10 Best GameCube Games of All Time

10 Best GameCube Games Of 2021

Even though the GameCube gaming console isn’t as well-known as other gaming consoles, you should still look for the Best GameCube Games of all time to play if you own one.

These days, a sizable number of electronic products are available on the market with the primary goal of providing users with virtual reality enjoyment. One of them is a console that is highly valued for its portability, quick loading times, and simple design.

All-Time Best Gamecube Games To Play

Among other game systems, the GameCube console is not as well-known. Here is a list of all-time best GameCubes if you already own one and would like to get some games that work with it.

1. Activision Star Wars Rebel Strike

Shared on the market since November 7, 2003, this product from the best brand of Gamecube games was immediately all the rage with gamers.

It is the 3rd installment of the Rogue Squadron series and unlike the 2 previous installments, this one will mix phases of air and land combat throughout the galaxy.

Its development, as well as its edition, was ensured by Factor 5 and LucasArts. It is an action shooting entertainment, the theme of which is cinema. It is played with a maximum number of 2 people and the voices, like the texts, are all in French.

With this entertainment, it is possible to play the same game using shared screens. This item is also appreciated for the aesthetic it wears. Indeed, he exceeds the average level in terms of fluidity. As for the visual effects, they’ve been shaped to be top-notch.

2. Nintendo Mario Kart Double Dash

It is one of the best racing games that is played in multiplayer mode while being the cheapest. It can put into action 4 people if it is on screen, while if there is a use of LAN i.e. broadband adapters, the number can increase to 16.

The visual is of a high level, as it has an SNES powerslide, and the power-ups are also the craziest. As for the graphics of this entertainment, it is very accomplished.

The essence of the game is that it is possible to customize the karts. The 2 roles can swap places halfway through the race so that there is access to the different respective weapons.

To observe the pilot’s skill, the gameplay remains balanced, and the AI ​​of the computer players has been improved so that the movement on the tracks can be done smartly, which adds spice during the ride.

3. Nintendo The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

Do you want to go on an adventure under the skin of a very courageous young boy? Take on the role of Link who was fashioned into a shepherd, but fate chose a whole different fate. Go in search of Princess Zelda to free her so that the light can be restored throughout the kingdom.

If you want to show bravery, you know that this is the DVD that you must acquire, because it will allow you to enter a virtual world full of pitfalls, and dangers, but also full of fantasy. It takes you into an immersive and very coherent universe. The game sequences are of a great variety and the enemies are no less so.

The long duration of the course is to your advantage because you will have in front of you about fifty hours to be able to complete the rescue mission while being guided by practical advice.

4. Super Mario Sunshine

 The game was released on October 04, 2002, and August 25, 2002, in the United States. It should be noted that this game is recommended for the age of 3 and over.

It’s a game that takes up the adventures on Delfino Island of the famous Italian plumber who thought he was going on vacation in peace.

But in this Super Mario Sunshine, his goal will be to clean the island of graffiti. It is then equipped with a water pump with various functions that will be used to accomplish this mission.

In these adventures, Mario is accompanied by the princess. The journey continues with the enigmatic evil double. Even on vacation, several missions await the mustached plumber, and he will have to brave more than 100 obstacles. In addition, it is possible to play it alone or with other people.

5. Nintendo Super Smash Bros Melee

Super Smash Bros is among the best GameCube games that was released on May 24, 2002. As part of the “new old games” category, it is. For this reason, the model comes without instructions but is nonetheless packaged in a box.

With over a million games sold in a matter of weeks, this fighting game is very popular in Japan. However, even with clashes, it is not at all violent. The adventure takes place in an arena and the main goal is to expel your opponents.

Fox McCloud, Mario, Pikachu, Zelda, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong are examples of characters who participate in this famous adventure of Super Smash Brother Melee.

Each has its weapon which can be levitating bubbles or hammers and a plethora of bonuses will come to reward the player so that they can achieve victory. And to reassure you, know that the price to pay to buy it remains accessible.

6. Nobilis Resident Evil Code Vero X

In collaboration with Nextech and Capcom Production Studio 4, Resident Evil Code Vero X is a video game classified under type: Survival. The game takes up the adventures of Claire Redfield on Rockford Island where she was captured.

Since the fall of 2011, the high-definition version of the game has been distributed under the name Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD. Key figures six in number are visible along this adventure, namely: Claire Redfield, Rodrigo Juan Raval, Steve Burnside, Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker, and Alfred Ashford.

The game can be played in multiplayer, i.e. a maximum of 4 people simultaneously who can together implement strategies. What makes the difference with this episode is that the main character can use a weapon for each hand.

7. Nintendo Mario Smash Football

The game’s release date was November 18, 2005. It can be played by children aged 3 and over and adults. This is a 5v5 tournament where famous characters from the mushroom kingdom compete against each other. Thus, to win the Bowser Cup, you must choose a captain accompanied by his teammates. Tournaments can bring together up to 16 participants.

Techniques such as lob shots or acrobatic returns are available for shooting exceptional goals. It is also possible to execute an extraordinary strike by finding the right technique to leave the goalkeeper speechless.

To prevent the other team from scoring, you can use various objects to slow them down or hit them. Otherwise, the Raging Chomb can also be released.

8. Sega Sonic Heroes

Sonic Heroes is making a comeback with this model. It can only entertain you in case you are unsure of which Gamecube game to choose. It was made available to video game fans as of February 6, 2004.

Like most games in a similar category, your children will be able to enjoy it from their first 3 springs. Team spirit is the keyword of the game, as it offers a multiplayer mode to have fun with friends or family members.

At the time, it was a big first on Xbox and PS2. The game offers 12 characters that can be dispatched to form 4 teams.

These each has its name, namely: Team Dark, Team Sonic, Team Rose, or Team Chaotix which are distinguished by their characteristics. Various scenarios follow one another throughout the game, so as not to get bored.

9. Nintendo Mario Party 5

The king of party games continues his reign with the release of Mario Party 5 on December 5, 2003. Known for years, it is said to be the best Gamecube game by fans. To play it, the moderators decree that you must be 16 years old and over.

This is a game that is considered to be a supercharged version, so mini-game enthusiasts can only be thrilled with these new challenges and adventures. You can play 4 in Super Mario 5 and in split-screen mode.

In all, there are 60 mini-games with fascinating colors and details. The game features the adventures of Mario accompanied by his best friends, their goal is to bring peace to the city of Dream World.

To succeed in their missions, Mario and his gang chase races in new game boards and many surprises await them.

10. Vivendi Universal Games Crash Bandicoot Vengeance of Cortex

In case you are still looking for where to buy the best Gamecube game, Crash Bandicoot: Dead Men Tell No Tales is sure to please you. It is in the category of games intended for people aged 16 and over.

In addition to the Gamecube, it is also available on Xbox, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, and Xbox Originals. The game takes the adventures of Crash from continent to continent. He begins his journey in the jungle of Africa and by traversing a volcanic island, he reaches a Japanese village.

New graphics and special effects adorn the journey of Crash. The big first is the chance to play Crash’s sister, Coco.

Character performance can be tested through 10+ mini-games. Vehicles such as the glider, jeep, submarine, and even giant robots are also available.

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