Best Citrus Perfumes

20 Best Citrus Perfumes For Men & Women 2022

Best Citrus Perfumes for Men and Women is known for being invigorating, natural, and extremely pureThe Lemon note colognes are ideal for any event due to their adaptability & ability to provide a pleasant long-lasting scent. Its olfactory pyramid is dominated by citrus notes, but it also contains tones that contrast with its delectable perfume, primarily woody notes.


20 Best Citrus Perfumes For Men & Women 2022


20. Jazmin Water by Angel Schlesser

Despite the name, the citrus notes are significantly more prominent in this fragrance than the flowery notes. It is Mediterranean in style, and the mix of the two notes creates a magnificent perfume that is ideal for everyday usage.

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Tangerine and bergamot notes blend well with peony and jasmine. Additionally, it contains musk and cedar notes, which lend it a sense of purity and naturalness, which is quite distinctive of citrus perfumes. It has a modest duration, lasting up to 6 hours on our skin. On the other hand, its aromatic trail is quite natural and smooth. A wonderful choice for lovely summer and spring days.


19. Mandarin Duck Eau De Parfum

Excellent scent with an excellent blend of citrus, spice, and floral undertones. Due to the unusual combination of fragrances in this perfume, it can be used by both women and men without issue.

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Bergamot is the primary citrus note, which contrasts beautifully with the delicate notes of white pepper, freesia, and jasmine. Plus a subtle musky note. Additionally, it contains a cedar note, which lends the perfume a sense of freshness and naturalness.

For the majority of the perfume’s life, the aroma produced by the mix of bergamot, musk, and freesia is discernible. It has a 12-hour duration on our skin and leaves a mild trail. It’s ideal for spring and summer days. It will provide us with clarity and simplicity during the most trying times of our days.


18. Esencia de Duende by Jesus Del Pozo

A light, pleasant perfume that is ideal for everyday usage. Esencia de Duende by Jesus Del Pozo is a fragrance that is excellent for tropical conditions. It is distinguished by a strong concentration of citrus and floral notes, emphasizing simplicity and our feminine side.

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Its opening notes are bergamot, grapefruit, tangerine, and coriander, all of which contribute to the fragrance’s fresh and natural citrus character. Its middle notes are entirely flowery and lend an air of femininity to the fragrance.

We shall discover notes of roses, lotus flowers, and lilies. In terms of base notes, we’ll find a variety of woody notes that blend seamlessly with the rest of the fragrance’s characteristics. It has a long-lasting effect on our skin, lasting up to 8 hours, and leaves a very fresh and pure moderate trail.


17. Vespa Eau De Parfum for Her 

Vespa made a fantastic choice with this fragrance, which has a citrus aroma with a heavy musk effect. A delicate and very pleasant blend, enhanced by floral notes that lend the fragrance its freshness and purity.

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Lemon, musk, and green apple notes are expertly blended to create a very clean, youthful, and fresh smell. It contains a trace of vanilla in one of its base notes, lending a sweet flavor to the fragrance’s final phase.

Excellent choice for spring and autumn days, yet it also performs admirably throughout the most strenuous nights. This fragrance will make you feel incredibly liberated and rejuvenated, making it ideal for work, walks, and other activities.


16. Downtown by Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein introduces a delectable citrus fragrance with a hint of incense. The scent ‘Downtown’ is intended for contemporary, independent, and outdoor-loving women. It is an extremely unique note combination, with citrus and fruit notes predominating, giving it a clear and clean sensation without losing sight of its feminine side.

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Its notes are designed to wrap you in a citrus environment with a subtle fruity feel. Its most memorable moments are represented by Italian lemon, pear, and gardenia, as well as a hint of musk, which works well with citrus and fruity perfume notes.

It features a mild incense note that is noticeable during the perfume’s last phase; this note is also present in the fragrance’s base. It’s a fantastic choice for fall, winter, and spring days, making it an extremely flexible fragrance that works for any occasion.


