Best Free Airplane Simulator Games 2020

Best Free Airplane Simulator Games 2020

Flight simulator games are among the interesting digital game types. Over time, as computer and telephone equipment got stronger, flight simulators became increasingly realistic and enabled users to experience the excitement of piloting from the seats they were sitting on. Here are the best free plane simulation games here. You can play these Best Free Airplane simulator games on PC, Web, or Mobile platforms in 2020.

List of Best Free Airplane Simulator Games in 2020:

  1. GeoFS
  • System:  Web  · iOS  · Android
  • Price: Free for the Web, Paid for Mobile platforms

You can play the GeoFS airplane simulation game for free from your web browser. In this simulation game, you can fly one of 20 planes using a joystick, mouse, or keyboard. The game contains more than 30,000 different tracks. If you want to play on mobile devices while the web version is free, you need to buy it.

You can quickly customize the controls at any time and get instructions to help with your first journey. If you are not successful in multi-engine aircraft, you can switch to the more traditional single-propeller model. The simulator even includes a hot air balloon, a helicopter, and a paraglider.

The free version supports multiplayer interaction. At any point, you can come across another player flying in the sky or a commercial airplane moving in real-time. Weather conditions also change, based on real-time data on the Open Map.

Would you like to see where you will meet other players? GeoFS has a live map that tracks all pilots. Right-click on any plane, choose a starting height, and you will instantly appear in the same location.

  1. YSFlight
  • System:  Windows  · Linux  · Mac
  • Price: Free for all platforms

Ysflight is a free aircraft-helicopter simulator made by Soji Yamakawa. Although it lacks graphically from many aircraft simulators, it is quite realistic in terms of both the physics engine and the controls.

The basic design of the simulator and impressive visuals appeal to computers with low hardware. It still offers a solid set of built-in features.

Soji Yamakawa, Captain YS, started this game alone in 1999 as a university project. Although the software has not received a major update for some time, it has continued to develop the project as a hobby in the coming years.

Overall, this plane simulation game features over 70 planes covering everything from the Blue Angels F-18 Hornet to the Apache helicopter. You will also find a wide variety of maps covering many well-known regions from around the world. You can easily change additional features, such as wind variables and day-night components.

YSFlight is very customizable; it allows you to do everything from flying in the Delta formation with AI-based wingmates to dogfights with your friends in the air. In doing so, Atari-style HUB provides details about flight speeds, altitude, direction, and other important information. You can save game images directly in the program and play them again.

YSFlight includes standard controls as well as joystick support for your mouse and keyboard.


  1. FlightGear
  • System:  Windows  · Linux  · Mac
  • Price: Free for all platforms

FlightGear is arguably one of the best free airplane simulator games in 2020 when it comes to advanced settings and unlimited customization. The open-source software dates back to 1997, but the developers and community of players continue to expand and change the large map and feature set.

Installation may be difficult if you are not familiar with the installation structure of the open-source software documentation. However, after overcoming this obstacle, you can enjoy the 3D game. You can fly on a Cessna 172 or choose another aircraft from a variety that includes the Boeing 777, A6M20 Zero, and Zeppelin NT07 aircraft carrier.

FlightGear’s built-in views are limited, but you can download various regions and more than 20,000 airports directly by purchasing FlightGear’s website, BitTorrent, or an optional Blu-ray disc. The dazzling setup process and the interface get even easier by using the FlightGear wiki, which helps you through the setup process and helps you perform takeoff, landing, and other basic flight procedures.

FlightGear is constantly evolving thanks to an enthusiastic developer community. Also, everything has been considered, from general flight controls to minor details such as lighting, to be more realistic.

  1. X-Plane 11 Flight Simulator
  • System:  Windows  · Linux  · Mac  · iOS  · Android
  • Price: Free trial available for desktop platforms, includes In-app purchases on mobile platforms

The game has more than 3,000 different airports, meticulously detailed with terminal buildings. X-Plane enthusiasts claim that this simulation is more than a game.

This game simulates flight by simultaneously modeling the forces in each component of the aircraft. Blade element theory is used to pre-calculate aerodynamic forces for simulations. This gives X-Plane users more freedom when designing potential aircraft for the game.

The X-Plane is incredibly detailed with little touches, such as detailed weather modeling and potential for system failures. Almost every component can be broken randomly, which helps to provide a more realistic simulation experience, though annoying. Users can also pilot anything from a B-2 Bomber plane to the space shuttle. Hundreds of additional aircraft are available through premium plugins.

Although the full version of X-Plane 11 is not free, you can download a demo from the game’s website. If you want to play on mobile platforms, X-Plane 10 is also available on iOS and Android.


