Best Ethical and Ecological Green Christmas Gift Ideas

Best Ethical and Ecological Green Christmas Gift Ideas

Best Ethical and Ecological Christmas Gift Ideas | Green Christmas Gift Ideas

The ” zero waste ” action is popular with green people at the moment. It’s true that it’s nice to sip your coffee without telling yourself that our straw will end up killing an underwater turtle or that our cup will take 10,000 years to decompose. So why not offer committed Christmas gifts, so that zero waste lasts all year round. After the Best Eco-Friendly Green Christmas Gift Ideas for Children, here below you will find the best Ethical and Ecological or Zero waste Christmas gift ideas.

Zero Waste Green Christmas Gifts for Offices 

We spend almost half of our life at work. Very often, we also eat there for lunch. So what better idea for Christmas than to give your favorite ecologist a gift for lunch at the office in “zero waste” mode? Here is a “lunch box” kit, voted the best eco-responsible Christmas gift within the editorial staff.

Lunch Box Hermetic Bento Lunch Box

A bento box for a lunch box that changes from the classic plastic container. In pop colors so that lunch remains a pleasant moment, this lunch box will allow your favorite ecologist to reduce his waste by preparing his own meals to eat balanced every day in a box without endocrine disruptors.


Stainless Steel Bowl

And if the plastic is not fantastic, or even taboo for your favorite environmentalist, you can prefer the stainless steel bowl version 100% guaranteed ecological. It comes in many colors, for gifts for green men or women!


Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottle

And since when you eat it makes you thirsty, offer a reusable stainless steel water bottle. Among the 25 colors available, there will be one that will appeal to your green for Christmas!

Order the reusable water bottle


Zero Waste Christmas Gift Ideas for the home

Work is all well and good, but it is not all life either. For Christmas, you can offer eco-responsible gifts for the home and facilitate your green friend’s transition to zero waste. And as the kits are popular, bet on an assortment of the “filled basket” type for a zero-waste house.



Bee’s Wrap

The stretch film is an ecological aberration: it is used for a very limited time and bam! He’s in the trash. Offer this reusable alternative, for a sustainable Christmas gift: the bee’s wrap.


Reusable Bulk Bag

Is your ecologist a big fan of the “zero waste” grocery stores popping up everywhere? Offer him an assortment of reusable bulk bags that he or she can use all year round to go shopping.


Ethical and Ecological Beauty Christmas Gift ideas

The myth of the dirty and badly combed ecologist who wears an itchy woolen sweater has fizzled out. Today, we can be very committed to the protection of the environment and like to take care of ourselves. Yes, but with zero-waste cosmetics! Here are our green beauty ideas, eco-friendly gifts for women (or men, we’re not bigoted to the editorial staff):

Bamboo Biodegradable Toothbrushes

A set of 4 biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes. They are made of soft bristles infused with vegetable charcoal, and 100% vegan, which does not prevent them from being ergonomic! To keep the breath fresh while respecting the environment.


Organic Solid Toothpaste, Vegan

And to stay in the theme of the eco-responsible gift idea to the end, combine them with a solid, biodegradable, and vegan toothpaste with essential oils.


Reusable Makeup Remover Cottons

If you really don’t feel like giving away toothpaste for Christmas (this could be misinterpreted), give away reusable cotton pads. another way to avoid wasting!


An ethical and ecological Zero Waste Fashion Gifts

It is not because we are respectful of the environment that we should not take care of our appearance. These eco-friendly clothing ideas make a perfect gift.

Saola: eco-friendly sneakers

Etnies is a lifestyle and eco-designed shoe brand committed to the planet. In addition to being stylish, the sneakers are made only from seaweed, organic cotton, and recycled plastic bottles. Vegan sneakers that are gentle on the planet will surely seduce your ecologist!



The Armedangels brand is also to know. Their clothes for men and women are most often made from organic cotton or Tencel, they practice fair trade and are attentive to their production process.

Order an Armedangels garment

Tshirt with a green message

And if your ecologist likes to show off his convictions and/or has a sense of humor, you can think of giving him a t-shirt with an ecological message. You will find several models in the link below.


Green Christmas Gifts to get around without polluting

In another register, the ecologist does not like to use his car. Offer him a nice and sporty alternative, for an original gift that respects the environment.

Folding Electric Bike

The folding electric bike is THE solution for getting around town in an ecological way. In addition, no need to tire of pedaling, what are the people asking for?

Order the folding electric bike


Eco Scooter

For smaller budgets, the scooter does the trick as well. With its foldable and practical design, this high-quality aluminum scooter will make a nice Christmas gift for a sporty green!

Order the scooter


Xiaomi M3656 Pro: driving

And if ever your ecologist is the lazy type, he will appreciate being carried by an electric scooter! We recommend the new Xiaomi M365 Pro which is on sale at the moment. The best of the best for effortless and pollution-free urban travel!


Green Christmas Gifts Ideas for gardeners 

Does your ecologist have a garden he likes to spend time in? So why not give her a Christmas present that will satisfy her love of small flowers, animals, and environmental protection?

Bee hotel

Albert Einstein would have said that bees are the source of all life. And that’s true. So help your favorite environmentalist shelter them by offering him a bee hotel. It reproduces favorable conditions for non-aggressive solitary bees. A great way to help stimulate the bee population in your garden.

Order the hotel for bees


Indoor Vermicomposter

You can also bet on a more daring option: the indoor vermicomposter. This natural kitchen waste treatment solution is a great tool for green education. A good way to reduce waste for Christmas!

Order the vermicomposter

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