10 Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2022

15 Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest

Investing in cryptocurrencies can be a risky venture as the market is highly volatile. Discover some of the best cryptocurrencies to invest that show good potential for long-term profits.

However, the cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving, and investing in it can bring great profits if done correctly. To make a wise investment, it is crucial to choose a promising project and allocate capital wisely.

Notably, several prominent individuals such as Apple CEO Tim Cook, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, and Elon Musk have publicly expressed their support for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest and Buy

If you are considering investing in crypto, it is worth examining these digital assets to determine which ones may be the most profitable for you.

1. Bitcoin

The capitalization of Bitcoin exceeded 1 trillion dollars. Perhaps this is the most convincing argument in favor of buying Bitcoin right now.

The important advantage of military-technical cooperation is the possibility of mining, that is, the extraction of cryptocurrency on your own. Bitcoin is sold in almost all exchanges, you can work with it on any crypto shop.

Today, BTC is in a downtrend, that is, the quotes of the crypt are declining. Buying and selling Bitcoin has the greatest liquidity, that is, it will bring tangible profits regardless of the state of the market.

In addition to buying the classic Bitcoin, we advise you to take a closer look at Bitcoin Cash. It appeared a few years ago after the split of the main network.

The digital currency showed phenomenal growth, in just a month it has risen in price by 118%. Analysts believe in Bitcoin and so do we. If you are considering a promising cryptocurrency to invest in, start with Bitcoin.

2. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the only digital coin in the world that is considered a direct competitor to Bitcoin.

Even though it is much cheaper than BTC and inferior to it in terms of the volume of monetary transactions, ETH stands head and shoulders above other cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum is the first blockchain to support smart contracts with automated trade execution.

In simple words, an unlimited number of digital tokens are created on the Ethereum network. Under certain conditions, they become the main means of making payments.

Another reason to invest in Ethereum is the trust of other companies. The ETH protocol is used by many assets, including Uniswap, Chainlink, and others.

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is traded on almost all cryptocurrency platforms. The project is constantly evolving and improving.

In a few months, the long-awaited transition of Ethereum to PoS will take place, and the efficiency of the network will be increased.

3. Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance, one of the world’s major cryptocurrency exchanges, issued the cryptocurrency BNB. BNB was initially designed as an Ethereum-based utility token that users could use to access cheaper trading costs on the Binance exchange. However, the coin has subsequently been moved to Binance’s blockchain.

BNB can now be used in a variety of transactions, applications, and other scenarios. Unfortunately, Binance’s market share in the United States fell in 2023 when the Securities and Exchange Commission sued the exchange and accused it of breaking securities laws.

4. Solana

Solana is a relatively young cryptocurrency that entered the market in 2020. Despite this, it is included in the rating of the most promising currencies for investment.

Solana attracts moneymakers with several advantages: high speed of data processing, relatively modest production costs, and usefulness of the project.

When we talk about utility, we mean speeding up the processing of any transactions in a decentralized network.

To confirm a transaction, it is customary to use Proof-of-History. This algorithm increases the throughput of the system.

5. Ripple

The dynamically developing Ripple blockchain project was launched in China. The creators of the new cryptocurrency consider it an important link connecting two “chains”: traditional banking systems and digital payment technologies.

Today, the Ripple cryptocurrency is listed in many Asian banks that are actively testing blockchain technology.

Perhaps the main proof of Ripple’s stability is its growth performance during the March crisis. Due to numerous lawsuits, the reputation of XRP has been shaken.

Today, investors want to catch up and are actively investing in Ripple. According to the most modest forecasts of analysts, the digital coin has a good growth potential at the level of 300%.

6. XRP

Ripple’s XRP is a global payments network meant to compete with the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications.

SWIFT is the global money transmission system used by banks and other financial institutions. However, Ripple argues that their technology is faster, less expensive, and more transparent than the SWIFT system.

XRP is the Ripple network’s native coin, as well as the XRP Ledger blockchain. In July, a court in the Southern District of New York determined that XRP is “not necessarily a security” in some circumstances, potentially putting it outside the jurisdiction of the SEC.

7. Cardano

Cardano is a decentralized proof-of-stake blockchain that was introduced in September 2017 to be more efficient than Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other proof-of-work blockchains available at the time.

Cardano gained instant recognition among crypto aficionados since it was founded by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson.

Cardano, like Ethereum, is focused on functionality and intends to be the preferred platform for dApp development and verifiable smart contracts.

The major cryptocurrency on the network for facilitating transactions and running dApps is ADA. Cardano users can now utilize ADA for staking to help verify network transactions and earn more tokens.

8. Avalanche

DeFi projects attract investors not only with the prospects for generating income but also with their functionality. Decentralized platforms help to make secure transactions, take loans in cryptocurrency, and hold promotions with the participation of tokens.

The Avalanche (AVAX) project creates a comfortable environment for developing digital assets and launching various De-Fi applications.

If everything written above seems complicated and confusing to you, trust the simple facts. The Avalanche network has its own AVAX token, which is used to pay rewards to platform participants.

Most often, investors earn on the AVAX token using staking. In just eight months, the digital coin has risen in price by 16 times. The project demonstrates good dynamics – most likely, the quotes will continue to grow.

9. Dogecoin

Dogecoin was developed in 2013 as a spoof of Bitcoin, but due to its simplicity, high-profile backers, and the internet appeal of its Shiba inu mascot, the cryptocurrency has become a viable investment for many crypto traders.

Elon Musk, a dogecoin investor and Tesla CEO has often provoked volatility in the cryptocurrency’s share price by mentioning or referencing it.