15. CK IN2U for Her by Calvin Klein

The ‘In2U’ perfume, aimed at youthful and spontaneous ladies, is distinguished by its great and very natural citrus notes, which provide an exceptional impression of freshness. Many people consider it a sporty fragrance; it is perfect for everyday wear, regardless of the occasion.

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Grapefruit and Sicilian bergamot serve as the introductory notes, followed by a beautiful fragrance of orchids and a hint of vanilla. The early citrus notes remain the longest in this perfume, leaving us feeling energized and energized, while the middle notes of cactus and cedar bring a touch of uniqueness to the bouquet.

Her fragrance trail is a touch strong, but not overpowering, and she has a reasonable duration of more than 6 hours. This perfume is connected with freedom, adventure, and simplicity, and is ideal for ladies of all ages who want to be accompanied on their journey by a lovely aroma.


14. Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden

A wonderful fragrance that infuses the wearer with vitality and vitality, designed for the vivacious and enthusiastic woman who enjoys outdoor activities. ‘Sunflowers’ by Elizabeth Arden will surround us with a wonderful natural smell.

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This scent features a wonderful blend of citrus fruits and florals that will leave you feeling revitalized and youthful. It’s an excellent fragrance for summer and spring days, particularly for outdoor excursions or strolls.

It has a moderate duration and a gentle, quite pleasant feel. The fragrance’s woody base notes, as well as the musk base note, add a refreshing and natural touch. The perfume’s top notes of mandarin, peach, and cyclamen will stay the longest, while delicate notes of lemon and bergamot bring a pleasant citrus note to your nose, while rose and jasmine notes in smaller amounts add a gentle feminine floral touch.


13. Eau de Rochas 

A fantastic alternative for lovers of liquid citrus perfumes, ‘Eau de Rochas’ features an abundance of citrus notes that infuse the fragrance with a sense of freshness and naturalness.

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This smell is inspired by the crystal purity of a waterfall and is a representation of outdoor living and nature. Its delicacy is reflected in a plethora of citrus notes.

This fragrance’s primary notes will include lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, and tangerine. Its oakmoss and patchouli middle notes will offer a delightful, refreshing touch.

After a few drops of this perfume, we will feel extremely pleased and energized. It’s lovely on spring days but shines even brighter on summer’s hottest days. Its moderate length makes it an outstanding choice for day vacations, outdoor activities, and morning strolls.


12. 4711 by Maurer & Wirtz

Wilhelm Mülhens invented this perfume in 1792 using a concoction called ‘Aqua Mirabilis’ that he obtained from a Carthusian monk. The secret of this perfume makes it a must-have for the most seasoned women when it comes to perfumes.

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To maintain its purity and virtue, this perfume begins with lemon, bergamot, and orange oil, remaining true to the citrus style for which it has long been known. It contains a significant amount of floral middle notes, which are combined with woody base notes to give the scent a natural and fresh appearance.

As is customary with citrus scents, this is ideal for sunny summer or spring days. It has a moderate duration and a very gentle and pleasant presence. This scent embodies a significant portion of the history of toilet water, which is why it is popular with ladies who have more experience in this field.


11. Eau Sensuelle by Rochas

Rochas continues to amaze us with another exquisite scent, ‘Eau Sensuelle,’ which is mostly citrus and fruit-based with a hint of spice. Mango tones are a really pleasant characteristic, blending perfectly with citrus notes to create a regal and very feminine perfume.

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It is a scent that conveys women’s sensuality and simplicity. The blood orange, mango, bergamot, and pink pepper notes will last the longest. Musk is also mixed with these notes in the final perfume step to create a pleasant fragrance.

It is a long-lasting fragrance that is suitable for spring and summer days but also works well in fall. It’s really flexible; it will look great on any woman over the age of 18. Its fragrance trail is mild and extends over a large space, making it an attractive alternative that conveys sensuality, simplicity, freshness, and purity.


