Best Android antivirus apps 2020

11 Best Free Android Antivirus Apps

If you are looking for a reliable antivirus to safeguard your Android smartphone, we can help you out. We have compiled a detailed list of the best Android Antivirus Apps available 100% for free download on Google Play.

Every day, many hackers attempt to infect mobile devices with fake WiFis or standard malware to obtain all of your passwords and thus perform criminal tasks such as identity theft, access to your contact information and banking operations, fraud crimes, or access to everything you have stored on your mobile device and then blackmail you.

Many of them go beyond doing automatic scans and actively strive to prevent harmful web pages from opening or downloading in the first place. All of the antivirus listed below received at least five points in the AV-Test ranking.

Best 100% Free Android Antivirus Apps

With these totally free antivirus apps for Android, you can protect your Android phone against any kind of attack. Regardless of whether you are using an Android phone or tablet, we recommend that you have an excellent Android antivirus installed to deal with these threats.

1. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

With major competitors like Bitdefender, Kaspersky has a stellar reputation. According to AV-Test testing, the free edition of their mobile antivirus boasts amazing capabilities and is very effective at identifying malware, with a detection rate of 99.9%.

Kaspersky Antivirus & Security will also attempt to block any harmful site or link before you click on it, preventing infection in the first place. Support for Android Wear is a critical feature that streamlines mobile security management.

The premium edition of the program, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, has extra security features such as automatic analysis, anti-phishing, and a secrecy function, as well as call and text blocking.

2. AVL Android Antivirus

AVL has already won the AV-Test (an independent and reputable antivirus testing team) for the best mobile device protection.

Its capabilities include, of course, an antivirus database, but also a scanner capable of detecting any form of executable file that enters your device.

A phone blocker, which prevents malicious numbers from reaching you, and a phishing function, which prevents dangerous websites from loading in the first place, are both useful tools.

The app is also meant to be lightweight, which is always beneficial when dealing with low battery life. It is currently the finest free Android antivirus available.

3. McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security provides a good Android app. In addition to the free antivirus, the free services include device tracking, remote blocking, and wiping.

If your device is misplaced or stolen, the software can even photograph the culprit. Other advantages include the ability to examine apps for leaks and, if required, prohibit them.

McAfee will also prevent access to potentially harmful websites and allow you to keep a blacklist of bothersome phone calls and text messages. The premium paid version of the application removes ads and provides telephone support.

4. Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender is another well-known name in the PC antivirus industry. It’s a household name in the security world, and its free Android antivirus is quite light.

It does not run in the background, freeing up system resources and preserving battery life.

To be safe, you must schedule the scans or execute them manually. However, any new apps that are downloaded to your device are automatically scanned.

Another advantage of this program is that it is immediately operational after installation; no additional configuration is necessary.

If you require more security, Bitdefender Mobile Security offers a free 14-day trial. This contains basic antivirus and real-time protection for the Google Chrome browser, as well as anti-theft features.

It also features a privacy advice tool and adds a layer of protection to your smartclock with its WearOn technology, which notifies you if you move too far away from your phone (great if you leave your smartphone at home).

5. Sophos Antivirus Android free

In 2015, Sophos’ free Android antivirus software got the AV-Test award for best protection. Sophos, unlike other free Android scanners, is ad-free. Websites with potentially fraudulent or unlawful content, on the other hand, are blocked.

As soon as you install an application, it is scanned for malware or malicious content, and Sophos warns you if it can censor critical information.

The virus scanner is set to scan files and folders regularly, and the malware database is updated regularly.

The program also contains a useful QR code scanner for establishing safe Wi-Fi connections. An authenticator can also generate one-time passwords for two-factor authentication.

6. Avast Antivirus

Avast, the antivirus company, has used its tremendous skills to produce an application for Android that goes beyond simple scanning.

The free version also includes a call blocker, firewall, and an anti-theft feature that allows you to remotely block or wipe your Android device if it is misplaced.

