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14 Best Guess Perfumes for Women in 2022

Best Guess Perfumes for Women. The 1980s were a time of great magic, creativity, and movement in a variety of areas. Fashion was influenced and flooded with vibrant colors and a combination of geometric, metallic, studs, and leather, as well as extremely shiny and loud materials, resulting in an entirely eclectic style.

In those days, young people coexisted harmoniously with a variety of styles; however, they differed in terms of social status, beliefs, and tastes, and ways of dressing. The fashion of this era was an expression of rebellion, as adolescents rebelled against established norms and sought to express themselves through outlandish behavior. In a nutshell, this was an era of expression, liberty, and vitality.

Thus, a fragrance empire is formed that has maintained its position at the top over time, owing to its adaptability and continuous updating of essences, as well as its uniqueness and use of extremely high-quality ingredients.

Wondering which Guess Fragrances would be the right one for you, the 14 Best Guess Perfume for Her will surprise your partner with amazing scents. Guess is one of the best women’s brands in terms of fragrances, clothing, and fashion accessories that made it worth since the 19th century by offering quality products.

Now that you’re aware of all the advantages this company offers, we’ve compiled a list of The 14 Best Guess Perfumes For Her so that you can become the center of attention and dare to flaunt your exquisiteness and elegance in any of them.


14 Best Guess Perfumes For Women 2022


  1. Guess For Women by Guess

The adjective feminine could be used to describe this perfume, which was introduced to the market in 2006. It is a member of the Fruity olfactory family, and its delectable light, fresh, and sweet accord (but not cloying) is cherished in this delicate, silver bottle that reveals all its candor.

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Natural top notes of green apple, bergamot, strawberry, and tangerine orange are complemented by a fragrant heart of peony, magnolia, freesia, peach, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lily of the valley, and red berries. Following that, a warm background is present, where woods such as cedar, Caleb, and oakmoss are appreciated, along with defining elements such as amber and musk, allowing the aroma to fully develop.

Its pleasant moderate trail, as well as its longevity on the skin, make this perfume ideal for wearing in the spring and summer, during the day or at night, as well as on special occasions, if desired. By its very nature, it is timeless, making it the ideal choice for all women who feel daring, elegant, and, while somewhat romantic, strong, and imposing.


  1. Guess Dare by Guess

This exquisite and romantic bottle, which contains a delectable fragrance belonging to the Musk-Floral olfactory family, made us fall in love at first sight in 2014. Its seductive main chords are composed of flowers and green elements, offering us a sublime but daring aroma in this way.

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Its top notes are derived from the exotic kumquat (dwarf orange), lemon tree orange blossom, and pear tree blossom. The fragrance then progresses with delectable heart notes of cactus flower, wild rose, and jasmine, culminating in a base of musk and warm woods that will envelop you in a loving embrace.

With a mild wake and a long-lasting effect on the skin, it quickly becomes a favorite of delicate women who are not afraid to express their seductive side. It will be your best ally during the spring season, both day and night, in daily use and on special occasions.


  1. Guess Seductive by Guess

This is an entirely appropriate name for this seductive and provocative fragrance. It is a member of the Floral-Fruity olfactory family and was launched in 2010. Its primary chords are composed of floral, sweet, and warm elements that are contained in a lovely transparent bottle adorned with a heart-shaped pendant, allowing us to see the enticing yellow elixir inside.

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Bergamot, black currant, and pear top notes combine with a delicate heart of jasmine, African orange blossom, and orris root. It immediately transitions to a warm, creamy, and mysterious background provided by vanilla, frankincense, and cashmere wood.

Its moderate trail enables graceful and feminine women to safely wear it without feeling overwhelmed. It also has moderate longevity on the skin, which means it will perfume you for several hours. Due to its tolerable aroma, it is an ideal alternative for wearing during intermediate climates such as spring and autumn, on those bright and sunny days. However, because it is versatile, you can also use it at night and on special occasions during the winter without being noticed.


  1. Guess Girl by Guess

Presentation is a constant quality that is admired in fine perfumes. Indeed, as a sign of its quality, this Floral-Fruity fragrance, which was launched on the market in 2013, features a beautiful bottle with a transparent body, a cap shaped like a pink flower, and an elegant black bow. Here, its distinctive aroma is preserved, which, with its sweet, floral, and powdery main chords, will instantly transform you into a total Guess girl.

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Its delectable aroma envelops us in a burst of refreshing and sweet raspberry, melon, and bergamot top notes. They are later joined by their elegant orchid, lily, and black acacia heart (Robinia). It completes its olfactory circle with luscious base notes derived from Australian sandalwood and Madagascar vanilla.

With a gentle trail and a long wear time on the skin, it is ideal for urban, vital, sensual, and youthful females. Its subtle aroma makes it suitable for everyday use as well as the early hours of spring and summer. If you want to feel loved and romantic while retaining your essence and sensuality, this cologne will assist you in accomplishing that goal.