10. H2O by Tous

A very fresh fragrance that is distinguished by its citrus and aquatic floral undertones. It lacks a variety of notes, but the ones it does have are really well defined and blended, creating a clean and fresh perfume that is suitable for outdoor activities.

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Lemon, lavender, and Amalfi cedar are the fragrance’s most prominent and long-lasting components, which blend harmoniously. These tones are wonderfully balanced by the rich amber and rose notes.

A fantastic choice for summer and spring days, it has an excellent duration and an extremely gentle and clean aromatic trail.


9. Hidden Fantasy by Britney Spears

Britney Spears scents are always a sensory illusion, and we couldn’t leave out her ‘Hidden Fantasy’ perfume. A fragrant delight, ideal for strong-willed and extremely feminine women.

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This fragrance will reawaken all of your seductive qualities. It features wonderful citrus and sweet notes, as well as a very subtle hint of spice. The orange is the most prominent note and blends wonderfully with the sweet spice and vanilla notes, which are the perfume’s most subtle tones. Floral and woody notes infuse this fragrance with a sense of freshness and purity, without sacrificing the sensuous and flirty touch.

It is an incredibly adaptable scent that can be worn at any time and in any season but is particularly effective during the fall and winter months. On party evenings, informal occasions, and romantic nights, he is really beautiful. Allow Britney’s charms to carry you away to enchant that special someone!


8. Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani

We are dealing with the feminine version of ‘Acqua de Gio,’ a perfume miracle that is described as being fresh, dazzling, and watery. With a superb blend of green (herbal) and citrus notes, this fragrance is a favorite of free-spirited women and outdoor enthusiasts.

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Amalfi lemon and mint combine uniquely and unusually, with a trace of sugar and cedar adding a touch of freshness and boldness. The fragrance’s opening notes of mint and Amalfi lemon will remain the longest, making it excellent for summer and spring days.

The inclusion of mint is a really unusual feature in this fragrance; this note lends the perfume a wonderfully refreshing and youthful feel. Additionally, it contains citrus tones that make us feel energetic, vibrant and brimming with vitality. This is unquestionably a strong and unique alternative.


7. CH by Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera is accustomed to providing us with high-quality fragrances, with ‘CH’ being one of her most recognizable trademarks. We are dealing with a timeless and masterful perfume that will show brightly through its feminine aspect.

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It is distinguished by a wonderful balance of citrus and woody flavors that impart a sense of purity and freshness. Citrus notes, notably bergamot, grapefruit, and lemon, are the most prominent, complemented by delicate sweet fragrances derived from cupcakes and cinnamon notes. Patchouli will also play a role in the perfume’s final phase.

Its woody aroma is a result of the suede note, a highly unusual note that generated quite a stir when this delectable fragrance was presented. This is a must-have perfume that every woman should experience at least once in her life. It is ideal for both day and night, but especially in the winter and autumn. Its duration and olfactory trail are magnificent, deserving of a classic women’s perfume.


6. Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

As the name says, this perfume is well-known for its strong green tea undertones. Elizabeth Arden’s “Green Tea” produces a sense of freshness and cleanliness, making green tea the ideal partner for the summer and spring sunniest days.

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Its blend of herbs and citrus fruits creates an unusual yet delectable alternative that contrasts wonderfully with a natural lady who is brimming with vitality. Green tea and mint notes blend with citrus notes of lemon, bergamot, and orange to create a very unique aroma.

It has a modest duration and a subtle yet noticeable scent. It is one of the rare perfumes that focus on the aroma of green tea as the primary note, complemented by superb citrus and mint nuances that make it an unbeatable alternative for spring or summer walks.


5. Touch of Pink by Lacoste

Along with its wonderful clothing, French company Lacoste will be featured on our list for its excellent ‘Touch of Pink’ scent. This fragrance is invigorating and seductive, creating the impression that it is releasing a really striking feminine essence. It’s ideal for warm spring and summer days.