The app was previously charged, but it is now free and financed by advertisements. You can withdraw them for a nominal monthly or yearly fee.

Another important extra feature is “application lock,” which prompts you for a password before opening specific applications.

This prevents malware from running applications like Internet banking automatically. If you require a full security suite, choose the Avast Ultimate bundle, which includes a firewall.

7. AVG Free Antivirus

AVG AntiVirus FREE, a free antivirus for Android, is frequently the first pick for many people because it is one of the most popular and is at the top of the rankings.

It also provides great technical support in the fight against spyware and malware. It is available for free download from Google Play.

Other useful privacy features include their dual-engine antivirus and malware elimination, which analyzes apps, games, and files.

Additionally, website analysis and danger detection (only for the default Android browser and Chrome), Wi-Fi network analysis to verify network encryption, password strength, captive portals, and VPN protection: secure your online privacy.

Aside from being a good antivirus for Android, it also functions as a phone locator via Google Maps; it is a good blocker of harmful applications and an incoming call blocker. While it may not be the best option on the list, it is something to consider.

8. Norton Security and Antivirus

Another well-known brand that provides exceptional security for your Android device. This software allows you to analyze apps on Google Play before downloading them to your Android device.

In a recent AV-Test evaluation, this free Norton software detected 100% of all Android infections.

The scanner is compatible with Norton Mobile Insight and can detect and eliminate infections in applications and data.

Other essential security features include the option to ban your phone by SMS or if the SIM card is removed.

The app has a 30-day trial edition. Try Norton Mobile Security for more security, which includes features such as SafeWeb filtering, which prevents harmful websites.

9. Avira Antivirus Security

Avira Android mobile can scan not only the things you download and the contents of your phone memory, but also external storage devices such as your SD card.

A privacy scale is used to grade applications to help you decide how much you can trust them with your data.

The integrated “Identity Protector” analyzes if the e-mail addresses in your contact list have been involved in major data breaches regularly.

The software is managed via a web-based administration site, which is incredibly handy if you want to implement a uniform security policy across several Android devices.

Better assistance, automated filtering of harmful websites, and more frequent updates are all included in the premium edition.

10. Trend Micro Antivirus and Mobile Security

Trend Micro’s antivirus examines new apps for malware as well as preventing newly installed apps from accessing other programs, which can be handy for device administrators and parents.

There is also a privacy scanner built into Facebook that notifies you if your profile settings contain sensitive personal information.

The free version comes with a seven-day trial of premium features. Malware blockers, for example, can analyze apps before they are installed, proactively preventing potential infections.

There are other utilities for safe surfing, a Wi-Fi scanner, MobileTM payment protection, application lockout, and a call and text message filter.

11. Eset Mobile Security

It began as a PC antivirus and has since evolved into a mobile version that is ideal for defending mobile devices. It is available for free on Google Play, but there is also a paid version.

Eset is incredibly simple to use and can stop any spyware you want because it has tabs where you can choose which ones to protect.

A great choice for most new Android users because you can flag all malware and ensure that your phone will never be hacked.

Benefits of having an Antivirus for Android

The fact that antivirus is free does not imply that its security is inadequate. We’ll go over the advantages of each free Android antivirus app available on Google Play. However, if you require further security, we recommend that you purchase the premium or PRO version.

Personal information is protected against phishing and theft. Remove Ransomware and protect yourself from hackers who attempt to steal money from your bank account.

Avoid common malware that causes your phone to perform poorly or to slow down. Avoid revealing passwords stored on your mobile device.

These are viruses that are installed on a mobile phone via SMS. Be wary of this type of virus because it does not require you to click on or interact with the link. It becomes infected on its own.

The goal is to infect as many people as possible by spreading it to as many phones as possible. It can potentially cause the operating system to crash.

This sort of virus is typically found on malicious web pages in the shape of completely harmless buttons that tempt the user to click on them to download anything (music, movies, etc.).

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