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Best Desk Lamps Of 2021

Best Desk Lamps Of 2021

A desk lamp is made to both illuminate and decorate your workspace. This is the reason why it should not be chosen at random. Here we present the Best Desk Lamps of 2021 that you should buy in the US for illuminating your workspace which looks elegant as well.

To give you an idea of ​​what’s on offer on the market, we’ve separated a few models that stand out from the rest. TaoTronics Table LED is modern and simple in style. It can be configured in terms of color mode and brightness. Lepower LS-H2 has an adjustable gooseneck arm, it can be manipulated through touch buttons, to take care of your eyes.


Buying Guide – How to Choose a Good Desk Lamp?

To know how to buy a better-value desk lamp, there are some essential criteria to consider. The main objective of such an object is to improve your working, studying, or reading conditions. Learn to choose the model that you can handle easily while doing good to your eyes.


The Type of LED Bulbs

Considering the primary function of a lamp, which is to provide illumination, the type of bulbs it accepts needs a closer look. You should also know what you need, before looking for where to buy the best desk lamp.

The most used is the desk lamp with an LED. This bulb has the advantage of not producing any heat. Besides, it has a long life, as it can last up to 50,000 hours. The LED allows an adjustment of the brightness, and the color, depending on the lamp model.

There are also desk lamps which are fitted with fluorescent bulbs. This type of bulb is capable of rendering powerful luminosities. They are very effective in illuminating a large space.

However, they are less durable than LED because they can work for 10,000 hours. The downside with these lamps is that you have to be patient to get the maximum brightness. Before buying a model, you will need to take all these details into account.

If you prefer a desk lamp that provides daylight-like light, look to the halogen bulb models. This type of lamp is especially useful for performing precision tasks. The light, which can faithfully render colors, is that which comes from a halogen lamp. It is the most efficient model for artistic activities, where colors are of great importance. However, you should expect the lamp to heat up.


The Design and Method of Fixing

A lamp is also used to give style to your desk. Choose what is in harmony with your workspace, whether it’s color or design. The material is important because it guarantees strength and resistance.

There are solid plastic models. Others are made of aluminum or stainless steel. The type of material influences the weight of the desk lamp. If you want the best desk lamp for your child, you will need to choose a lighter model.

The method of fixing must be taken into account. Some lamps are to be placed on the table. It will have to be close to a current source. With this model, you don’t have to worry about the installation. However, on a narrow table, the lamp may be thrown to the ground, if the user likes to move.

Some models are to be fixed on the edge of the table. Check if the system matches the thickness of the desk. Also, make sure that screws and accessories are provided. You should compare the two modes, and think about which one is going to use the lamp.


Ease of Handling and Adjustments

In general, a desk lamp is easy to use, as it only takes the press of a button to turn it on. Since manufacturers are concerned about the well-being of the users of their products, they have designed models that can be adapted to suit individual needs.

Thus, some lamps have an adjustable inclination. You can tilt them, or raise them. This is the case with articulated models. Others have a flexible head that can rotate. For some, the height is adjustable.

In a price comparison, you will also see lamps with adjustable brightness. If you are using yours to support central lighting, you can adjust the intensity of the light from your lamp. On some models, it is possible to change the color of the light reflections.


Energy Consumption

A buying guide for the best desk lamps aims to guide you in choosing the model that is right for you. The use of energy is one of the criteria that can influence your decision. It is necessary to check the power of the lamp, and whether the bulb is economical.

If you choose an energy-intensive lamp, consider switching it off when you don’t need it. At this point, the ignition button must be easily accessible and solid. Currently, some lamps are equipped with a rechargeable battery. The duration of use will depend on the battery life. The lamp must be usable, even during recharging.

Browsing a comparison is essential to find the desk lamp that’s right for you. Choose a model adapted to the person who will use it, before thinking about the budget. Remember that the lamp is intended to replace the existing light so that your eyes do not get tired quickly.


5 Best Desk Lamps Of 2021 that Decorate & Illuminate Your Workspace


  1. TaoTronics Table LED Desk Lamp

This TaoTronics model is distinguished by a simple design, but multiple functionalities. It is not to be overlooked if you are looking to know how to choose the best desk lamps for 2021. This 12W light does not consume a lot of energy.


It features 5 different color modes. You can use whichever is right for you. Besides, you have 7 levels of light intensity, from 2700 K to 6000 K. The lamp produces a soft light, which does not hurt the eyes.

This lamp does not need to be installed. You only need to plug it into 100V to 240V power, and it works. It is made of sturdy plastic, and it is durable. Its bulb is an LED, which you will use for many years. The lamp can be tilted or raised. Its adjustment knobs are on the round base.


  1. Lepower Modern Desk Lamp

 A person who reads a lot should think about saving their eyes by choosing the right lighting. If you are unsure of which desk lamp to choose, pay special attention to this model. This swan neck lamp was designed for reading.


It is equipped with innovative technology and provides a light that does not flicker. This soft luminosity protects your eyes and eliminates visual fatigue. The lamp has 3 different colors, which correspond to reading modes, for relaxation, or for falling asleep. Each option has 5 light intensities.

The degree of tilt can be changed, depending on the height that suits you. This lighting is made of ABS. Its decorative design is suitable for any room. Besides, you can move it easily. The LED bulb it contains is made to last. With a power of 8W, it helps to manage the energy costs of the house.


  1. Globe Electric 56963 Desk Lamp

 To find what is the best desk lamp on the market, explore all models. This Globe Electric lighting has an elegant finish in black, which is suitable for refined decor. It has the classic style of an articulated lamp.


Its 32-inch arm keeps it in one place and pulls it out, to get to what you want to light up. You can tilt it, turn it, or straighten it, as you wish. The ideal height is up to you.

The handling of this lamp is not complicated. The switch is on the shade. Just press it to turn the lights on and off. Even in the dark or with your eyes closed, you can do it. This model is compatible with a 60 W E26 bulb and plugs into a 120 V current. It is a cheap model, given its quality.


  1. Ikea 601.467.64 Forsa Work Desk Lamp Nickel Plated

 This Ikea desk lamp is characterized by a futuristic design, due to its nickel-plated finish. Its articulated arm allows the light to be directed where it is needed. If you prefer the best brand of desk lamps, for your reading moments, or to better concentrate on your work, choose this one.


It fits into a chic office. Just put her on the table and pull her arm. Its weight of 2.58 kg guarantees its stability on the table. The head of the lamp is also rotatable. You can turn it, as needed.

The lighting is suitable for an E12 LED bulb, which is durable, but which you should acquire separately, following the manufacturer’s advice. This lamp will serve you to refine the details in your work. Its structure is made of steel which is a sturdy material. The lighting turns on when it is connected to a current of 124 V.


  1. Golspark LED Desk Lamp

 If you dream of a practical model and are looking for where to buy a new desk lamp, this Golspark lighting will satisfy you. Its modern white metal design suits any decor.


The lamp is placed on an office table and can be carried anywhere. Indeed, it has a built-in 1500 mAh Lithium-ion battery, rechargeable from a USB port. This model is suitable for lighting the keyboard and the screen of a computer. The lamp works with 3 different color modes. It provides light of 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K.

The adjustment buttons are located on the base, so you can choose the desired brightness. The LED bulb does not shine and protects the eyes. Also, it saves you energy. The lamp arm is flexible up to 360 °. Its base also serves as a pen holder. This is the cheapest model we have found.


Final Words

These are the 5 Best Desk Lamps of 2021 that illuminate and decorate your workspace. The LED Desk lamps are the best source of efficient energy that produces approx. the natural light which helps you doing homework, office work, and reading books.

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