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Orange, peach, and vanilla will contribute to this perfume’s majestic aroma, which is deserving of a woman of class and elegance. Its notes of blood orange, violet leaves, and sandalwood lend an air of freshness to any event, particularly outdoors.

It has a subtle powdery tone that complements the citrus and woody elements well. The length is astounding, lasting up to ten hours and leaving a mild fragrant trail that is really pleasant and beautiful.


4. DKNY by Donna Karan

Donna Karan’s ‘DKNY’ perfume stands out as an outstanding choice for citrus scents due to its refreshing, vibrant, and highly feminine scent. Its variety and well-balanced citrus and floral aromas make it an ideal companion for summer and spring days.

Best Citrus Fragrances

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Its citrusy top notes will linger longer. Orange, mandarin, and tomato leaves will serve as the notes that keep us feeling refreshed and at ease throughout the day. The flowery middle notes of daffodils, orchids, and jasmine create a feminine and natural atmosphere, while the sandalwood base note lends a mild woody sense.

It is a scent that stands out for its longevity and its subtle trail that does not go ignored. It is a highly adaptable citrus scent with a somber and elegant quality that works for any occasion.


3. Armani Code by Giorgio Armani

Aimed at the intuitive, forceful, and highly feminine woman, Giorgio Armani’s ‘Armani Code’ perfume has a great scent. A blend of citrus, sweet, and floral notes that captivates on any occasion, but especially at night.

Best Citrus Colognes

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The Italian orange is the perfume’s most prominent note, lending it an appealing citrus flavor that is amplified by delicate notes of honey and vanilla, lending the scent a delectable sweetness.

Its floral middle notes complement the freshness and simplicity of Chinese ginger nicely. It has a fantastic duration and an extraordinary trail without being intrusive. It is a wonderful perfume for winter or fall nights, a perfect companion for evenings or night gatherings where you want to exude presence and sensuality without sacrificing the fragrance’s freshness and naturalness.


2. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

A utopian fragrance was to be expected from the illustrious fashion business Dolce & Gabbana. The ‘Blue Light’ fragrance combines citrus, floral, and woody notes to create a delectable sensation that leaves us feeling clean, fresh, and natural.

Best Citrus Perfumes

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It has a moderate duration and a delicate and smooth trail. Its top notes of Sicilian lemon and green apple blend well with its base note of cedars, infusing our walk with an abundance of freshness and naturalness. It contains a subtle hint of amber and musk, lending the aroma a brief delicious moment.

It’s also worth noting the flowery notes of white roses and jasmine, which lend the fragrance an air of tenderness. Summer and spring are the best seasons for this perfume, particularly on sunny days. This fragrance will make you feel amazing throughout lengthy walks, outings with coworkers, or city explorations.


1. Deep Red by Hugo Boss

A smell that is unmatched in its usage of ginger. The Hugo Boss ‘Deep Red’ perfume is defined by its long-lasting blood-orange undertones, hence the name. This fragrance is speculated to be one of the most feasible on this list due to its sublime combination of citrus fruits, flowers, and woody notes.

Best Citrus Perfume

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Its top notes of blood orange, lemon, and tangerine infuse the scent with an abundance of freshness in the initial phase. These notes will last for the majority of the perfume’s duration and will be offset by delicate blackberry and vanilla notes.

The final section of the perfume contains musk, cedar, and sandalwood, which contribute to the fragrance’s naturalness and simplicity. It’s the ideal smell for cold winter or autumn evenings.

You’ll draw a lot of attention in the evenings or at night gatherings, thanks to the magnificent smell, which provides a moderate duration and a spectacular, sensual, and extremely pleasant trail.



Along with other beauty essentials such as a foundation base, every woman’s beauty arsenal should have a citrus perfume. They are incredibly adaptable and will bail you out of trouble on multiple occasions.

This will be extremely beneficial for men, but especially for women, who are notoriously hesitant when it comes to selecting a perfume for a special occasion. When you use a citrus fragrance, you will feel very feminine, secure, fresh, and pure.


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