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8 Best Essential Oils for a Relaxing Bath

Best Essential Oils for Bath. It’s time to get home from work, training, or studying and the only thing you want is to be as comfortable as possible at home, allowing your body and mind to rest equally, so the big question to ask yourself is: How do you can you do this?

Among the many solutions that exist, we have to mention that a relaxing bath is probably one of the best experiences that a human being can have because the contact of the skin with the water and also the components of the essential oils within it manage to create above all an almost magical aura.

This is how, with just the application of a few drops of essential oils in the water, they create the most spectacular environment possible and, above all, generate beneficial properties inside and outside the body.

Do not keep looking for more cheap gels that will not take a relaxing bath to the next level, instead read The 8 Best Essential Oils For A Relaxing Bath. They are waiting for you next and what better, they do not have any chemical additives that can make them harmful, on the contrary, they are made up exclusively of only fruits, flowers, and even herbs.


8 Best Essential Oils for a Relaxing Bath 


1. Lavender Essential Oil

Baths with lavender essential oil are phenomenal from every perspective to achieve the best effect on the skin, absolute relaxation and improve those wounds that may not have healed on the body.

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This oil when applied in the baths can penetrate the dermis so that it has its calming effects and also with antiseptic functions so that certain wounds and even annoying spots on the body disappear naturally and not abruptly.

Lavender essential oil is one of the most used since ancient times because it had a magnificent power over the human mind, providing it with calm and relaxation in times of worst stress. It was said that a bath with lavender oil gave the necessary clarity to face important problems.

The application of this oil is very simple, at the time of going to the bathroom you must incorporate about ten drops of this oil and then enter the water without the need for another type of mixed oil or third components.

The good and quite acceptable thing is that through this oil a total purity is achieved as well as that its composition is linked to nature at all times, hence its use is so reliable even daily.


2. Benzoin Essential Oil

When benzoin essential oil is applied to the skin and especially when it is done in the form of a relaxing bath, the following experience is very enriching since it makes the person feel very good about himself and he will notice it on the outside, it is of the most respected essential oils and that allows for an excellent range of opportunities.

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To begin with, this oil has internal vaporizers that generally make an excellent formula to calm the nervous system, this is more than relaxation since it is not momentary, in fact with these baths regularly it is possible to create a state of calm that is improvement day by day where the person will experience better sensations and act in a more measured way.

It is quite widespread that when benzoin essential oil is used in the bathroom, it has to be massaged on the skin, to which we add that for its effect to be more powerful and the skin to be more nourished with about twenty drops we will have. It is perfect not only to soothe muscle discomfort it is extremely useful for people with problems such as atopic dermatitis and arthritis, so disparate but where this benzoin acts naturally.

Also, those who suffer from extra dry and cracked skin can use it in their bath therapy to eliminate this roughness.


3. Geranium Essential Oil

The respect that is had for the essential oil of geranium is maximum, even for the medical community around the world that recommends its use at different times and for people with treatments that have nothing to do with each other, that’s how strong they are His properties.

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The most important and relevant thing about using a geranium essential oil on the skin in the bath is that it has anti-inflammatory effects these are its most widespread properties. They will serve people who have suffered from hemorrhages as well as clean wounds, so if they have had injuries and contact with blood, this oil will perfectly improve healing.

On the other hand, this essential oil, s a perfect remover of skin imperfections such as wounds, scars, and acne. It is recommended to bathe with it when you are in adolescence so that the skin of the face does not get used to having these bacteria that in mature age can significantly affect.

At the same time, its use is recommended to be able to improve the circulation of the person and to be able to relieve any type of muscular pain. These baths are ideal for those who play sports frequently and are more prone to pain and injuries of this type.


4. Rosemary Essential Oil

A bath with rosemary essential oil is not just any bath, because as well as giving you relaxation, it will also inundate you with different properties to obtain benefits on a physical and even mental level.

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This oil intervenes a lot, especially in the fact of granting the body deep and emotional relaxation, that at the end of being able to bathe in this type of oil, you will feel a lot of peace and mental calm that is rarely noticed.

In the same way, it is very interesting how, in addition to being relaxed, a change in memory will be perfectly noticeable, since rosemary is directly involved in its constant improvement, which is also related to better concentration and drowsiness so that everyone’s neuro-functional system will be favored.

Thanks to its stimulants, all your muscles will begin to feel quite comfortable when you enter the bath, and to apply it properly, the most important thing will be to apply only about ten drops in the water without mixing with another type of oil and get in to bathe in the most relaxed way possible, rosemary is that stimulant for circulation and mind that you have to try at least once in your life.


5. Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

When you bathe with ylang-ylang essential oil, you have a set of salts and minerals on your skin that no other oil can offer you, that is why it is very special to take a relaxing bath with its properties that we know allow a perfect harmony between mind and body.

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When you start to take a bath with ylang ylang essential oil, the first thing that comes to your eyes will be the radiance of your skin, because this oil has a huge amount of organic components so that the appearance of the skin is perfectly bright and with very soft just by putting it to the touch. This also happens with the hair and that is why it is recommended that the bathroom be complete from head to toe.

The process is easy because you only have to apply about five drops of ylang-ylang essential oil in the bathtub to start enjoying all its benefits. It is also exceptional as it has a calming and stimulating effect to enhance all the senses and even enjoy a rich fragrance that can stay with you throughout the day.


6. Jasmine Essential Oil

Baths with jasmine oil are always absolutely productive, but care must be taken not to overexpose the skin with too many drops as it can have adverse effects that are being sought, therefore it is very important not to exceed the recommended doses.

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This oil has a strong effect on the mind and it gives it a loving effect everywhere, it is ideal if you are looking for a natural aphrodisiac and feel like experiencing new things with your partner.

But on the other hand, jasmine essential oil gives people who use it a deep and enriching sleep since it acts directly on the nervous system to be able to enjoy its full hours without interruptions. It is a type of oil that is too good in terms of drowsiness and that when you wake up you will feel like a renewed person.

But also when using it is when you can feel relaxed, as well as get a greater amount of shine in parts of your body where other creams cannot reach such as the neck and even the ankles.


7. Tangerine Essential Oil

Tangerine when it is designed to fulfill its effects as essential oils, the result is too powerful and you will end up with a smile on your face since it allows the person to feel in a constant state of relaxation, but there is much more.

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This tangerine essential oil allows first of all to give a feeling of complete relaxation through its fragrance that is perfectly citrus but with a type of aroma that even reaches the skin to stay for several hours. The result is that with this essential oil a person after an hour of bathing can maintain their fragrance as if it were a designer cologne.

Its sedative properties make a person feel in tune, also with the environment that surrounds him and it is enough with about five drops in the water to be able to enjoy the benefits that are extrasensory.


8. Sandalwood Essential Oil

If what you are looking for is an essential oil that gives you medicinal properties, then sandalwood essential oil is the one for all that and more. It is one of those responsible for giving people a perfect feeling of clean skin as well as for girls to eliminate stretch marks and even scars.

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By regulating emotions, this essential oil is a fundamental pillar to stimulate euphoria and keep stress levels well low to feel part of a bubble of joy, but with the senses well placed. As it tends to relax a lot, sandalwood essential oil manages to induce and affect sleep so that problems such as insomnia and also those with hypertension do not have.


Final Considerations

The difficult thing will be choosing one of the Best Essential Oils for Bath we recommend you read them several times until you choose the one that best suits you.

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