  1. Gold Guess by Guess

Its elegant and tinsel-colored bottle demonstrates what a wonderful and opulent elixir this fragrance, which was launched in 2007, is. Its main accords of fresh, balsamic, and green will infuse you with vitality and a light sensation.

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Its top notes of pineapple, apple, and lemon are refreshing, leaving you with a slight sweetness that is not cloying. Thus, we reach the heart notes, where jasmine, hyacinth, lily (water lily), and rose engage in an unmatched flirtation. Finally, the olfactory circle is completed by a base of sandalwood, amber, and vetiver, which lends the aroma presence and determination.

The grace achieved by moderating its scent, combined with its moderate longevity on the skin, makes this scent ideal for spring nights, where it will retain its allure for long hours. For mature women who exude poise and sophistication, this perfume bestows five stars on them.


  1. Guess 1981 by Guess

This perfume was launched in 2017 under the Musk-Floral-Woody olfactory family, with a happy and unbridled concept reminiscent of the 1980s. Its presentation is endearing, and for its commercialization, nothing less than the famous model Claudia Schiffer was chosen as an image.

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Its main accords are powdery, amber, and musky, and it is packaged in a transparent circular bottle that reveals a very delicate pink liquid that embodies the determination and energy associated with youth, but with a hint of subtlety. The best of both worlds. The strength of ambrette musk and violet is perceived in the top notes, which transition to a more docile and sweetheart composed of jasmine, pear, and sandalwood, before concluding with a slightly heavier background of musk, amber, and warm cedar.

Its trail is extensive but not intrusive, and its duration on the skin is moderate, making it ideal for spring and autumn days. It is an ideal fragrance for wearing at night and on special occasions, as it will make you feel like a diva for several hours, but its versatility will allow you to wear it in casual settings, offices, and executive settings as well. Although it tends to be youthful, mature women with a jovial spirit will also do well.


  1. Guess Seductive I’m Yours

This perfume, which belongs to the Oriental-Floral olfactory family and was launched on the market in 2011, is an invitation to seduction. Provocative main chords comprised of flowers, fruits, and sweet elements will enchant us with their captivating aroma, which is packaged in an elegant transparent bottle with a black cap that allows us to view its wonderful pink liquid.

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The freshness of peony and passion fruit (passion fruit) will make us vibrate as they combine with a fragrant and feminine heart of magnolia, tiaré flower, orchid, and lily. Later, when combined with more assertive elements such as musk, vanilla, woody notes, patchouli, and vetiver, it will reveal its full brilliance.

This fragrance has a moderate trail and will reveal all of its brilliance in the spring and summer. Additionally, it has moderate longevity on the skin and its scent will envelop you for an extended period of time. This cologne is ideal for attractive ladies who are determined but have an air of subtlety. Its essence will not go unnoticed.


  1. Guess Girl Belle by Guess

Created with those lovely ladies in mind, this Floral-Fruity fragrance was introduced to the market in 2013. Its primary chords are composed of fresh, powdery, and woody notes, which are contained in a lilac bottle embellished with reliefs, a lid shaped like a delicate flower, and a golden band, transforming its presentation into an unmatched example of femininity.

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Its composition is straightforward, utilizing only a few ingredients, but they are extremely potent, providing us with a noticeable aroma. The delectable wild berries are perceived in the top notes, accompanied by the glitz provided by champagne. It progresses through a fragrant heart of peony, jasmine, and violet to a solid and slightly sweet undertone of musk, Australian sandalwood, and vanilla.

It has a moderate duration on the skin and a moderate to heavy trail, making it ideal for spring, summer, and autumn days, as well as special evenings. Its aroma will shine like no other on young, delicate, and passionate ladies.


  1. Guess Marciano by Guess

Outgoing and elegant, this fragrance belongs to the Floral-Fruity olfactory family and was launched in 2007. Its presentation is glamorous, with a golden bottle evoking the opulence and wealth found in its aroma, which is dominated by citrus, vanilla, floral, and spicy notes.

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His top notes are crisp and luscious, comprised of grapefruit (grapefruit), cardamom, carambola, and curaçao, which lend the fragrance its intense navy blue hue. The fragrance then transitions to a fragrant heart dominated by peony, jasmine, and honeysuckle, before concluding with a defining background of robust, warm, and sweet musk, vanilla, and woody notes.

This perfume has a moderate trail and will provide you with all of its warmth on winter nights and autumn days. Similarly, it has moderate longevity on the skin, which is why you will feel perfumed for several hours after using it. It should be noted that its unusual scent is not suitable for all women, as it is loaded with sensuality, vitality, and plenty of vigor; therefore, it is recommended for middle-aged women who will undoubtedly want to keep it in their collection.


