock only blocks ads that negatively affect the user experience.

3. Blur

The world is full of threats to privacy and fraud. Either way, stay away from these threats. Apparently, yes, a simple Google Chrome extension does that.

Blur allows you to manage your passwords and online payment options to protect yourself. It also prevents companies from getting data from your autofill options, such as credit card details, hidden cards, etc.

4. Click & Clean

One of the best Chrome extensions for privacy protection, Click & Clean offers you many services. It allows you to automatically clean up your browser history and even scan your system for malware.

5. WOT

Do you want to be sure of the reliability of the website you are visiting? WOT is the best option to help you.

Once the extension is installed, simply click on the WOT button, which will tell you the reputation of the website you are visiting. It offers a sign of confidence via the green and red signals.

6. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS defines the sign of security and trust while the insecure HTTP protocol hoards many threats and frauds. Adding this Chrome extension will help you switch each HTTP site to HTTPS.

7. Hola Better Internet

One of the best free Chrome extensions that offer an efficient virtual private network to your Chrome browser, it allows you to browse without revealing your identity.

8. LastPass

If you use many passwords and are tired of managing them, let LastPass do it for you. LastPass, one of the best password managers, allows you to type easily. You only need to remember one master password.

7 Best Chrome Extensions for Integration with Google Services

1. Save to Google Drive

A direct exit to the world of cloud storage from Google is  Google Drive; it offers excellent integration to users.

The extension plug-in is simple to use and allows users to save images, videos, and audio to their online storage.

2. Google Dictionary

Do you still feel the need to search for words while browsing news or articles on sites? Google Dictionary will surely help you. All you have to do is install the extension, then double-click the hard words that intrigue you.

3. Google Calendar

A simple but innovative extension bar, Google Calendar allows you to add and create events while browsing websites.

Just add the extension to create events or define an identical notification in seconds. Google Chrome extensions for scheduling meetings will help you use Google Calendar like a pro and make the best use of your valuable time.

4. Google Input Tools

Do you want to type in languages other than simple French? Hello, Google Input Tools is your savior. It can help you to use a large number of languages with different input media such as script, hand-writing mode, and more.

5. Google Translate

Google Translate is another excellent offer from Google, which allows you to translate texts into whole pages simply with an extension. If you are on a website that has a language other than the default Chrome settings, Google Translate will detect and translate it easily.

6. Google Scholar Buoton

Have you ever missed the typical Google search box? If you were looking for articles with research, regular research would show you little. Go to Google Scholar Buoton. This indexes scientific articles and makes them accessible via all platforms.

7. Boomerang for Gmail

One of the best Chrome extensions to receive scheduled emails, this is a must-have. It has a scheduled message sender, deferred mail features, recurring email configuration, and much more.

You can schedule up to 10 messages per month with the free account, while the Premium account offers you many options.

5 Best Chrome Extensions for Reading

1. Evernote Web Clipper

We all know Evernote, don’t we? It is the ultimate multi-platform organization application. Evernote is pretty much installed on almost all user devices.

However, adding content to the app while browsing the web can seem burdensome to many. Here is a specific extension on this subject.

Evernote Web Clipper helps add articles, images, and notes to Evernote with one click.

2. Office editor for Docs, Sheets, and Slides

This extension allows you to view and edit your Microsoft Office files, i.e., Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, without even having Office installed on your system.

Just open files by dragging them to Chrome, Gmail, or even from Google Drive. The modification and revision options will be presented to you.

3. MightyText

A pleasant way to unite your Android device and your system, MightyText, helps to synchronize them.

This enables you to see messages and notifications from the phone directly on the desktop.

Just add the Chrome extension, and don’t forget to have the MightyText app on your Android phone.

4. Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket is the extension that lets you store web content for offline access! This application allows you to save a website or such content on your Pocket so that you can read it later on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

5. Ginger

Since most expressions and content on the web are in written form, the quality of the publication often determines the reputation of the poster.

Why let a small grammatical error hinder your reputation? Ginger helps you check your spelling and offers error correction.

4 Best Publishing and Development Chrome Extensions

1. VideoStream

VideoStream is convenient because it allows you to stream videos from the computer to your TV or Chromecast. It offers video in the highest formats, i.e., 1080p, and also supports subtitles.

2. Musixmatch

One of the most impressive add-ons for music lovers, Musixmatch, offers a wide variety of options. It is mainly known for its similar lyrics, and the extension does the same.

3. Pixlr Editor

One of the best Chrome extensions for photo fanatics, Pixlr Editor, gives a full-fledged photo editor experience. It has all the tools available in the great application and offers enough for you to finish editing well.

4. Hover Zoom

This clever little extension allows you to enlarge the images while hovering over them. It can easily navigate through galleries and images and lets you see the enlarged image.

2 Best Chrome Extensions for Social Media & E-Commerce

1. Discovelry

You want all of your social media to come together. Discoverly does that easily. It allows you to keep your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts in one place by allowing you to view LinkedIn or Twitter data even when browsing Facebook.

2. Honey

There are so many coupons and discount codes that you are tired of finding them. Honey, too, does the work for you. It helps you detect coupon codes automatically and locate them when you are at the checkout.

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