Best Guy Laroche Perfumes For Women

4 Best Guy Laroche Perfumes For Women

Despite the fact that their manufacturers died many years ago, all the canons of fashion imposed by France on the world in the 20th century are still respected to this day. Among the best fashion designers in this country, Guy Laroche later established an empire with his perfumes, and we thought we would tell you about his best perfumes.

A new line of perfumes was launched by Guy Laroche in 1957; inhe not only wanted to make perfumes for modern women but also, to call it a certain way, always embodied comfort and elegance. As a result of their perfumes, any woman who wore them was transformed into a beautiful woman.

Since this company began more than 50 years ago, its aromas have been filled with topics such as floral elegance and fruity refinement, and it has been destined for success.

With The 4 Best Guy Laroche Perfumes for Women, you can experience the French feeling in the art of elegance that seduces.

4 Best Guy Laroche Perfumes For Women

1. Fidji Perfume by Guy Laroche

Fidji Perfume by Guy Laroche

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Fidji Parfum, a perfume from Guy Laroche’s staff, is considered to be one of this brand’s most notable perfumes since it was launched in 1966. It has everything the brand stands for and more, making it feel as if you are under the sea.

The Floral for Women olfactory family was designed by Josephine Catapano, which means it will be sensual and feminine at the same time. It is a soft perfume that came out at this time and is out of its time by imposing a certain pause when used, inviting you to enjoy life as it comes.

Among its most notable notes are galbanum, hyacinth, and lemon on the top, jasmine, violet, and cloves at the heart, and oak moss, amber, and vetiver at the bottom. As it is absolutely deep and full of different types of nuances, it is certainly a Guy Laroche perfume.

It has grass, wood, earth, flowers, and talc as its main accords, no citrus, but delicate flowers that give spring one of its best fragrances.

Not only was the Fiji Parfum a classic for separating itself from its time, but it also allowed the world to see that tropical islands were not only citrusy and fresh. The trail is also quite heavy, so much so that it floods any nose that faces it, as it has a solid foundation in its longevity that is very durable.

2. Evening Fidji by Guy Laroche

Evening Fidji by Guy Laroche

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Guy Laroche’s Fidji du Soir is intense enough, at the same time mysterious enough, to make you feel swept up in the current of ocean waves. In 1977, this perfume was launched as part of an adventure that can do anything, even though it is already quite a few years old.

When the ocean is rough, it makes you feel at home, while when it is calm, it gives you the peace you need every moment. In the first place, it is important to note that the aroma was created using ingredients from Amber for Women’s olfactory family, which means there are notes of lemon, sandalwood, vetiver, and amber present in this fragrance. The perfume has a very fruity aroma but has something different about it.

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Among its main chords, we have in the first place, and that stands out directly to the woody aroma of the trees that border any coast of the Fiji Islands. But it awaits an intensity reflected in the citrus and the earthy, one by the bergamot and the lemon of its top notes and that smell of earth moistened by the oak moss of its heart notes.

The Fidji du Soir is a Guy Laroche perfume that can easily (and should) be enjoyed in summer with its moderate longevity and trail as soft as a sea breeze.

3. Clandestine Parfum by Guy Laroche

Clandestine Parfum by Guy Laroche

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Nocturnal Elegance has a Guy Laroche perfume as one of its best exponents; Clandestine Parfum is one of those that you have to have in your closet if you are thinking of a party and, above all, to give yourself security.

With great authority, the Clandestine Parfume is presented, which is a perfume that has already been some years since its launch in 1986, and since then, it has not stopped having followers. Here, under the supervision of Daniel Moliere, there is a brightness that comes out a lot on the part of Guy Laroche’s aromas, that of seductive elegance, a product of his own family beforehand, the Floral for Women being the chosen one, the most rest is we leave it to the imagination.

It has under its roof an immense amount of notes and all kinds of chords that show that it is not just any aroma. Plum, pineapple, honey, jasmine, vanilla, and cedar are contained among the most notable of its top, heart, and base.

Thus, the aesthetics of its aroma is absolutely sweet and fruity, very much in the style of Guy Laroche, and which in turn does not stop capturing a perfume full of honey and, above all, a musky air that has been one of the greatest successes within of the already classic perfumery of the French designer.

This mixture of sweet spices with woody and fruity accords makes itself better understood under autumn and it has all the components that best characterize this season of the year. With long-lasting longevity and a heavy trail, Clandestine Parfum is the option you should take into consideration when it comes to parties, whatever the style.

4. Eau Folle by Guy Laroche

Eau Folle by Guy Laroche

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Guy Laroche’s most citric scent, Eau Folle, has a natural tendency towards mobility and energy, as well as citrus acidity, which is why there are no clear adjectives to describe it. Since its launch in 1970, this perfume has been regarded as one of his most revered perfumes.

The olfactory family of Citrus for Women is directly represented in Eau Folle, which doesn’t hide under any circumstances, not even in spite of the fact that its notes conform to a simple perfume, as it promotes the love of the summer season to the one you’re destined to fall in love with.

Though it has citrus, green, leather, and floral notes, it has practically no individual elements inside that make it look like a very detailed perfume, but boy does it have a lot of power to do so.

Due to its citrus and fresh notes, you won’t mind wearing this perfume for a few hours a day since it possesses a delightful fragrance of mandarins, oranges, lemons, and bergamots.

Her soft sillage is a little permissive towards the very feminine, but its longevity is long-lasting. Inside her, the leather trigger allows her to feel somewhat dry and, with great authority, truly made to measure for any empowered woman.


There is no doubt that Guy Laroche’s hand is among the most refined as well as iron in creating perfumes that are aimed at women. These are very simple perfumes and allow for freedom of movement, as few perfumes dare to do that.

The five best Guy Laroche fragrances have shown the importance of the islands of Oceania in this firm’s business because their citric and enveloping nature is very important to them.

A Guy Laroche perfume is entirely made with natural ingredients, which is why it is so striking and reminiscent of the summers of a few decades ago.

Obviously, the classic style never goes out of style, so you only need to try one of them, and you will be pleasantly surprised. If you want to be desired, use Guy Laroche perfumes.

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