  1. Guess Double Dare by Guess

This fragrance was launched in 2015 under the Floral-Fruity olfactory family. It consists of several main floral, sweet, and ozonic accords and is presented as a subtle and resplendent light packaged in an elegant transparent bottle with gilt accents that resembles a light bulb.

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Its vibrant and delectable top notes of strawberry, lychee, and mandarin are offset by a fragrant heart of lily of the valley, violet leaves, and jasmine. Simultaneously, these are joined by a base of vetiver, amber, and vanilla, which lends the aroma its strength and sharpness.

Its trail is moderate, as is its longevity on the skin, which means that you can wear it every day and even in the early hours during the spring and summer. Its distinct aroma will draw all eyes to you wherever you go.


  1. Guess Seductive Wild Summer by Guess

This fragrance was launched in 2011 under the Floral-Fruity olfactory family. The fragrance’s primary floral, sweet, and aquatic accords were packaged in this subtle, transparent bottle with gold accents and a gold heart-shaped pendant.

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The sweetness of pear and lychee are perceived in the top notes, along with the freshness of red berries. As if by morning dew, they are joined by a heart of jasmine, African orange blossom, and pink queen, which gives way to a rich background of cashmere wood, vanilla, and musk, which lend the aroma its solidity and forcefulness.

It has a moderate trail and a long shelf life, and its peculiar aroma makes it ideal for summer days. With this perfume, you’ll be prepared for the game of seduction and love, and its timeless quality makes it appropriate for all women who desire love.


  1. Guess Original by Guess

This perfume is notable for being the first to be released under the house’s signature in 1990. It is a member of the Cyprus-Floral olfactory family, and its simple but elegant presentation, consisting of a transparent bottle with a black cap, reveals an intense yellow liquid with a strong presence.

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Citrus and invigorating top notes of grapefruit, Amalfi lemon, mandarin, and cassis (black currant) walk hand in hand with a delicate and fragrant heart of jasmine, African orange blossom, hyacinth, and lily of the valleys. It is followed by base notes of sandalwood, patchouli, oakmoss, amber, vanilla, and orris root, which contribute to the aroma’s sweet and animalic frenzy.

With a strong wake, it is ideal for the long Winter nights; similarly, its longevity on the skin is long, and as a result, its scent will transport you to a seductive and tender bonfire for several hours. For executive ladies who are confident in themselves but also very seductive, this fragrance that reflects feminine and regal character will fit like a glove.


  1. Guess Seductive Sunkissed by Guess

Captivating, seductive, and sensual, this perfume, launched in 2012, is a member of the Floral-Fruity-Gourmand olfactory family. Its delicate transparent bottle, adorned with a crimson lipstick-shaped charm, reveals its delectable pink liquid, emulating all the sensuality found in its aroma.

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Its primary accords are sweet, fruity, powdery, and vanilla, all of which are divided into three phases. The refreshing citrus scent of grapefruit (grapefruit) is detected in the top notes, which are combined with the benefits of raspberry and pear. It gradually progresses towards a fragrant heart of jasmine, vanilla, and the graceful orchid, before concluding its olfactory circle with an overwhelming background of violet, Ebony wood, and musk, which provides warmth and balance.

With a mild scent and a long-lasting effect on the skin, it is an ideal alternative for summer days. Its delectable timeless fragrance enables both young women and mature women who feel liberated, delicate, and intoxicating to wear it without additional complications.


  1. Guess Summer Girl by Guess

Following the Guess Girl fragrance line, this fragrance was launched in 2014 and is classified as a Musk-Floral-Woody olfactory family for women. Its delectable aroma is composed of floral, sweet, and animal notes and is packaged in the signature ribbed bottle with a flower-shaped lid, but this time in an intense yellow color to represent the sun.

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It begins with a burst of citrus top notes from bergamot, mandarin orange, and neroli. These are immediately joined by a delicate and valiant heart of fresh flowers, including water lily, orange blossom, and wild rose. Its olfactory circle concludes with a base of musk, teak wood, and vanilla orchid, revealing the fragrance’s warm, sweet, and decisive personality.

With a moderate trail and a long wear time on the skin, it is ideal for wearing during the bright summer days, as its name implies. Similarly, you, as a free, sensitive, energetic, and determined woman, will understand how to carry yourself in these bright and fiery times.



This generation of the 1980s began to form what would become known as the so-called urban tribes, in which individuals with credible tastes in clothing, music, and ways of life banded together and interpenetrated in such a way that the family nucleus lost significance.

Similarly, their presentations stand out due to the beauty of their bottles, which will have you falling in love with them at first sight, but even more so, at first smell. As you may have noticed, any of the 14 Best Guess Perfumes will make you feel like a woman with a capital M, so we invite you to select the one (or ones) that best suit your needs and personality.


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