Best folding beds in 2020

Top 3 best folding beds in 2020

You do not have space for a guest room, but you often receive guests, and sometimes your guests want to spend the night at your house. In this case, there is a very simple solution to offer them good comfort conditions without invading their space: the folding bed. Here are the Top 3 Best Folding Beds in 2020.

We invite you to discover three models that we liked, adapted to all budgets, presenting their qualities as well as their shortcomings. Also, if you vacillate between the extra bed or the air mattress, you may be interested in our comparison of their respective advantages and disadvantages.

List of Best Folding Beds in 2020

  • EvergreenWeb folding bed
  • Diplomat folding bed
  • Beautissu Venetia folding bed


  1. EvergreenWeb folding bed

EvergreenWeb Folding Bed is one of the Best Folding Beds in 2020 and it is a high-quality, solid, and well-thought-out product that comes with a memory pillow: the EvergreenWeb 80 × 190 folding bed gives you asleep almost as rested as a real bed.

  • Dimensions: 80x190x35 cm.
  • Folded dimensions: 35 × 113 cm.
  • 12 cm thick mattress.
  • It is guaranteed for two years.

The most impressive thing about this bed is simply the quality of the workmanship. It turns out to be very solid for several reasons. First of all, the four legs (provided with screws) are made of steel, with nylon and fiberglass for the corners. In other words: there is very little risk of them inadvertently breaking.

Then the slats (fourteen in number) are made of beech wood, and their elasticity is improved with special treatment. The wood is varnished to ensure superior durability.

So you have a comfortable folding bed for almost everyone, including people with a wide face. The dimensions of the bed are 80 × 190 cm, which again fits most profiles.

Your purchase includes a shape memory pillow: it adapts to the person who uses it to facilitate sleep. The 12 cm thick mattress provides a particularly good sleeping space.

Please note that Evergreen Web has ensured that its product is made from healthy materials and as environmentally friendly as possible, with a preference for those whose design does not emit carbon dioxide.

Finally, this bed is easy to store since it folds in a few moments and takes up little space. So the main reason for the doubt remains the price.

  1. Diplomat folding bed

If you want to enjoy a good value bed, the Diplomat 79 × 190 is a perfect choice: delivered with its memory foam mattress and a cover, it provides your friends with an ideal place to sleep when visiting them on weekends.

  • Dimensions: 70x190x43 cm.
  • Thickness (folded): 36 cm.
  • Mattress thickness: approx. 13 cm.

The supplied mattress is the most pleasant part of this product. It consists of two elements: a kind of mattress 10 cm thick with a 2.5 cm thick layer of memory foam on top.

This allows the shoulders, neck, and back to be relaxed while still enjoying excellent stability (all the more since a non-slip base is provided to keep the mattress firmly in place on the bed). This is also due in part to the structure adopted.

Instead of wooden slats, the Diplomat 79 × 190 consists exclusively of steel tubes, which give it above-average strength and allow it to withstand a higher maximum load than other beds in the same price range.

However, some people point out that the mattress seemed a bit narrow to them (it measures about 77 cm, which is quite close to the average observed in folding single beds, but still slightly lower, which can sometimes be inconvenient).

The Diplomat 79 × 190 is very simple to fold and has security features to keep it in place. But the most practical feature is that of the 360 ​​° swivel wheels: you can move it wherever you want, whenever you want, effortlessly.

A polyester mattress cover is provided – machine washable, which definitely takes care of maintenance frustrations.

  1. Beautissu Venetia folding bed

If you need a comfortable extra adult bed from time to time and are looking for an efficient and cheap model, the Beautissu Venetia 80 × 200 is the perfect solution.

  • Dimensions (bed): 80 × 200 cm.
  • (mattress): 78 × 188 cm.
  • Dimensions (folded): 35x80x113 cm.
  • Maximum load: 100 kg.

You may wonder why this bed is cheaper than some of the competition: it is mainly because of the maximum weight it can support, 100 kg.

If an adult sleeps on it every day, it won’t last as long as other models. However, a folding bed is not normally intended to be used as often, so it can save you both space and money.

The Beautissu Venetia 80 × 200 is one of the best value for money products available because it is as accessible as it is comfortable: its mattress offers good support and remains stable on the bed base. Even if the person sleeping on it is used to moving around at night, they should have no problem.

It is not a spring mattress: instead, it is made of foam. Folding is not particularly difficult, and if you feel the need, you can easily move the Beautissu Venetia 80 × 200 as it is equipped with wheels.

The box also includes a dust cover – you can cover the bed during storage to prevent it from getting dirty. It is made of 41% polyester and 59% cotton and is quite durable. However, keep in mind that it is also quite narrow: you have to find the right position.

Since this bed is neither heavy, nor expensive, nor bulky, it can be an excellent solution in a caravan or for a student who wants to entertain their friends from time to time without taking up too much space.

Folding bed or the air mattress?

It is quite common to hesitate between the folding bed and the inflatable bed: in reality, it all depends on the context. It is useful to study the similarities and differences between these two types of products to see which one best suits your projects.

As for compactness, it is the inflatable mattresses that have the advantage: it is evident that between a 140 × 190 folding bed and an inflatable mattress of the same dimensions, the latter will continue to be easier to transport.

On the other hand, if you are planning to travel and are going through a flight or a hotel, it will be quite difficult to carry a folding bed with you. This makes the air mattress a good choice for camping or nature trips, for example.

When it comes to comfort, foldaway beds are usually the most comfortable – people sometimes sleep in them today, just like traditional beds. This makes them good for entertaining or traveling in a motorhome.

If some of your friends are a couple, you can have a folding bed for two people among your furniture. As for solidity, it is difficult to compare these two types of products, which are not designed in the same way at all, and do not necessarily have the same frequency of use.

Folding beds are, in absolute terms, more robust (they generally have a steel frame or a wooden slatted base), but are also designed to be used more often. Finally, the question of price may arise: In general, air mattresses are more accessible than folding beds.


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