Top 10 Best Gallery Apps for Android

best gallery app for android 2020

Smartphone makers mostly include a photo management app, also known as a default Gallery App. These best gallery apps can serve as alternatives to the Android Gallery app that comes with your smartphone.

Suppose you have wanted to use a better gallery application on your Android smartphone. We all love taking photos on our smartphones, especially since most Android phones these days come equipped with exceptional cameras. 

Therefore, the Gallery application on our Android device must be fully equipped to manage the tons of photos that we are taking. Some take time to load images, and others are not very good to order.

Even the most basic version of Android comes with some built-in stock apps. Original equipment manufacturers often put their versions of common applications that look and feel different.

1. Google Photos

Chances are, you already have Google Photos installed on your Android smartphone, and in fact, you have the smartest and most advanced Gallery app out there. 

The official Google Photos app for Android includes features like visual search, which allows you to search for photos with things associated with them.

You can type something to search for or even enter an emoji to search for an image. It also allows you to create cool albums, collages, animations, and movies. Also, the application automatically classifies images according to place, common things, and people.

Download Google Photos

2. Simple Gallery

After Google Photos, Simple Gallery is the best gallery application on Android. As its name implies, it is a simple and neat application with all the popular functions integrated into one. 

If you remember QuickPic from the good times, it’s surprisingly similar to this one, but without any ads.

You can organize your albums, protect and hide photos, recover deleted files, and much more. In addition to that, the app also has some great tools, including cropping, rotating, filtering, resizing, and more.

You can also see many types of photos and videos, such as RAW, SVG, panoramic, GIF, etc. Overall, it’s a great and simple app that pays off.

Download Simple Gallery

3. Photo Gallery Memory

Memory is another excellent gallery of applications in Android since it is full of interesting features, and the user interface is quite good. 

For comparison, it resembles her dashboard on Instagram. Photos are organized in album mode and photos in separate tabs so you can easily find what you are looking for.

The best part of this application is that it supports gestures to extract details, rotate images, and hide photos. There is also a hidden vault in case you want to protect your photos and albums.

That being said, what I love about Memoria is its design and overall user interface experience. It follows the material design principle and also supports true AMOLED black for users who love dark mode.

To summarize, Memoria is an excellent example of an application that has both form and function.

Download Memoria Photo Gallery

4. Focus Go

Focus Go is a new Gallery application, and this seems to be the best gallery application designed on Android since it comes with a fairly minimalist interface. 

The principle behind Focus Go is simple: provide a great canvas for viewing photos with just the necessary details.

It’s not cluttered with countless features, but it offers photos in chronological order and instantly loads different types of images. In short, Focus Go will make your gallery experience even better.

Download Focus Go

5. Gallery

The gallery is a well-designed gallery application for Android smartphones. The distinctive feature of this application, in addition to being simple and easy to use, is that it is completely ad-free.

That is just great, right? It doesn’t use network data for what it’s worth, and there’s no in-app cloud integration. The developer has tried to create an offline gallery app that just works. 

That said, you still get advanced features like Google Photos-like scene and face recognition, a story-like feature called happy moments, and more. You should take a look at this gallery app.

Download Focus Go

6. Piktures

Piktures may not be as popular as others on the list, but it has one of the most intuitive interfaces on this list. The application includes a series of intuitive gestures to facilitate navigation.

Albums are available on the left edge, while filters/labels are available on the right edge. The app also includes a cool calendar view and a location view, which shows images within a calendar and images taken in various places.

Along with the beautiful interface, it features a secure, PIN-protected drive where you can save your photos and videos. Other features of the application include GIF and video support, the ability to view EXIF ​​data, slide shows, etc.

Download Piktures

7. F-Stop Gallery

If you want a Gallery app that is as fast as lightning, you should try the F-Stop Gallery app. It also includes a great location mode based on Google Maps, where you will find images based on the location on the map.

Along with its fast experience, the app offers various features like tags, themes for the app, the ability to read metadata data (EXIF, XMP, IPTC) directly from the image, metadata-based search, GIF support, image and video lock with a password, presentation mode with different transitions to choose from and more.

Download F-Stop Gallery

8. Camera Roll Gallery

Camera Roll is a simple and intuitive gallery app that became quite popular after QuickPic was removed from the Play Store. It has a simple interface that organizes your photos and albums in chronological order.

It also supports a variety of file formats, including PNG, RAW, and GIF. Other than that, you can see EXIF ​​data from photos, which is great; create virtual albums without having to create a new folder; hide photos in a vault; and more. All these features make Camera Roll one of the best applications in the Android gallery.

Download Camera Roll Gallery

9. A + Gallery

A + Gallery is one of the highly-rated gallery apps in the Play Store, and it looks great. It comes with countless features, including viewing, editing, syncing, and more. 

In a way, it is a complete application in itself where you can view your photos, edit them, and synchronize them with any cloud service you choose.

The app is quite simple, but you can also customize it with many available themes. Other than that, what I love about this gallery app is that it has a great search engine like Google Photos. 

You can search for photos or videos by date, location, and even image color, which is just amazing. So if you want a feature-packed Gallery app on Android, try A + Gallery.

Download A + Gallery

10. Go Gallery

If your smartphone is old, can I suggest a better alternative than Google Photos? Well, Go Gallery is a simplified version of Google Photos, and Google created it for low-end devices. 

It is compatible with Google Photos backup, and you get all your photos and albums in separate tabs but in a thin and light package.

That said, you can also use it on any smartphone if you want a simple gallery app that uploads your photos instantly. Not to mention, Gallery Go also comes with dark mode, editing, and auto-organize features. 

So to clarify, if you are looking for a gallery app with no bells or whistles but with solid basics, Go Gallery is the best app on this list.

Download Go Gallery

Final Words

Without a doubt, these are the best gallery apps for Android that exist, and you should try them. These apps should satisfy your need for a fast gallery app, better organize your images, and offer interesting additional features. For More news visit Top and Trending.

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