Musk is being sued by a group of dogecoin investors who claim he illegally manipulated the cryptocurrency’s price.

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban also supports dogecoin and has commended the cryptocurrency for its potential as a medium of exchange.

10. Polkadot

It is no coincidence that we included Polkadot in the ranking of the most promising cryptocurrencies. The Polkadot platform integrates blockchains and ensures their parallel functioning.

The project has its cryptocurrency called DOT. It is responsible for merging all connected blockchains.

Investors who have invested in the purchase of a digital asset can vote in referendums and participate in the future of the project.

Many experts believe that investments in Polkadot will pay for themselves in the coming months. The blockchain project is developing at an incredible speed.

It is possible that shortly it will have the same impact on the cryptocurrency market as Ethereum did in its time.

11. Tron

Tron is a cryptocurrency project that was started in August 2017 with the long-term objective of decentralizing the internet through the use of blockchain technology and dApps.

The network has over 177 million accounts and the highest stablecoin circulation supply. Tron’s network employs a delegated proof-of-stake verification scheme, with TRX serving as its native cryptocurrency.

TRX began as an Ethereum-based token before migrating to its blockchain in 2018. Tron specializes in decentralized entertainment applications such as gaming and gambling, allowing content providers to sell directly to customers.

The SEC charged Tron founder Justin Sun with fraud and other securities law crimes in March 2023.

12. Litecoin

Should I buy Litecoin right now? Litecoin is on the shortlist of major global investors and is considered the “little brother” of Bitcoin.

LTC has good recognition and is developing rapidly. Currency management is centralized, transaction speed is high. Another significant advantage of Litecoin is a small commission for money transfers.

Even though Ethereum is several times more expensive than Litecoin, the difference between them will decrease. Developers are implementing new security standards and doing their best to scale the blockchain.

Compared to bitcoin, all transactions are 4 times faster due to the reduced block generation time. Many traders choose Litecoin as the cryptocurrency is time-tested and proven to be reliable. The total supply of Litecoin is limited to 84 million LTC, so the deficit will be maintained for a long time to come.

13. Uniswap

Uniswap has topped the ranking of the best decentralized platforms. Its key difference is that clients exchange assets with each other without transferring them for storage.

To carry out such operations, the user does not have to register in the system and undergo verification.

To ensure the stable operation of the ecosystem, whose daily turnover exceeds $ 1.6 billion, the utility digital token UNI was created.

Owners of UNI digital coins earn by transferring assets to the pool. The Uniswap token works according to the ERC-20 standard and is traded on many exchanges, including Binance.

By the way, these coins are interchangeable. This means that they are equal within the Ethereum blockchain.

Therefore, all exchange operations are carried out in a matter of seconds. It is no coincidence that Uniswap is called AMM (automated market maker).

14. Lucky Block

Let’s start with the “dark horse”, which is on an uptrend and is considered one of the most promising projects of the year.

We are talking about Lucky Block – a win-win crypto lottery for users from all over the world. The development of the internet has created a demand for online games.

It is not surprising that the number of sites with gambling entertainment is constantly growing, possibly the best cryptocurrency to buy.

They bring tangible profits to their owners. Lucky Block is a worldwide lottery using Blockchain protocols running on the Binance smart chain.

When developing the Lucky Block project, the authors of the project sought to create a lottery that has no geographical boundaries and is not tied to individual financial systems. Each player has the best chance of winning.

To take part in the Lucky Block project, it is enough to connect a wallet and select the amount of investment at the price of the current exchange rate (at the time of writing, the cost of 1 Lucky Block token is 0.00015 US dollars).

Immediately after the confirmation of the purchase, the tokens will be sent to the wallet address. Absolutely every investor can take part in the Lucky Block crypto lottery, regardless of income level, location, and status. A blockchain project can bring tangible income if you invest in it today.

15. Waves

Waves decentralized platform will be a good investment option. It is suitable for launching effective crowdfunding campaigns and generating cryptographic tokens. By choosing Waves, users create their own cryptocurrency and place tokens (ICO).

Altcoin has risen sharply in the spring of 2021. In just a month, the total growth amounted to 185%. Today, the digital asset is trading at 13.82 USD. All Waves users can use the service as a classic trading platform.

They replenish their account using fiat currencies, buy digital coins from bank cards, and create applications with automatic recording.

In 2021, there were more than 100 million units of Waves native tokens in circulation on the cryptocurrency platform. By the way, the capitalization of tokens exceeded 3 billion USD.

Criteria for Selecting Promising Blockchain Projects

In 2009, Bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency on the market. Today, the number of digital tokens has exceeded 1000. Even experienced investors, not to mention beginners, can easily get lost in such an assortment.

When choosing the optimal cryptocurrency for long-term investment or earning on exchange rate fluctuations, we were guided by the following criteria:

  • The popularity of the project and its reputation
  • The amount of capitalization
  • The number of exchanges where the selected cryptocurrency is traded
  • The number of coins in circulation
  • Volatility of the exchange rate and dynamics of quotations
  • Network technical data
  • Social activity: Cryptocurrencies that are actively discussed on forums and chats have more prospects for growth.

Conclusion: Which Cryptocurrency to Buy

Investing in electronic assets is a smart decision for those who intend to make good money. Firstly, there is a relatively small entry threshold here – you can start with a few dollars. Secondly, the yield of the crypt is very high. The value of individual digital coins is increasing every day.

Having bought a promising cryptocurrency today, in a few months, you can sell it for much more and earn on the price difference. Blockchain has good liquidity, the system works efficiently and quickly in both directions. Investors can sell and buy it in seconds.

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