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7 Best Diptyque Perfumes For Women in 2022

Best Diptyque Perfumes For Women. Time to talk and analyze one of the favorite brands for girls since 1961, we are referring to Diptyque, but not in a simplistic way, but totally and absolutely, since its perfumes tend to generate very powerful effects on girls. All this coup of authority was given to the brand by a philosophy of sales and manufacturing towards aromatic power.

The fact that it came out in 1961 does not make Diptyque a brand that loses its presence. On the contrary, they remain firm in their long-lasting and powerful aesthetic in fragrances to continue to attract many girls from the new and old generations.

That is why it is more than attractive to have the seven Best Diptyque Women Perfumes in your stock or wardrobe because it has many elements as sensual as they are strong that it is complex to define them, but they are definitely worth living.

This company that is not only dedicated to the manufacture of perfumes, has earned the reputation of having such quality in its aromas that it is the favorite of many of the best perfume analysts in the world, something that is not by chance.


7 Best Diptyque Women Perfumes & Colognes 2022


1. Tam Dao by Diptyque

With a strong aroma, reluctant and that has a lot to be of autumn, the Tam Dao by Diptyque is a perfume that has characterized the brand as one of the favorites because when it was launched in 2003 it fits in with the time as few perfumes can. do it. This belongs to the Floral Woody Musk olfactory family for Women.

Tam Dao by Diptyque

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The fact that it is a fragrance that is as woody as it is aromatic makes it even more of a scent for this brand that always generates options with almost extreme aromas. Besides, it has certain warm chords that are accompanied by powdery elements that ultimately contain what a girl seeks to be respected.

It has at the same time some notes of Brazilian rosewood, amber, white musk, Italian cypress, and cedar among those that stand out the most to achieve a fragrance that awakens your senses and is almost like a slap in the face of rain and forest. On the other hand, it contains moderate longevity and a heavy trail.


2. Do Son by Diptyque

A perfume full of classic elements that characterize Diptyque is Do Son, a perfume that came on the market in 2005 and that from the first moment knew how to catch all the attention with its Floral For Women olfactory family, but all this ran on the part of Fabrice Pellegrin, who was the perfumer of this scent.

Do Son by Diptyque

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With some simple accords, the aroma of Do Son always goes towards too soft and white floral aromas as well as towards citrus, something that never ceases to surprise given the differences in its surroundings. It is like then we talked about some notes of African orange blossom, pink pepper, benzoin, musk, rose, iris, and tuberose.

All this explains very well the fact that this scent fits exceptionally well in daring springs, in addition to having long-lasting longevity, plus a trail that does not leave indifferent and is heavy. A really strong aroma that has touches of daring and delicacy in equal measure.


3. Eau Rose by Diptyque

Roses have always played a fundamental role in the life of Diptyque and this is no exception in Eau Rose, a perfume that came out there in 2012 and that belongs to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women, making a classic scent for them. , but with other sensual chords to give it shine and life.

Eau Rose by Diptyque

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It is a perfume of roses, fruity and with tropical touches, therefore you do not doubt that it is a scent for the summer and that it can also serve to raise your temperature with all those citrus elements inside that make its use one dared. The defining notes of this perfume are black currant, bergamot, Virginia cedar, white honey, rose, jasmine, and musk.

With these elements, it is not surprising that it is a scent loaded with long-lasting longevity and a soft trail, because it fully opens your senses.


4. L’Ombre Dans L’Eau by Diptyque

A hypnotic aroma sneaks into this list, the L’Ombre Dans L’Eau de Diptyque is one of those perfumes that have everything in their aroma and that is why so many different women approve of it and of course, they try it. It came out there in 1983 being an absolute sensation and is referenced in the Floral for Women olfactory family.

L'Ombre Dans L'Eau by Diptyque

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With a perfumer as Serge Kalouguine as the star behind the scent, this perfume has a presence closely linked to the fruit, green leaves, soft spices, roses, and citrus, an excellent combination that proves that it is a scent for summer.

Its tropical and fruity smell is due to its notes of bergamot, mandarin orange, and black currants. Special mention deserves the fresh and floral touches of its elements of roses, cassis, black currant leaves, and musk.

Its fragrance is also one that is linked to the passing, and that is why its longevity is short and its trail is soft.


5. Eau de Lierre by Diptyque

In 2006, with full modernism in the world, the Eau de Lierre was made an appearance, a perfume that has a lot to contribute to the aromas with spices and that is linked to the Floral Green for Women olfactory family, it is an aroma that we anticipate that it has notes of ivy, cyclamen, geranium, wood, Brazilian rosewood, and musk.

Eau de Lierre by Diptyque

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On the one hand, you have an aroma that contributes a lot in terms of its green fragrance, this one that is fresh and powerful alike. We can not forget that its aroma is made with the scents of wood from various forests, managing to capture your senses and make you stay paralyzed when you feel them for the first time.

It also has its aroma with some floral touches that really do not have much to do with so much force of its forest and wood notes, but that adds that feminine plus that girl like so much so as not to get lost among so much force. And its longevity is durable and it’s wake heavy.


6. Olene by Diptyque

What has the Olene that the girls liked a lot in the distant and beloved year of 1998 is that it contained a Floral for Women olfactory family that although simple, had many strong touches of really striking and attractive notes, making its aroma one of the most desirable of the moment?

Olene by Diptyque

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With Sergeg Kalouguine as its sole perfumer, the aroma of this perfume can be perceived as varied and this is what everyone liked, the fact that it was many things at the same time and where it did not lose quality. That is why you have before you a perfume with touches of both white and colorful flowers, making contrasts in addition to being accompanied by touches of green herbs, but in general, it is a very floral aroma.

The notes that make up this perfume are narcissus, honeysuckle, white flowers, green notes, and jasmine as its most important and that provide those really powerful and very feminine chords. With an aroma where everything is floral, this is a perfume that is perfect for spring, also taking into consideration that it is an aroma with very long-lasting longevity and that it will remain with you for a long time, in addition to having moderate longevity.


7. Impossible Bouquet Do Son by Diptyque

A difficult girl does not have to use another perfume in addition to the Impossible Bouquet Do Son by Diptyque, one of its most complete scents, but which also has to be understood as such, as a multifaceted aroma and which was launched in 2 020. Very innovative as it is, this scent is linked to the Floral for Women olfactory family.

Impossible Bouquet Do Son by Diptyque

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This perfume is characterized by being really floral in all its essence, although accompanied by some sweet and powdery elements, which is why in all its aspects it handles different flowers and hence its disparate presence. This perfume is composed of notes of iris, rose, tuberose, pink pepper, benzoin, and musk.

In such a way that it has a smell very linked to winter as it is something warm and dry, without such strong emotions and that is why it is liked by those who are not so affectionate. It has a moderate duration and is awake with strong steps.


Final Considerations

Between addiction and quality, you have to choose one of the 7 Best Diptyque Perfumes for her, aromas loaded with a lot of feminine identities as well as capable of taking you to lands that very few perfumes can afford to boast. Therefore, do not settle for any brand until you have tried Diptyque.


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