Best Financial Calculators Of 2021

Best Financial Calculators Of 2021

Best Financial Calculators Of 2021

Having a small tool at hand, to perform all the calculations, from the simplest to the most complex, is possible. According to, the financial calculator will be used to closely follow your personal budget, company accounts, bank interests, etc. Here we are mentioning some of the Best Financial Calculators 2021 in the USA that performs your all calculations perfectly. However, each model is different, and it is up to you to choose what meets your expectations, among all those that are sold in the market.


Financial Calculators: Review and Comparison of the Best Models 2021 in the USA

Several models of financial calculators are sold in the USA. Obviously, you are going to choose the best one that fits your budget. All the same, take the time to know the characteristics of the most used devices. You will certainly find the tool that contains all the features you need.


Buying Guide – How to Choose A Good Financial Calculator?

To avoid acquiring a tool that does not correspond to the use you intend to make of it, it is advisable not to choose it at random. This buying guide for the best financial calculators has been made to tell you what the important criteria are, to get the right material.

Buying Guide - How to Choose A Good Financial Calculator

Available functions

The first thing you should check in a financial calculator is the list of functions it contains. It depends on your activities, and what you expect from such material. Indeed, even if you have the most powerful model, it must be useful to you. If you are a student, and you need trigonometric formulas at your fingertips, make sure the calculator has this functionality.

A person who wants to invest in a business certainly wants to know what he will earn, in the short and long term, the taxes he will have to pay. The manager of a company can forecast its turnover, in order to better manage its expenses. It would be a shame to have to worry about a given operation if there are ready-made formulas for it.

Some models have multiple features, intended for use by an economist, accountant, banker, and even a simple math student. Everyone uses the equipment, according to their specialties.

The availability of functions can affect the price. In this case, before you find where to buy the best financial calculator, determine your needs. Other devices have programmable buttons. You then have the option of assigning a function to specific keys. This type of tool must be accompanied by a user guide so that you do not get lost in the configurations.

Design and display

Apart from functions, the design is an important criterion in choosing the best financial calculator. This device consists of a screen and keys. Most models have an LCD screen, with a black display, which makes it easier to read. Others have an illuminated display that you can use even in low light. This allows you to have access to your calculator anytime, anywhere.

The number of digits displayed differs from model to model. There are devices that have a capacity of 10 digits, others 12. Depending on the accounts you manage, don’t get the wrong machine. The alphanumeric display is essential for some uses. There are calculators that are capable of showing multiple lines. The advantage is that you have the results of several calculations on the same screen.

When you browse a price comparison, you will find that the keys correspond to the functions dedicated to the machine. Moreover, they must be explicit, so that you can easily recognize them. This is also the reason why you should acquire a device according to your needs. Keyboard navigation depends on the layout of the keys. Choose according to your preferences, taking into account, of course, other important criteria.


This is an essential criterion, without which the calculator will not work. Devices equipped with a lithium-ion battery are rechargeable. You can use them as long as they are loaded. However, check the autonomy and make sure you have the necessary charge to avoid unpleasant surprises. The battery has, however, a limited lifespan, and it is most likely not replaceable. At that point, you will have to think about where to buy a new financial calculator.

Battery-powered models are also handy. You just need to have a reserve, to predict breakdowns. However, it will be necessary to be aware that as soon as the batteries are weak, the display is no longer so clear. A memorization option would then be necessary. This would allow you to find your data after changing the batteries.

Some manufacturers have designed solar calculators. These have a kind of screen, which captures the sun’s rays. You don’t need batteries or batteries with this kind of device. In addition, there are hybrid models that reconcile two modes of power.


When it comes to how to buy a better value financial calculator, one should not forget about durability. Apart from the power supply, the resistance of the keys is essential. If the latter are soft, they do not require a lot of effort and will last longer. Rigid keys may have some failure over time. In addition, depending on the handling, the writes may fade.

For a financial calculator to have a long life, it must be protected in a case. If a model comes with this type of accessory, that’s even better. This will save you the trouble of looking for a sleeve that is the same size as the device.

Financial Calculators of 2021

5 Best Financial Calculators of 2021


  1. HP 12CP Financial Calculator

 This HP 12C Platinum model is made for mathematical calculations. It is a valuable tool for professionals in the economy and finance. It will not disappoint you if you are looking for how to choose the best financial calculators of 2021. Indeed, it contains more than 130 functions, which will come in handy for you, for calculating cash flow, interest rates, data. statistical analyzes.


With this device, you have the possibility to configure the keys, according to your needs. Besides, this financial calculator can memorize up to 400 steps. The display on the LCD screen is simple, with a maximum of 10 characters, on one line.

This calculator is powered by a durable lithium-ion battery. Made of plastic, it weighs just 158.76g. It is easy to transport. In addition, it comes with a case, which serves to protect it against scratches. The device is licensed in CFP and CFA exams.

Good points

Functions: This model is equipped with 130 built-in functions. The configuration of the keys allows you to create other formulas and calculations.

Use: It is a device intended for users of various fields, whether for study or for work.

Memory: This financial calculator is equipped with a fast processor. It has a large memory capacity.


  1. Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator

Don’t overlook the big brands if you want to find out which is the best financial calculator on the market. The Texas Instruments BA II Plus is for everyone. It gives you the results of simple mathematical calculations, such as trigonometric formulas and various financial functions. You can use it for calculating loans, cash flow, and miscellaneous statistics.


This device is distinguished by the spreadsheets that make your life easier for depreciation, depreciation, etc. Moreover, it offers the possibility of storing old spreadsheets. This allows you to perform the checks, just by delving into memory.

