Best Drawing Apps for Android in 2020

7 Best Drawing Apps for Android. Technology has become so rich that you can now use your device to expose your fantastic creativity. In the Play Store, you will find thousands of drawing applications for Android devices. But do you think it’s worth a try? Not not.

However, Android devices do not contain built-in drawing applications. You can pursue your talent for art using various downloadable apps on your Android phone or tablet. In other words, whether you need an app to do basic sketching or doodling in your spare time or require one to provide essential tools to enhance your business projects, you can choose from a wide variety of drawing and painting applications according to your needs.


7 Best Drawing Apps for Android 2022


1. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Best Android Drawing Apps in 2020A fantastic vector creation app is Adobe Illustrator Draw (mobile version) for Creation, Design, and Editing, and it has been on the ‘Editor’s Choice’ list in the Google Play store for quite some time. This is an application that contains a versatile range of drawing tools like five different pencil tips with adaptive opacity, size, and colors, shape templates, Capture vector shapes, etc.

Download Adobe Illustrator Draw


2. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch: best android drawing appsWhile Adobe Illustrator Draw wears the crown in vector drawing, Adobe Photoshop Sketch is impressive for making stunning sketches and paintings. With a wide selection of pencils, pens, markers, erasers, pastels, acrylics, inks, and watercolor brushes, the app also provides users with settings to adjust, size, color, opacity, texture, and blend.

Download Adobe Photoshop Sketch


3. Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk SketchBookAutodesk Sketchbook is a renowned Android drawing and painting application. Users can use 13 brushes, markers, and pencils of various sizes, which support multi-layer detail. You have the option of zooming up to 2500% to build an intricate painting. Also, a professional version with unlimited layers, full-color library, blending modes, and access to over 100 different brushes is available.

Download Autodesk SketchBook


4. Sketch

Sketch: best android drawing appsThis app helps users create excellent illustrations with multiple layers and elegant detail options. Additionally, users can share their creations, explore images created by other users in the gallery, collaborate with other users to create an image, and import images for improvement. The user can also use backup services to make their pictures accessible through various devices.

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5. MediBang Paint

MediBang PaintWith great reviews and over 10 million downloads, this drawing app provides all the creative tools a user can request. It is a lightweight digital painting application aimed especially at comic artists. With a user interface similar to Adobe applications, it is available for Android, Windows, and Mac users. Find more than 100 brushes, pastels, and a large selection of pens.

Download MediBang Paint


6. ArtFlow

ArtFlow: best android drawing appsArtFlow was designed with the aim of “turning your device into a digital sketchbook,” the application offers more than 80 brushes, variety of colors, pens, pencils, erasers, adjustable blending tool, blending modes, cube paint, line style, canvases up to 6144 × 6144 with 50 coats and more. The user can make use of different functions to edit his artwork.

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7. PaperDraw

PaperDrawPaperDraw provides users with different brushes, pens, and pencils along with a ruler, eraser, etc. It allows the user to enter their handwritten signature and mark on the image once the work is completed. It is also enabled to import pictures as the base map, set it to transparent mode to trace the original image and draw on it. There are other features to add text, customize the cover and background color, etc.

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These are some of the best art and design apps that both beginners and professionals can use to create beautiful works of art and also display them for recognition. For more Android news visit Top and Trending.