Best Clinique Perfumes For Women

7 Best Clinique Perfumes For Women

This has been echoed for years by the famous brand Clinique, a company in the fashion industry that has sufficed among its many lines for its women’s perfumes. Discover the best and top-rated Clinique perfumes for women.

What is the attribute that most defines a woman at the moment she is observed? Your beauty! There is no doubt that this statement is that women are synonymous with beauty and the most elemental that the world can have.

Best Clinique Perfumes For Women

You will have all the most respectable and successful colognes from this prestigious brand in the list of the Best Clinique Perfumes for her.

If you want to feel like a woman in every sense of the word, you should find out what each perfume you’ll find here will give you.

1. Clinique Happy Perfumes for Women

We started with a strong foot, specifically with Clinique’s Happy, one of the most highly regarded perfumes in history, made with great simplicity but with guaranteed potency. 

Feliz will elevate all your senses so that you are energized at all times, showing a smile wherever you go, a fact that will infect those around you.

Clinique Happy Perfumes for Women

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Choosing a perfume like this means you’re sitting on a charisma magnet all day, designed for the most sophisticated women. Contains notes of lily of the valley, rose, mimosa, lily, magnolia, amber, and musk.

This assumes total sweetness, while citrus is presented to a lesser degree, but well oriented especially for the summer, as they provide freshness.

Likewise, it has modest and moderate longevity, while its trail has a similar characteristic. Undoubtedly, Happy’s uniqueness will provide the practicality needed to deal with the fast pace of everyday life.

2. Clinique Happy in Bloom 2017

When we look at Clinique’s Happy In Bloom 2017 for the first time, we do not doubt that it is a fragrance designed entirely for spring.

Everything about her generates good feelings and makes you feel fulfilled and prepared for any challenge; the certainty of your abilities has a lot to do with what Happy In Bloom 2017 projects and becomes, from the first moment, a perfect ally, especially to avoid the biggest obstacles you might face.

Clinique Happy in Bloom 2017

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With this perfume, you will have a fragrance designed with notes of lily of the valley, Mirabelle Plum, aquatic elements, and some woody touches.

Undoubtedly, the high demands of the brand’s fans made this perfume a test of perfectionism, a tall stick that not everyone can fill, very well made for you.

It will offer durable longevity and a huge trail, an enviable option for one of the most beautiful seasons of the year.

3. Clinique Aromatics in Black

Mysterious perfumes generate a lot of attraction and magnetism as opposite poles. Aromatics In Black by Clinique is a faithful representation of this group of bouquets made to captivate and generate dependence in all its varieties.

Clinique Aromatics in Black

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It has all the notes, so you can get a fragrance that works best at night, especially in winter, further accentuating the rarity of this limited-edition jewel perfume.

It is worth mentioning that you have a selection of notes with a lot of presence: tonka bean, myrrh, vetiver, jasmine, bergamot, and plum. To that fact, we must add that it has durable longevity and a heavy trail. A magical journey into the darkness and splendour this will allow.

4. Clinique Aromatics in White Parfum

One of the best versions of the Aromatics series is Aromatics In White, a perfume that stands out thanks to innovation with a formula that has been increasingly added to Clinique’s wish list.

Clinique Aromatics in White Parfum

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The fragrance by Aromatics In White has a lot of personality, softness, and a lot of classic styles that give shape to a perfume with one of the best structures that have been seen for this company.

With Aromatics In White, you have enough practicality, being very comfortable for any time of day. However, it should be used in spring, like a fish in water, due to its softness and profile for love and seduction.

It contains notes of orange blossom, benzoin, amber, vanilla, and violet, making Aromatics In White’s floral capacity very remarkable.

The longevity of this perfume is long-lasting, while the trail is moderate, perfect for getting the right thing in every section of the perfume.

5. Clinique Aromatics Elixir

Spirituality comes to you with Aromatics, a very special perfume in the list of fragrances that Clinique has manufactured. 

This comes to dominate your senses, make you feel new and change even your thinking, thanks to the versatility of the fragrance itself.

Clinique Aromatics Elixir

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Aromatics represent a fragrance designed as a bath for the senses, making it feel like a divine substance.

Now, with Aromatics, remember that it is a fragrance made with notes of cedar, bergamot, jasmine, vetiver, incense, oakmoss, orange blossom, rosewood, and chamomile from Brazil. Stable but not smooth; as we said, Aromatics take you back to the heavenly temple.

Its longevity represents a direct impact because it has a long duration and large footprint. This becomes a fragrance you prefer to wear in the fall because it tends to be calm, touching the heart in front of the mind.

6. Clinique Beyond Rose

The thrilling feeling of surprise tends to create an atmosphere of great mystery, of sensations that lead to lust. 

This was done best with Clinique’s Beyond Rose, a fragrance that can be appreciated even as exotic.

Clinique Beyond Rose

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The main value that resides in this perfume, highly bought by millions of women on the planet, is that it makes you very sensual in all aspects that you choose to show, that’s why you can play a lot with the type of clothes you wear. 

Even your makeup means a team you can use well with Beyond Rose. On the other hand, Beyond Rose contains a lot of strong value and interior and exterior heat to make the perfect scent for winter.

At the same time, it contains notes of rose oil, labdanum, benzoin, and amber. The intention has always been to create what you felt, a powerful sensuality with a lot of durabilities when it comes to longevity but is moderate.

7. Clinique Aromatics Black Cherry

Clinique’s Aromatics Black Cherry is a little more than the previous perfume but with a slightly sweeter fragrance.

The very nocturnal woman made to release passions with her special someone, this has a very summery approach because of how citrusy it can be, especially when you consider that her notes are jasmine sambac, amber, labdanum, cashmere wood, and galbanum to improve this statement.

Clinique Aromatics Black Cherry

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With Clinique’s Aromatics Black Cherry, you’ll have a perfect scent for stealth situations, in that seduction game you love.

The perfume itself constitutes an ironic fact for the brand itself, as it has some variants but is contained in the same bottle, such as the citrus in its fragrance, the secrecy of its sensations, and the spontaneity of its notes.

Plus, with Clinique’s Aromatics Black Cherry, you can be sure it will provide lasting longevity and a huge trail. Don’t miss it if you can see it; it will make your nights completely different.

Final Considerations

If something can also define Clinique perfumes for her, it’s the fact that it conceives very feminine sensations, even in masculine contexts, like a work area full of them or a room full of men.

The femininity of the perfumes shown in this article is the greatest value of a company that hasn’t changed since it was created and plans to stay that way for the rest of the years.

Clinique colognes don’t disappoint; they make you change, and they’re made for women like you, so attached to success and everything that comes with being a fulfilled woman!

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