Best Floor Lamps for Outdoor

5 Best Outdoor Floor Lamps of 2021 [Reviews & Tested]

Best Floor Lamps for Outdoor in 2021

Obviously, the Exterior Lamps for Patio will be chosen according to your style. We enlist the 5 Best Floor Lamps for Outdoor to Buy in 2021 that surely will suit your exterior and increase the elegancy of your Patio.

The main function of an outdoor lamppost is to light the patio, terrace, garden, driveway, or front door of your house. It also participates in the decoration of the place. That is why, it must meet certain criteria such as tightness, design, or power supply.

Before choosing the outdoor floor lamp you need, take a little time to browse through this comparison. It will help you find what really suits your needs. Sometimes a little stroke can change your idea of ​​a model. Don’t lose sight of the budget you have.

5 Best Exterior Floor Lamps for Outdoor and Patio to Buy in  2021


  1. Noma Waterproof Outdoor Lamp

This Noma lamp is a free-standing model, made of cast aluminum. It deserves special attention if you are looking for the best brand of outdoor street lights. Old style, it has an oil-rubbed bronze finish, which contributes to its elegance.

This floor lamp is distinguished by its three heads, which will sufficiently illuminate your garden, the paths, and the front door, to welcome your guests. Besides, it is compatible with bulbs of 60 WC each.


This model is made to last because it is weather resistant. It can therefore be displayed in an open place. Neither the rain, nor the snow, nor the wind will have any impact on this lamppost. Moreover, it is stable, thanks to its 10.61 kg. The bulbs are sheltered by transparent glass shades. Installation is not complicated. All you need to do is buy the bulbs and the cable separately.

Good Points

Waterproof: This floor lamp made of cast aluminum is weather resistant. Each bulb is protected by a glass shade.

Design: It’s a standing model. The bronzed finish corresponds to a vintage style and gives elegance to the lamp.

Brightness: The light is warm, and suitable for the front door, for good reception.


  1. Gama Sonic GS-98B-S-BLK Royal

This Gama Sonic model is a solar outdoor street light. Indeed, it does not need to be connected to the mains to operate. It is equipped with patented solar technology. This lamp has a lithium-ion battery that charges during the day in sunlight.


From dusk, the bulb turns on automatically, to go out with the first light of the day. With this floor lamp, you will not do any wiring and you will not have to press a switch to get the light.

If you want to know where to buy the best outdoor floor lamp, you will be surprised by this model. It is made to last. Even the monocrystalline solar panels that come with it are sheltered from the elements. Plus, the tempered glass that covers them is sturdy and can be cleaned when needed. The aluminum pole weighs 5.67 kg. Its height of 2.21 m can illuminate a large area.

Good Points

Solar Technology: This lamppost works with solar energy. It does not require any installation and reduces electrical expenses.

Automatic: Thanks to a lithium-ion battery, with 1000 charge cycles, this lamp lights up by itself at dusk and operates for 10 hours.

Sustainable: The pole is made of strong cast aluminum, the globe glass is durable and tough.


  1. Sun-Ray 312011 Vittoria by Edenbranch

To assess how to buy a better value for money outdoor floor lamp, you have to think about long-term use. This Edenbranch three-headed model is equipped with a solar panel that provides power. The device absorbs solar energy all day long.


The 3 bulbs light up as soon as night falls. They can operate for up to 8 hours, before daybreak from which they turn off automatically. This floor lamp has a decorative design. Its classic and elegant structure is suitable for all styles. In a metallic white color, this lamp has a height of 2.03 m. Its 7.26 kg makes it stable.

Its base consists of a pot of flowers of the same color. The latter helps to further beautify your lamp and the exterior of the house. Indeed, you can plant flowers in the pot. It will have to be filled with earth, stone, weighing 22.7 kg, so that the whole is not shaken by the wind.

Good Points

Decoration: Where it is placed, this floor lamp decorates your garden. Its metallic white design can be integrated anywhere. With it, you have a pot, which you can use to put flowers or a climbing plant.

Solar: It is a solar street light, which does not need a power outlet or installation.

Features: The lamp is equipped with a detection system that controls its operation.


  1. Instapark Outdoor Solar Lamp 3000K

If you want a cheap floor lamp, but with a lot of features, consider this one. It is a solar model, equipped with a battery that charges for 6 hours in sunlight if there are few clouds. It offers automatic ignition, which you can use if it suits you. Just press the corresponding button. As soon as evening falls, the lamp provides you with its light.


You have the option of adjusting the brightness up to 600 lm. It represents a degree 12 times stronger than other models. The lamp, however, produces a soft light of 3000 K.

This 6.8 kg lamp has a height of 2.03 m. If you are still unsure of which outdoor floor lamp to choose, you will not be disappointed with this model. It can be moved wherever you need the light. It is a durable floor lamp. It is resistant to humidity, cold, and heat.

Good Points

Adjustable: The intensity of the light can be adjusted, as needed. The automatic ignition function is optional. You can turn it off at any time with a simple button.

Moveable: It is an easy-to-move floor lamp. It works anywhere, as long as its battery is charged.

Robust: This model will last for years, given the metal pole, and the battery that recharges whenever there is solar power.


  1. New England Arbors Sturbridge Lamp

The best outdoor floor lamp is one that will run for years without breaking your head. This is the case with this New England Arbors model. This lamp can serve you for a long time. Moreover, the manufacturer promises 20 years of warranty. Which leaves no doubt about the durability of this lamp.


The backing is white vinyl. This material does not need maintenance. It does not change over time. Neither the sun, nor the rain, nor the snow will have any effect on it. To remove dust, simply water it with a hose.

The style is elegant and simple. This floor lamp is made to sit at the entrance of your home, like a totem pole. At the same time, it illuminates the entrance to your gate, and the driveway leading to the house. It is an electric model, which requires a connection to a mains socket. It is also necessary to think about the assembly, before its first use.

Good Points

Material: Thanks to the vinyl, with which it is made, this floor lamp will last 20 years, without taking any stains, and without changing color. It is a resistant material, and easy to clean.

Style: This lamp will identify your residence. Its elegant shape will give style to your gate.

Accessory: The floor lamp accepts standard bulbs. You will have no difficulty finding any.



Choosing the appropriate Floor Lamps for your Outdoor, Patio, Garden, or Exterior is not an easy task. You have to balance multiple things while selecting the outdoor lamps such as the design, style, shape, color, and many other features. The abovementioned are the Best Outdoor Floor Lamps of 2021 that you should buy in the US to decorate your Patio elegantly.

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