best free MMORPG games in 2020

Best Free MMORPG Games to Play in 2020

Here are the best free MMORPG games in 2020 you can play online on various platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. MMORPG is a massive type of video game in which many players play together by connecting to the internet from their computers or game consoles and take on various characters during the game.

Best Free MMORPG Games in 2020:

  1. Defiance 2050

Currently, Defiance 2050 is considered one of the best best free MMORPG games in 2020 to play online. Join your friends in Defiance 2050 and become an Ark Hunter in a massive online shooter like no other. Choose from fully customizable weapons and classes, explore a unique futuristic world and take part in epic fast-paced third-person shooter battle.

  • Seek fame and fortune as an Arc Hunter in a science fiction story
  • Fight in a third-person fight in a massive world.
  • Fight against alien races with hundreds of other players.
  • Build a perfect Arc Hunter using thousands of unique classes, weapons and upgrades
  • Join and fight teams of up to 4 people

  1. Guild Wars 2

In the list of best free MMORPG games in 2020 Guild Wars 2 is one of the most admired multiplayer games of all time. The Guild Wars 2 offers a better gaming experience than World of Warcraft and at no monthly fee. While lacking the depths and challenges that force players to work together in challenging dominant environments, the system in Guild Wars 2 encourages players to team up.

The in-game jewelry store also allows developer ArenaNet to continue earning money and create new content while also allowing new players to pass for free. Special seasonal events and other content updates added additional content a few years after the game started, such as new ties, story events, challenges, and weapons.

  1. Rift

Enter the magical world of Telara and experience a unique class system and dynamic, open-world wars on a grand scale. Fight alongside your friend, take over the spirits of legends, and fulfill your heroic mission. Rift is one of the best free MMORPG games to Play in 2020.

When the game was released in 2011, it was one of the most stable and wide MMOs with stunning environments, perfectly crafted character models, and some of the best aspects of similar games. As the story progresses, the game becomes more interesting, and you start closing irregular, dimensional rifts that expose a demonic being to the expanding environments of the game.

The best feature of Rift is a flexible and immersive class system. Players start the game by selecting one of the two opposing groups (Guardians or Defiant) and then one of the six races, finally a standard archetype, such as a sorcerer, rogue, cleric, or warrior. Also, players capture three spirits that function like subclasses and also develop their characters using a detailed skill tree. This level of personalization contributes to the strategy of the game and makes the accompanying dungeons much more dynamic and engaging. The learning curve is steep even after level 50, but that is the originality.

  1. Star Wars: The Old Republic

The visuals are pretty good, and users can easily customize their graphics settings to fit a wide variety of gaming platforms. Game mechanics are based on real-time, hotkey-based combat and offer additional variations on rails in the form of space combat and PvP combat zones.

Despite being online, Star Wars: The Old Republic is a delightful solo experience. Players choose from two factions, Republic or Empire, and choose from four distinct character classes specific to both sides of the power. If you decide Republic, you have access to smugglers, soldiers, Jedi Knight, and Jedi Consular. In contrast, if you choose Empire, it offers options to become a bounty hunter, Sith warrior, Empire agent, and Sith Inquisition Court. The story-driven SWTOR offers one of the most rewarding and challenging games in the Star Wars universe.

Although SWTOR has been on the market for more than five years, BioWare continues to add new content. An expansion called Onslaught was released in 2019, and a new story like the Galactic Republic was added.

  1. TERA

TERA is a stunning fantasy MMO game with fast action war; a vast, fantastic world; and highly customizable characters. Best of all, TERA is free to play.

At TERA, your target, jump, and the time your attacks for an intense and rewarding tactical combat experience. TERA’s vast content is entirely free from character creation to level 65 and beyond.

TERA understands that each hero requires a unique look so that players can choose from seven different races, ten character classes, and countless faces and hairstyles. To add even more variety, players can paint their armor in a wide range of colors, add exotic accessories, or cover their armor entirely with full-body costumes.

Team up with friends to download Big-Ass Monsters in dangerous dungeons and open-world hunting areas, or test your PvP skills against other players in one of TERA’s many battlefields.

With seven character races and ten playable classes, you can customize your character to suit your play style. You will start thousands of missions in some game world rich in history and talent by fighting countless monster species in various environments such as arid deserts, icy tundras, overwhelming forests, and much more.

With an interface redesigned and optimized for game controllers, TERA offers an impressive MMO experience from the comfort of your living room chair!

  1. Lord of the Rings Online

The game has undergone significant changes since its debut in 2007, but core mechanics and gameplay have remained roughly the same. The latest expansion, Minas Morgul, came in late 2019 and added a new race.

