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5 Best Exercise to do with Elastic or Resistance Band

Best Exercise to do with Elastic or Resistance Band

In a burst of willpower to get back in shape, you’ve got yourself some elastic bands for training, but have no idea where to start? Here are some simple and best exercise to start your training with confidence using Elastic or Resistance Band. The elastic bands in circles are the perfect ally in our workouts at home, since they allow us to add resistance to the movements, thus accentuating the exertion.


Top 5 Best Resistance and Elastic Band Exercise 

Without further ado, we present 5 exercises to quietly introduce you to the elastic band.


1. Jumping Jack with Elastic Band

Place your elastic at ankle height. Legs hip-width apart, open the legs in a jump, then bring the legs inward. You can add a squat when your legs are at the full range to intensify your workout.


2. Bridge with Opening

To strengthen your glutes, nothing (or almost) is more effective than a bridge, especially if it is accompanied by a pea or resistance. The movement is simple: feet close to the buttocks, raise your buttocks as high as possible. Once at the top, make a few thigh openings with the elastic band pressed just above the knee. Be careful, your muscles may overheat.


3. Reverse Fly

To solicit the back of your shoulders, flys are a must. If you don’t have weight at home, elastic bands are enough. Arms at 90 degrees, place the elastic at waist height, and then simply open the arms. Simple and efficient.


4. Bicycle Crunch

The abs will be highly stressed by this bicycle crunch movement, accentuated by the elastic band. We place the elastic around our shoes then we bring our shoulder to our knee by bending one leg and stretching the other. We go from one leg to the other as quickly as possible to also engage our cardio.


5. Bicep or Tricep Curls with Resistance Band

Your arms can also find their place with the elastic band’s thanks to the biceps and triceps curls, accentuated by the elastic band. For the biceps, place the elastic around the foot and then pull up, keeping the elbow at 90 degrees and as close to the body as possible. For the triceps, hold the elastic at shoulder height with the opposite hand, then pull down.

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