This calculator is equipped with a 10-character LCD display. In addition, its display is alphanumeric. Its keyboard is arranged so as not to complicate use. Each user can choose the modes that suit him, according to his level.

Good points

Memorization: This model has a system for memorizing all the worksheets. This allows you to have your previous operations close at hand.

Modes: Several modes are available, depending on the functions you need, and depending on the area. It is up to everyone to use the part that interests them.


  1. Hp 10BII Financial Calculator

 The best brand of financial calculators is the one that keeps innovating to add more features. HP is no longer to be introduced in the manufacture of this type of device. This model is made to quickly solve complex calculations.


It contains common functions that allow you to perform various operations. Besides that, through 3 memory keys, it is possible to add 10 formulas, in the field of accounting, commerce, statistics, or even real estate. It is a device suitable for students and professionals.

This model is able to store 22 results, which you can use later for other calculations. Its screen displays 12 characters. The contrast is configurable, depending on the ambient light. This makes it easier to read. Even tilting the device, you can decipher all the results. This financial calculator comes with an instruction manual, to help you get used to using it.

Good points

Full: Apart from the built-in functions, this template has keys that allow you to create other formulas that you will find useful. Which gives you a complete calculator.

Storage: The device stores up to 22 results. You can collect these to quickly advance in your work.

Cheaper: This financial calculator is sold at a reasonable price.


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4. Hewlett Packard F2230A # B12 HP12c Financial Calculator

HP’s 12C machines are professional favorites. This model is no exception. If you haven’t yet decided which financial calculator to choose, take a look at its features. It contains 120 preconfigured functions, which you can use depending on the circumstances. Whether for your RPN data, or TVM functions, everything is already ready.


For all contracts, tax obligations, cash flow, profits, formulas are included in the calculator. You just need to familiarize yourself with the device. Whether you work in banking, real estate, or investing, this device will serve you.

Its portable plastic design allows you to take it in your bag, wherever you go. Reading the results is not complicated, as it is equipped with an LCD screen, displaying 10 characters. This financial calculator memorizes up to 99 steps. Its power is provided by alkaline batteries.

Good points

Convenient: Having 120 functions is a big advantage because you don’t need a long calculation process to get the results.

Features: It is a device intended for wide use. Indeed, it is intended for professionals from a wide variety of fields.

Portable: Its compact design allows you to move around with this calculator. In fact, it can be used in most United States schools.


  1. Casio Programmable 12 Digit Financial Calculator

 If you have a preference for a cheap, yet capable model, consider this Casio FC200V financial calculator. It is distinguished by its screen which can display up to 4 lines of results, each capable of supporting 12 digits. This allows you to have several results in front of you at the same time. It is also a device that works with two modes of power supply by solar energy and by AAA batteries.


This calculator is programmable. You have keys with which you can create your own formulas, according to the calculations you will have to carry out. This model will be used to calculate leases, breakeven point, amortization.

It will be easy for you to know all your interest rates. You will no longer go wrong in your forecast because the device calculates your profits for you. The keys are sensitive and easy to use. A case is provided for the protection of the calculator.

Good points

Customizable: It is a programmable calculator. It is up to you to configure the keys, according to the needs of your profession. You get a personalized device. It should not be compared with other models that have built-in functions.

Use: It is a handy calculator that anyone can use as long as the person has mastered the configurations.


How to use a financial calculator?

How to use a financial calculator

A financial calculator differs from a regular calculating machine. It offers various possibilities for performing complex calculations, which you are used to doing with your computer. It has the advantage of being portable, although the dimensions vary from one model to another. Its use requires a minimum of knowledge.

Read the instructions

Normally, before purchasing a financial calculator, you should educate yourself about its functionality and features. Once you have your device, the first thing to do is read the instructions in the user manual.

If you have chosen a programmable model, you will know how to configure the keys to suit the device to your needs. It is then up to you to enter the functions that you will need for your own activities. In case you have acquired a financial calculator that already contains different functions, learn how to use them. If the manual isn’t self-explanatory, you can always find how-to videos on YouTube.

Familiarize yourself with the device

Even if you have used a later version of the machine before, another model, you should familiarize yourself with the financial calculator you have. The descriptions in the comparison are not enough to teach you everything about your device.

Take the time to test all the features, especially the ones you use more often. This will save you some inconvenience while negotiating a contract. If you have programmed the keys, do some testing, and make sure the results are correct. Get used to navigating between buttons. With a few exercises, you will know the device like the back of your hand.

Provide food

The financial calculator is intended to accompany you everywhere; it must be constantly powered. All the advice for use will be useless if you don’t have a battery. The ideal is not to be satisfied with the batteries already in the device. You should always have some in reserve.

Sometimes, just by doing the math, you don’t realize that the batteries need to be replaced. These can give you a nasty surprise. Do not wait until they are completely used up before changing them. If your device does not have a memory option, you may lose your data and have to perform certain operations again.

Take care of the financial calculator

Like any device, the financial calculator has a lifespan. This is the reason why you should take care of it. It is best to protect it in a case, whether for transport or to keep it when you are not using it. This will protect your machine from dust, liquids that could spill on it, and falls.

If you have a plastic calculator, which falls out anytime, you can be sure you need to replace it. To remove dust, use a small brush. Before doing so, make sure the device is not turned on. To disinfect the keys, take a cloth on which you have put a little alcohol. Do not rub too much, otherwise, you risk causing the writing to disappear.


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