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Best Eco-Friendly Green Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

Eco-Friendly Green Christmas Gift Ideas for Children, to educate them in a good manner 

Christmas 2020 is fast approaching! Not easy to find gift ideas for everyone. After Best Fashion and Beauty Christmas Gift Ideas for Stylish and Trendy Girlswe like to present the best Eco-Friendly Green Christmas Gift Ideas for children (girl or boy)! First, because you don’t want to poison them with plastic full of endocrine disruptors or you don’t want to encourage child labor. And then because it’s a good opportunity to send an ecological message to your children.


Best Eco-Friendly Green Christmas Gift Ideas For children

It is very often forgotten, but children are potential creators. Their imaginations are full of ideas and they love to create. So for Christmas, bet on organic and ecological art supplies with which they will play for hours without being in front of a screen!

Clip-It Lego

Clip-It is an extraordinary assembly game because it only uses recycled materials! 90% of the game is made of plastic caps that can be found on all bottles. Clip it provides clips to assemble them and create 100% DIY toys from scratch.

The clips are compatible with LEGOs and children are invited to donate the caps to the association when they are no longer using them. In addition, the company works with the association of “love plugs” and participates in the professional integration of people with disabilities.



Refillable Water Markers

The magical water-based and ecological markers! With an extra-long lifespan, these markers can be recharged with tap water! The ink is washable and the box is made of recycled cardboard. A classic revisited in an ecological fashion. That is the demand of the people?



Beeswax Crayons

For the little ones, pastel beeswax crayons are a MUST! They do not stain, are made with natural non-toxic materials and organic pigments. So that the little ones can create without risk to their health!



Posca Markers

It’s not just the little ones who like to draw, the big ones too! No reason to deprive our grumpy teens of drawing supplies. Encourage their artistic spirit by offering them a set of 16 Posca markers, the brand that hits the mark. Rechargeable, these paint markers have a very long life. For a zero-waste Christmas gift, or almost!

Green Christmas gifts for children: board games

Bioviva Board Game

The Bioviva board game is 22 years old! Since 1996, this game meets all the criteria to be on this list of eco-responsible gift ideas. The goal is to explore the history of life on Earth. From 8 years old, make your children want to change the world as a family!


Cottage Garden

In a completely different genre, discover Cottage Garden. Kind of Tetris taking place in a garden, this game develops logic, spatial identification, and the desire to protect the nature of your children. Widely tested by the editorial staff (between adults and families), it is our favorite. We HOT recommend it! And in addition, it is very beautiful. In short, it’s a big YES for this ecological gift.


Green Christmas gift ideas for athletic children

Playing sports is good. For physical and mental health, for the pleasure of being outdoors… But playing sports without damaging nature is better! Here are two eco-friendly gift ideas to turn your children into eco-responsible athletes.

A wooden balance bike

Getting around without polluting is the current issue. So make your child an informed cyclist for the future by giving him a wooden balance bike for Christmas 2020! The ultimate ecological gift, for a child in good shape and aware of environmental issues.

Order the wooden balance bike



The slackline is the natural activity par excellence. It outdoors and requires only two trees between which to stretch the line and learn to tightrope walking. Satisfied or reimbursed guarantee, it is also supplied with a trunk protection system, so as not to leave a trace after its passage.


Best Eco-Friendly Green Organic Christmas Gifts Ideas for children

The sinews of the game for eco-responsible and organic Christmas gifts. Between endocrine disruptors and made in China, it is not easy to find a toy that fulfills our ethical and responsible Christmas presents.

The magic tree of Klorofil

Who has never played with the Klorofil magic tree? A house in a tree is the dream of all children. Enough to make them competitive “tree hustlers” who will have only one desire when they grow up: to protect the environment

Doll – Petit Câlin Ecolo Doll

The Peticollin brand has existed since… 1896 !!! It is the oldest and the last doll manufacturing factory in France. And above all, she knew how to take the turn of the ecological toy because the infants and the bathers like this doll Petit Câlin Ecolo Doll are in natural vinyl, the flexible body and the clothes in organic cotton and the box (which can be transformed into a doll bed ) is made from recycled cardboard. It’s flawless!

Order the Petit Câlin doll


Wooden chalet Jeu Jura

The Jura game brand is a family business that is over 100 years old and employs 35 people (and therefore supports 35 families). She makes awesome wooden construction toys from sustainably managed forests. The game pieces are colored without volatile organic compounds (suspected carcinogens) and the packaging is made from recycled cardboard.

And finally, the ultimate sustainable, ethical, and ecological children’s gift is also reading! Find our selection of 9 alternative magazines for non-sexist, non-gendered, and ad-free children. So that 2020 Christmas gifts last all year round!

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