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8 Best Givenchy Perfumes For Men 2023

Best Givenchy Perfumes For Men 2023

Of all the fashion companies that can exist on the planet, one of the most important, curious, and that also presents a marked glamor. All this is undoubtedly present at Givenchy, a French brand launched by Hubert de Givenchy. All this glamor has been made so that you can experience it from any of your facets, and that is why in this article, The 8 Best Givenchy Perfumes For Men, you will be able to notice all the splendor of this brand in the following lines.

You will discover for yourself that these are men’s colognes where your essence remains intact, but adding other details that will show off to make you the envy of all your friends and irresistible for the girls. So do not think about it anymore and jump into this reading that will bring you excellent results in the acquisition of any perfume that this brand has to offer you.


8 Best Givenchy Men Perfumes & Colognes to Buy in 2023


1. Play Intense by Givenchy

We want to start this article with Play Intense by Givenchy, one of the essential fragrances for all that it means in a great context. The Play Intense, as its name indicates, is a really strong perfume that will not only make you feel safer, but the other people around you will respect you for the sensations that its fragrance alone generates.

Play Intense by Givenchy

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It is a perfume made especially for men who feel sure of themselves no matter where they are, being logically a bulwark for those who want to obtain excellent results in meetings or parties.

The ideal time for this perfume will be summer, especially taking into account the inner fire it generates. This also has notes of orange blossom, pink pepper, or patchouli. We must also bear in mind that it is a fragrance with moderate longevity and trail.


2. Gentleman by Givenchy

The ideal perfume for true gentlemen has arrived, a perfect fragrance for all those who want to obtain all the masculine power, but seen from elegance. We are talking about the Gentleman. It has to offer a fragrance and a unique style, ideal especially for those men who like to be quite gentlemen and where good manners come out.

Gentlemen by Givenchy


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The perfume itself shows a context full of a lot of strength, a lot of inner power, ideal for men in the Sean Connery style. In addition to this, this perfume is designed to be worn, especially in a time such as autumn.

If we go, for example, to its notes, we have to tell you that it has patchouli, leather, and also sandalwood for that strong fragrance that will not be removed from you at any time. Remarkable is also known to have to offer strong longevity and heavy scent.


3. Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy

In the third place of this list, we want to talk to you about the Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy, a combination of a lot of eroticisms but also wild nature, despite having been launched in 1995, it remains quite current today, and we should not ignore that with this you will reach a perfect date.

Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy

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This Xeryus is quite an event once it is used, and you will notice it when you generate many glances as you pass by all the other people. Being such a unique perfume, it makes it suitable for a time like summer.

It is a perfume made for those people who feel the need to stand out from every point of view. This one has notes of pepper, cedar, and also leather for a whole waste of masculinity in strong longevity and a huge trail.


4. Givenchy Pour Homme by Givenchy

We got to the middle, and we have to tell you about the Givenchy Pour Homme by Givenchy, a total ode for men, made entirely to highlight every positive aspect within everything that has to do with the classic, designed for men with a well-profiled cut, but that they like the stylist to a certain extent, their fragrance quite peculiar like everything they offer in Givenchy.

Givenchy Pour Homme by Givenchy


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This perfume is among those that should be used in a time like winter, especially if we talk about the fact that it allows long-lasting longevity and a soft scent, both very well achieved combinations for this purpose.

In addition to this, we cannot fail to mention that it has notes of Lavender, violet, mandarin, and grapefruit. All this makes Givenchy Pour Homme a perfume of those that should always be taken into account for men with a profile and a traditional cut in some senses.


5. Monsieur by Givenchy

Perfect time to talk about Monsieur de Givenchy. This perfume is given to all those men who inadvertently become elegant, but with that innocent touch that can drive hundreds of women crazy.

It has a fragrance made in notes of lemon blossom, cinnamon, or sandalwood that make it the ideal perfume for spring. In the same way, we have to say that it will give you, above all, a lot of instinct and a suitable bearing.

Monsieur by Givenchy

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With this perfume, you will find that it has a broad capacity to make you look good without you wanting it, a virtue of which very few scents have the luxury of saying they can achieve.

Its longevity and trail are moderate, typical of a perfume made for men who are respectable before life, but who like the looks thanks to their manner of proceeding with elegance and glamor.


6. Gentlemen Only by Givenchy

We have an exclusive perfume in this place, number six with the Gentlemen Only by Givenchy. Its fragrance is one of the most important, since it is made for all those special moments, but adapted to the great.

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This is how it is quite common to find that men use the Gentlemen Only on fashion shows, in movie premieres, as well as in concerts; no event will be wasted with the Gentlemen Only.

For a change, we can assure you that any time of the year is ideal to use it, taking into account, in the same way, its manufacture, which is given to the notes of patchouli, cedar, or also vetiver, taking into account on the other hand that it has long-lasting longevity and a soft trail, ideal for standing out without any problem. There is no doubt that this, as its name implies, is a perfume for selectmen.


7. Pi De Givenchy

The Pi de Givenchy was a huge and pleasant surprise when it was launched on the market since it has such important values ​​for men as a luxury, but also being quite active. It is how, with this, you will feel like an athlete, being, of course, the world your place to win competitions.

Pi De Givenchy


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This perfume always invites you to explore, new market trends, since, in itself, it works as a modern trend. To attract the attention of all people, this perfume has a total avant-garde combination that has to mix mandarin, wood, and also Benzoin to add that touch of distance, but towards what you want to achieve. We must not forget that its longevity and wake are moderate, and it is an ideal perfume for spring, to make you stand out in a time where everything blooms in equal parts.


8. Insense Ultramarine by Givenchy

The Insensé Ultramarine is the last perfume on this list of best Givenchy men perfumes and also the one that offers a fragrance inspired by the sea, with you can fully enjoy the sunniest summers in the company of a perfume like this that perfectly recreates what it feels like to be in the enjoying a beach vacation with your friends or family.

Insense Ultramarine by Givenchy

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Represents in itself an invitation not to detach yourself from the good times that you live with your special people. This has been composed of notes of bergamot, watermelon, or galbanum, to adopt above all that very maritime atmosphere, but that we know you love.

Its strong longevity and moderate trail come together for the icing on the cake that you are sure to enjoy.


Final Considerations

With Best Givenchy Colognes for Men, you can be sure that you will get what you are looking for in terms of masculinity and also your instinct. After all, with these perfumes, their manufacturers have managed to unite what nature offers them, but doing in any way that they remain current in the market, something significant so as not to lose track of each of these fragrances.


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