  1. Google Earth Flight Simulator
  • System: Windows · Linux · Mac
  • Price: Free

Did you know that there is a flight simulator built into the Google Earth desktop program? It is not as realistic and interesting as the other options on this list, but still sufficient for free flight simulation. To download Google’s desktop program, go to the Google Earth website and download Google Earth Pro for Windows, Mac, or Linux by pressing the “Download Earth Pro desktop version” button from the page.

To access the flight simulator, click ” Tools ” and then ” Enter Flight Simulator ” from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can type CTRL + ALT + A on Windows or press Command + Option + A on macOS .

When you open the simulator, you first choose an airplane: F16 jet fighter or SR22 four-seater propeller aircraft. You can then choose a starting point: the current location loaded on your screen or from a specific airport anywhere in the world.

Click the ” Saturn ” icon on the Google Earth toolbar before entering the flight sim mode. The drop-down menu lists Earth, Sky, Moon, and Mars. You can also enter flight simulation mode by choosing one of three locations. Mars and moon landscapes used in the simulation are based on maps provided by NASA.

You can upgrade the plane by pressing the Page Up key and then use the arrow keys for turns or use the mouse to steer your route. No cockpit view, just a HUD-coated panorama showing your speed and altitude

You can also experience Google flight simulation using a joystick. Unfortunately, it’s an extremely simple simulator. If you want to fly over your home, this flight simulation is for you.


  1. War Thunder
  • System: Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Price: Freemium

War Thunder is a free cross-platform game used by World War II and Korean War vehicles that can be played on Windows, Linux, Mac, and PlayStation 4. It is considered as one of the Best Free Airplane Simulator Games 2020. In an environment that is under development, important air, land, and sea battles are fought together with players from all over the world.

For flight enthusiasts, War Thunder offers a more action-oriented flight experience that allows them to pilot any of hundreds of different aircraft for the five major powers (USA, Germany, Britain, USA, and Japan). The game also offers several different modes for both demanding simulation and a casual arcade-style game.

War Thunder includes an online multiplayer component, and most battles involve the battle of two teams of 16 players. These battles usually include dogfights, including reducing enemy numbers or destroying ground targets. Players can also participate in using land vehicles, including tanks and anti-aircraft vehicles.

Pilots earn points that they can use to increase their stats as they complete targets and win battles; this unlocks new planes and adjusts components such as vision range and G-force tolerance. Of course, private players can spend real money to get these in-game benefits faster.

The game offers three wide archetype planes. Warriors are nimble warbirds that are good at dogfighting. Attackers are slightly slower aircraft with large guns designed to drop armored targets. Bombers are heavily armored aircraft with large loads that can wipe clusters of ground forces. All three categories have their strengths and weaknesses, so victory will depend on teams using a healthy blend of the three.

War Thunder works under the “freemium” model. There’s no cost to start playing, but the content isn’t fully available in the beginning.

  1. Rise of Flight
  • System: Windows
  • Price: Freemium

Rise of Flight places players into the pilot seat of classic WWI planes, including the iconic Fokker DR.1 triplane. Enjoy three fighter jets (Spad 13, Albatros D.Va, and Nieuport 17 by the Dux factory), including all its modifications. Get free access to single and multiplayer modes, Career Mode, and four environments.

The first thing players can notice is the flexibility of simulation in originality. It turns planes into meticulous detail, from the chassis to the indicators covering the cockpit.

The game also has several different modes, including special scenarios, multiplayer battles, and an environment where several historical battles have been recreated. Besides, there are several ways to customize the controls so that you can opt for the mouse and keyboard or joystick. So you can play Rise of Flight most comfortably for you.

You can create your airplane collection using the web store or from the game’s page on Steam.

  1. World of Warplanes
  • System: Windows · Mac
  • Price: Freemium

World of Warplanes puts players in great battles against each other, allowing them to pilot everything from World War II wooden biplanes to modern jets. Like World of Tanks, Warplanes follows the “freemium” model. You can start playing for free, but some planes require players to purchase them in real money or in-game currency.

Initially, players can only access the primitive fighter planes of the Great War. They win money by winning games. Then spend these coins to unlock more advanced aircraft. However, it may take some time to earn enough to buy a new plane, and there are lots of tools you can unlock.

Warplanes are probably the most arcade-focused game on the list. You can easily start a dogfight, but the war lacks the distinctive details of more realistic simulators.

The progress system and the wide selection of aircraft that have emerged allow many players to try to unlock new vehicles. Especially for those who want a game that they can play with their friends, World of Warplanes is a suitable option.

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