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5 Best ECG Android Apps to Try in 2022

Best ECG Android Apps. It is lovely to see what a smart device is capable of. Now you can check your sleep cycle, heartbeat, eye health, and much more without visiting a local clinic. Today you will know the 5 best Android ECG applications. With these apps, you can control the general state of your health.

Today, we use our Android mobile for almost everything. With new advancements and features in smartphones, we can now also use them for medical purposes, whether it’s heart rate monitoring or EKG Apps. These applications are changing our future for the common good.

There are numerous applications available in the Google Play Store, where you can download these electrocardiogram applications. Since there are scenarios where you can visit a local clinic in an emergency. In such cases, these electrocardiogram applications will save the lives of your loved ones.


5 Best ECG Android Apps To Try in 2022


1. StressScan

stressscan: best ECG android apps in 2020StressScane is a revolutionary application that can check your EKG of the heart. It pairs perfectly with your Android device, and you can check the patient’s heart. This service is ideal for areas where urgent medical facilities are not available. Using Stresscan is easy, and the elderly can easily use it. All you have to do is place the device on your skin, and it will read the heard cardio scores and display the results instantly.

Download StressScan


2. Welltory

welltoryWellltroy is an all-in-one EKG app for Android phones that can measure multiple aspects of our heart health. Welltory can easily track an individual’s cardiac ratings, blood pressure, stress levels, and EKG charts. Before using the Welltroy app, you must enter patient-specific details.

Among these data, you must include gender, height, weight, and age. After entering these details, you can start monitoring your heart rate and electrocardiogram.

Download Welltory

3. Heart Rate

heart rate: best electrocardiogram android appsHeart Rate is mainly used to measure the heartbeat. This app monitors your heartbeat by detecting the changing color of your fingertips. To give accurate results, the application asks the user if they are resting, eating, or exercising and records the results accurately. All the user has to do is keep their finger on the camera for ten seconds, and the software will calculate the speed based on the vibrations created by each heartbeat.

Download Heart Rate

4. Cardiac diagnosis

cardiac diagnosisCardiac Diagnosis is an exclusive electrocardiogram monitor app for Android, where you can track the health of your heart. It tracks activities related to the heart, such as heartbeat, electrocardiograph, and active pumping.

Use your device’s camera system to check your heart rate. All you have to do is place your finger near the camera. It will turn on the flash to light up your finger and read the pulse.

You can do this repeatedly to check and maintain your heartbeat record for the day. It also shows you essential information about heat-related illnesses and how to prevent them.

Download Cardiac Diagnosis

5. Kardia

kardia: best ECG android appsKardia is another FDA approved app that is used to measure heartbeat. Measure your heart rate in 30 seconds. With a beautiful and easily accessible user interface, this application will take care of your health. For an accurate EKG, connect this app to your phone and hold the medical-grade EKG in your hand. It has a unique feature of sharing your EKG with your doctor, but it will cost you a few extra dollars.

Download Kardia


Final Words

Many people suspect that these modern ECG Android Applications are not accurate and do not work. Most of these applications use a camera flash to determine the pulse rate of your heart.

Most of the time, it comes with complete precision. However, the ECG apps may not offer accurate results at times. If you are looking for precise tracking of your heart electrocardiograph, I recommend that you buy a smart bracelet to check your heart status.

Taking care of your heart is the most crucial aspect of your life. Without your heart, you would be practically dead. I understand the fact that you want to track your health without spending a lot of time.

Therefore, these free heart apps will save you money. So install these ECG Android Applications to stay healthy and keep your heart healthy. Let us now know which EKG app you use on your device in the comments section below. For more top and trending news, visit our homepage.

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