The story is still epic, passing players through familiar areas filled with recognizable figures from both books and movies. Character progression and PvP combat are limited, but essentially actions that allow you to play the role of one of Sauron’s minions and additional items such as Monster Play add more depth to the simple approach to the game.

  1. Neverwinter

Originally released for PC in 2013, but also available on Xbox One and PS4, the game has solid PvE and PvP experiences.

The performance of the game can be challenged while in high-level areas on a console or a low-quality PC. The game contains two trivial aspects of fantastic games that will allow you to immerse yourself in or exit with excellent magic effects and sound design.

The lack of communication channels and an incredibly expensive in-game store seem to be some of the weaknesses of this game. Still, despite these weaknesses, Neverwinter is a fast-paced game that provides a different feel to most of the MMOs on our list.

  1. Dungeons and Dragons Online

For many of us, Dungeons and Dragons have always been a game we keep to ourselves for fear of being excluded. However, DDO is a game with extensive customizations integrated directly into the framework. Featuring more classes than other games on our list, character creation tools allow players to experience a dynamic multi-class system where they can effortlessly combine aspects of your character’s skill sets.

Launched in 2006, DDO lags behind visually newer, frequently updated games. The game does not contain the polygon depth and vivid details of newer MMOs like Tera. However, the story around Stormreach’s never-ending defense makes the game attractive.

  1. Aion Online

Players start by choosing the Asmodians or the bright Elyos, each with six distinct classes divided into two when you reach level 10, and then pushed into the stunning environments of Atreia.

Aion’s real call lies in its ability to balance both PvE and PvP components. The battle is fast, brisk, and responsive, based on chain attacks and includes unique flight mechanics unique to the genre.

Although most areas are defined as no-fly zones, players can slip from any high jump point within the zones. Aion is a nice game that you can enjoy right away, even if it takes some time to win your wings. Additional seasonal events and stories give you a reason to return, even among the larger content updates.

Even if you just want to make your equipment or collect pets, you will find a good reason to spend time in Aion Online.

  1. DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online dropped its paid subscription shortly after it was released in 2011, but the game still offers action-packed MMO entertainment, just like in a “premium” game. Based on fictional superheroes and villains in the DC Universe, players begin either by creating a character from scratch or inspired by famous DC characters like Superman, Batman, and so on. The rest of the game emerges in stereotypical killing gathering missions scattered across Metropolis and Gotham City, and in a standard RPG-like style.

Long-term players can regularly expect extensive daily quests and additional endgame content streaming after leaving the game and reaching the level limit. When you complete the missions, you get rewards, and you get tons of different items to customize your hero.

DC Universe Online is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

  1. Runescape

It’s hard to claim that a game isn’t the best of its kind if it has more than 200 million players. Runescape has made several design and game revisions since its debut in 2001.

The latest version of browser-based MMORPG is not much different from previous comments of the game. Runescape handles MMORPG simply and familiarly. Mission and war are simple and typically require killing an enemy and collecting loot. Most of this content is hidden behind a paid subscription, but even free content is engaging and fun.

  1. MapleStory

MapleStory 2 switches to a 3D perspective, literally opening up a new exploration dimension. With so many classes and items to choose from as your adventure progresses, you can customize your world and character, as you see in the form.

MapleStory 2 has classic role-playing tropics like archer and knight, as well as “Runeblade,” a character class that blends magic and melee combat. There’s also “Berserker,” which uses inner anger to create extremely powerful attacks, and “Heavy Gunner,” which uses a ball powered by a laser-equipped satellite.

If you are not interested in taking your hero to a dangerous dungeon to defeat a boss with your friend, you can always create your own home, design it from scratch, compose music, or even play special mini-games with other players. It takes just a few minutes to get started.

  1. Secret World Legends

Funcom’s Secret World Legends game is the 2017 update to The Secret World released in 2012. Locations are based on real-world locations such as London, New York, and Seoul. Supernatural beings inspired by the works of authors like HP Lovecraft have manifested all over the world, and it is up to you to defend the modern world against these imaginary evils.

Sinister monsters and familiar natives take Secret World Legends away from traditional MMORPG games. Instead, the tasks are more like puzzles and riddles.

  1. ArcheAge Unchained

The new ArcheAge: Unchained makes the entire and diverse world of the original ArcheAge available to everyone.
Without strong premium content, the game offers an equal playing field for every playing style. Power and progress are limited only by your own will.

ArcheAge: Unchained has a new system, ArchePasses. Players will have access to 3 different passes set for the main play styles, such as Combat, Vocation, or Equipment every three months. Approximately one month is required to complete each of these transitions.

Each transition will be divided into two parts, with shared progress. You will need to complete missions to upgrade your passes and unlock rewards for the next tier.

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