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10 Best Game Booster & Optimizer for PC in 2022

Best Game Booster & Optimizer for PC. The excitement of playing games on a PC Windows 10, 7, 8, can be ruined if they start to slow down. It is a situation that PC players are very often faced with! Getting rid of that, we bring you the Top 10 Best Game Booster For PC 2022| PC Game Optimizer Software.

The difference between playing on a game console and a Windows PC is that if the operating system of the former is exclusively dedicated to games, that of the latter has many processes in the background.

It is where PC game optimization software (or Game booster) comes in. They optimize your PC for gaming, speed up pc gaming, and make the experience enjoyable rather than frustrating. Find out about software to optimize Windows 10 PC games and the benefits they can bring you, or try one now!


What is a PC Game booster or game optimization software?

The game optimizer or game booster for PC, as its name suggests, is software that helps improve the performance of PC games. The software limits background operations when a user is playing on a Windows computer.

A game booster must run a game at the same frame rate per second, beyond the hardware specifications. What matters is managing a stable frame rate while playing on the PC.

PC game optimization software disables background processes, services, programs, and tasks that aren’t needed while the game is running. It also helps the operating system to free up RAM to minimize disk activity and CPU load. Most software allows you to switch from normal mode to game mode at the touch of a button, and some programs can recognize games and make things easier automatically.


Benefits of using a Game Booster

Playing on your PC will take up most of the resources, and the PC should run at its maximum so that the player does not feel a slowdown. PC game optimization software is an application that optimizes your computer while you play. The game optimizer changes the PC settings for the games to work properly.

The software reduces the effort and time you spend searching for and downloading drivers and discovering and stopping background processes. Also, when you finish playing, everything will restart automatically.


10 Best Game Booster & Optimizer Softwares for Windows 10, 8, 7 in 2022

  • Razer Cortex
  • MSI Afterburner
  • GeForce Experience
  • Advanced System optimizer
  • Game Fire 6
  • WTFAst
  • Wise Game Booster
  • GameBoost
  • EZ Game Booster
  • Smart Game Booster 4


  1. Razer Cortex | Best Game Booster for PC

Razer Cortex: Game Boost is at the first position on this list of the best game optimization software for Windows 10. It is a very popular software in the gaming community. It’s free software that creates a smooth gaming experience by disabling all the apps that are not needed during the game. The full potential of your system, GPU, CPU, and RAM is channeled into the game. It disables unnecessary processes and applications, thereby freeing up invaluable resources and the RAM required for games.

When using this software, you will notice a smoother movement in the game thanks to a higher FPS. The loading time that normally innervates you is considerably reduced. You can also customize its settings. However, this software is more suitable for people with technical knowledge and who have ideas on how to take advantage of its vast set of features.


  1. MSI Afterburner | Best Game Optimizer for PC

MSI Afterburner is one of the few programs that offer overclocking options. In addition to the usual functions, it allows the user to customize the fan speed, game screenshot, and monitoring. It provides full control over the GPU voltage and frequency. It, combined with the freedom to change the fan speed, allows the user to take full advantage of the graphics card’s potential. The software also provides information on usage, temperature, clock speed, and voltage.


  1. GeForce Experience

Redesigned from top to bottom to be quick and light, the new GeForce Experience keeps your gaming equipment up to date and performing better than ever. Get meticulously optimized Game Ready controllers for each new title. Just click and install. GeForce Experience analyzes the CPU, GPU, and screen of your computer and automatically personalizes the game settings for an optimal experience.


  1. Advanced System optimizer

A versatile optimizer, Advanced System optimizer is an excellent software to boost your Windows PC or laptop and keep it clean from all unnecessary files and constantly maintain high performance. It is simple and easy to use, but effective in keeping your system running smoothly.

Advanced System Optimizer provides users with a smooth and delay-free gaming experience. The user can easily switch between the game and other programs or the desktop without degrading performance. Most of the time, it’s the slow frame rate that worries players the most. He is also tackling this problem by creating a virtual office specially designed for gaming.


  1. Game Fire 6

One of the best software for Windows, Game Fire is one of our favorites on this list. It’s a powerful program that breathes new life into the game experience with just one click. The software channels all the resources necessary for the proper functioning of the games by stopping the background processes, which can slow down the performance of the games. It optimizes the system and defragments all the files in the game, which further improves the functioning of the game. It also allows the user to organize their games in one place.


  1. WTFAst

If you are experiencing issues like delays and high pings in multiplayer games, then WTFast is the software for you. As good software for optimizing PC games, WTFast stands out from the rest because it focuses more on increasing Internet speed for better performance of online games. It reduces game time and decreases ping, which minimizes slowdowns during online multiplayer sessions.


  1. Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster is a PC game optimization software known for its simple and easy-to-use features. It increases the stability of the system by stopping all programs which are not necessary to run a game. Instead, all resources are used to improve the performance of the game.

After analyzing all the programs running, the software suggests the actions to be taken for each process and service. For those who are beginners and plan to use this software, first check its functions carefully, as stopping an incorrect process could cause a malfunction.


  1. GameBoost

The list of the best Windows PC game optimization software would be incomplete without GameBoost. In addition to the usual game enhancement features, it also increases the speed of the Internet. With this software, the animations, the refresh rate, and the CPU speed are much higher. Easy to use software that will appeal to both beginners and experts.

As one of the few programs that offer the option of overclocking, GameBoost can change the default frequency of specific components such as the graphics processor. It does most of the functions automatically without much interaction with the user.


  1. EZ Game Booster

EZ Game Booster optimizes your PC for gaming by temporarily suspending unnecessary processes, individually or all at once, to focus resources on game performance. Analyze your system and suggest courses of action for all processes, services, and RAM cleaning, as well as boosting CPU performance. EZ Game Booster makes it easier for you to enjoy the latest games and take your experience to a new level.


  1. Smart Game Booster 4

Smart Game Booster can intelligently scan your PC, detect unnecessary processes and services that run during the game, and stop them automatically to free up more RAM and CPU for the game. At the same time, it intelligently optimizes certain system settings to increase the performance of your PC. So you can enjoy an unrivaled gaming experience.

The GameBox function automatically detects games on your PC; you can also add or drag and drop your games in the game box. The software also maximizes your FPS game, optimizes the Windows system, monitors the hardware temperature, and also allows the setting of the graphics driver and the audio driver.


Final Verdict

So this was our list of the best software to optimize PC games for Windows 10, which are easy to use and deploy. With these game boosters, there is no need to reboot the system after initialization. They stop all programs that are not essential for running a game.

These are some of the Best Game Boosters for PC that you might try in 2022. Some are lightweight and easy to use. Some are a little less user-friendly but offer many more features to improve the performance of PC gaming.


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