Best Diptyque Women Perfumes 2021

7 Best Diptyque Perfumes For Women

It’s time to talk about and examine Diptyque, which has been one of the girls’ favorite brands since 1961. We’re not going to do this in a simple way; we’re going to do it completely because girls tend to be very affected by its perfumes. To give the brand all of this power, the way it was sold and made was geared toward fragrance power.

It doesn’t matter that Diptyque came out in 1961; the name is still well known. They are still firm in their long-lasting and strong fragrance style, which is why they continue to draw many girls from both new and old generations.

Having the seven best Diptyque perfumes for women in your collection or closet is a great idea because they have so many sexual and strong elements that it’s hard to describe them. However, they are definitely worth living for.

This company not only makes perfumes, but it also has a reputation for having fragrances of such high quality that many of the best perfume experts in the world love them. This is not a coincidence.

Best Diptyque Perfumes For Women

1. Diptyque Tam Dao Parfum

Tam Dao by Diptyque

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The Diptyque Tam Dao perfume has a strong, hesitant scent that smells a lot like autumn. It has become one of the brand’s most popular fragrances since it came out in 2003, because it fits the times better than most perfumes. Diptyque Tam Dao is a fragrance for women in the Floral Woody Musk family.

The fact that it smells both woody and floral makes it an even better scent for this brand, which always comes up with choices with very strong scents. In addition, it has some warm chords and powdery parts that, in the end, contain what a girl wants to be admired for.

Some of the notes that stand out are Brazilian rosewood, amber, white musk, Italian cypress, and cedar. Together, they make a scent that wakes you up and smells like rain and forests. On the other hand, it has a heavy trail and a middling lifespan.

2. Diptyque Do Son Eau de Toilette

Do Son by Diptyque

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Do Son is a Diptyque perfume that has a lot of classic elements. It came out in 2005 and immediately got everyone’s attention with its floral scent family, but that was all Fabrice Pellegrin’s fault.

With a few simple notes, Do Son’s smell always leans toward soft and white flower scents as well as citrus scents, which surprises me every time because of how different its surroundings are. We talked about notes of rose, iris, tuberose, benzoin, pink pepper, and African orange flower back then.

All of this makes a lot of sense when you think about how well this smell works in chilly springs and how long it lasts. It also leaves a heavy, interesting trail. Diptyque Do Son smell is really strong, with equal parts bold and delicate.

3. Diptyque Rose Eau de Toieltte

Eau Rose by Diptyque

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The rose has always been an important part of Diptyque’s work, and Eau Rose, a perfume that came out in 2012 and is in the Floral Fruity family for women, is no different. It’s a classic scent for them, but it has other sensual notes that give it life and shine.

There’s no question that this is a summer scent because it smells like roses and has fruity and tropical notes. The citrus notes inside can also help you feel warmer, so don’t be afraid to use it. These notes—white honey, rose, jasmine, musk, black currant, and Virginia cedar—make up the main parts of Eau Rose perfume.

With all of these things, it’s not a surprise that the smell lasts a long time and leaves a soft trail. It opens all of your senses.

4. Diptyque L’Ombre Dans L’Eau

L'Ombre Dans L'Eau by Diptyque

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L’Ombre Dans L’Eau de Diptyque is one of those perfumes that smells like everything, which is why so many women like it and try it. It was a huge hit when it came out in 1983, and it’s mentioned in the Floral for Women fragrance family.

Because Serge Kalouguine is the perfumer behind it, the smell is strongly connected to fruit, green leaves, soft spices, roses, and citrus, which is a great mix that shows it’s a summer scent.

Bergamot, mandarin orange, and black currants give it a warm and fruity smell. Roses, cassis, black currant leaves, and musk give it a fresh and floral touch that gets extra praise.

Because of this, its scent is also linked to death, which is why it doesn’t last long and leaves a soft trail.

5. Diptyque Eau de Lierre Toilette

Eau de Lierre by Diptyque

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In 2006, when the world was fully modernized, the perfume Eau de Lierre came out. It is a perfume that has a lot to offer in the way of spiced scents and is part of the Floral Green for Women family of scents. We expect it to have notes of ivy, cyclamen, geranium, wood, Brazilian rosewood, and musk.

As an example, there is an aroma that makes a big difference with its green scent, which is both fresh and strong. We can’t forget that the smell comes from different types of wood, which is sure to delight your senses and leave you speechless when you experience it for the first time.

Additionally, it smells like flowers, which don’t have much to do with the strong forest and wood notes, but they add a feminine touch that girls like so much that they don’t get lost in the strength. And it lasts a long time and leaves a heavy wake.

6. Diptyque Olene Eau de Toilette

Olene by Diptyque

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What the girls really liked about Olene in the long-ago and beloved year of 1998 was that it had a Floral for Women scent family that was simple but had a lot of strong, really striking, and attractive notes that made it one of the most desired smells at the time.

Since Sergeg Kalouguine was the only person who worked on Olene eau de parfum, it has a lot of different scents. That’s what everyone liked about it—that it was a lot of different things at once without losing any of its quality.

Because of this, the perfume you see here has hints of both white and colorful flowers, which creates contrasts. It also has hints of green herbs, but the overall scent is very flowery.

Neon, honeysuckle, white flowers, green notes, and jasmine, which is the most important note and gives it its really strong and feminine chords, make up Diptyque Olene.

Olene by Diptyque is great for spring because it smells like flowers. The scent also lasts a long time and stays with you for a long time, in addition to lasting a moderate amount of time.

7. Diptyque Impossible Bouquet Do Son

Impossible Bouquet Do Son by Diptyque

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Diptyque’s Impossible Bouquet Do Son is one of its most full scents, and a difficult girl doesn’t need to use any other perfume on top of it. It was released in 2020 and should be understood as such: as a complex scent. Even though it’s very different, this scent is in the Floral for Women family.

However, Impossible Bouquet Do Son has some sweet and airy notes mixed in with its floral main scent. This is why it smells like different flowers in each aspect, giving it a unique presence. There are iris, rose, tuberose, pink pepper, benzoin, and musk notes in this perfume.

The smell is very winter-like because it’s something warm and dry. It doesn’t make you feel strong feelings, which is why people who aren’t very affectionate like it. It lasts a reasonable amount of time and wakes up with strong steps.


You should pick one of the 7 Best Diptyque Perfumes for her if you want to find the right balance between addiction and quality. These scents are full of feminine traits and can take you to places that not many perfumes can claim. So, don’t choose another name until you’ve tried Diptyque.

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