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10 Best Headphone Brands For Premium Sound Quality in 2022

Best Headphone Brands. Should you pay attention to the brand when choosing the best headphone? Of course, the well-known name of the manufacturer is not yet a guarantee of quality. However, giving preference to well-known brands is much more likely to buy decent headphones than the case of “know-name” products. But which brand is the best in terms of manufacturing headphones, Earbud, and Headset? We’ll talk about this below.


Which headset brand is the best?

What is the best headphone manufacturer? Almost all well-known brands have good models. To make a choice, first of all, you need to decide which type of headphones is best for you – portable or studio, wired or wireless.

Think about the sound you like – honest, with balanced frequencies, or, for example, with powerful pronounced bass. As a result, it is much easier to select a manufacturer and a specific model.

To make things easier for you, we have prepared a rating of the TOP 10 best headphone brands with brief reviews of the “brightest” models. Our list includes headphones with the best price/quality ratio, many positive user reviews, as well as high ratings from our specialists.


10 Best Headphone and Headset Brands [2022]


  1. Philips

A Dutch brand that needs no introduction, as it is known for a wide variety of household appliances and electronics, including headphones for everyday use. They got into our rating due to their excellent price/quality ratio.


Philips SHB3595 UpBeat

Ultra-budget wireless headset with neckstrap and in-ear sound guides. Small, lightweight cups and a selection of different sizes of ear tips make them fit perfectly in your ears. There is a three-button remote control with a built-in microphone on the lanyard.

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Philips SHB3595 UpBeat sounds in the range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz. The frequency response is well balanced – there is a warm, soft bass, flat mids, and clear, transparent high frequencies. The sound is universal, suitable for different styles of music. The battery life is about 6 hours.



Philips SHB7150FB/27

Another wireless model with a neck strap and in-ear sound guides. Philips SHB7150FB/27 is distinguished by a rather strict, but stylish design. The pluses include a secure fit, thanks to the in-ear struts, the headset can be used even during sports.

Philips - Best Headphone Brands

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The sound of the Philips SHB7150FB/27 has tight, crisp, powerful bass, while the mids are detailed and beautiful. Highs are perfectly dosed – they make the sound bright, but at the same time without unpleasant hissing or sibilant sounds. Continuous working time is about 10 hours.


  1. Xiaomi

A young brand that, over 10 years of its existence, has become the Chinese market leader in the production of smartphones and various electronics. In particular, Xiaomi managed to achieve not a small success in the headphone market.

Xiaomi offers portable, inexpensive headsets for smartphones that sound as good as many are much more expensive products from other brands.



Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2

Ultra-budget fully wireless in-ear headset with high-quality sound. After meeting, she evokes the most pleasant impressions. The headphones have compact barrel-shaped bodies, as a result, they are perfectly fixed in the ears, do not cause pain during prolonged use.

Xiaomi - Best Headphone Brands

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Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2 have clear, deep, detailed sound. The frequency range can be said to be standard – from 20 to 20,000 Hz. There is a clear, powerful, beautiful bass in the sound. The mids are a little crushed, but readable at the same time. High voiced and bright, but without unpleasant sibilants.



Xiaomi Mi Collar Bluetooth Headset

Another wireless model with vacuum sound guides. Unlike the Airdots 2, it has a neckband. Thanks to the latter, we are securely fixed on the neck. The cups themselves are quite compact, lightweight, and comfortable, fit securely in your ears, which allows you to use the headset even for fitness activities.

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Xiaomi Mi Collar Bluetooth Headset supports high-definition sound or Hi-Res. At the same time, the sound is “modern”, with a rise in the low-frequency range, as well as in the upper mids. In the high region, there is a slight decline, but within reasonable limits. The overall sound is nice, a bit aggressive. Other advantages include excellent battery life, which is about 10 hours.



Another Chinese manufacturer, which is famous all over the world for the quality of its products and successfully competes with leading companies. Headsets are no exception, which delights with high-quality sound, as well as several useful technologies.



HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i

Fully wireless in-ear headphones have become popular for several reasons. They are comfortable thanks to the classic L-shape. Among other features, there is an active noise cancellation system, as well as optical sensors that automatically pause when the headphones are removed from the ears.

Huawei - Best Headphone Brands

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The HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i delivers immersive surround sound with powerful deep bass thanks to its large 10-inch speakers. In this case, the low frequencies do not interfere with the sound of the mids. Any music sounds great in the headphones, be it jazz, rock, metal, or hip-hop. The autonomy of the gadget is about 15 hours.



HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro

Flagship vacuum TWS earbuds with several advantages. They have a beautiful, stylish design thanks to the mirror glass. The housings are compact and lightweight, making the headset one of the most comfortable all-wireless headsets. Onboard there is an active noise cancellation system, a transparency mode, and optical sensors.

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The sound of the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro is smooth, close to the monitor, while the sound has amazing frequency and detail. In addition, there is a wide stage and positioning. The equalizer can be used to fine-tune the sound. The autonomy of the gadget reaches 20 hours, and the time of continuous operation is about 7 hours.


  1. Sony

The world-famous Japanese company, founded back in 1946, produces video and audio equipment. Headphones, like other Sony products, delight with sound quality, modern technology, and reliability.



Sony WH-1000XM4

A flagship full-size model that has received a lot of positive reviews. In addition to great sound, it deserves attention due to many technologies, such as support for wired and wireless connections, adaptive active noise cancellation, NFC module, optical sensors, etc.

Sony - Best Headphone Brands

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Sony WH-1000XM4 has an extremely wide frequency range from 4-40000 Hz. The sound complies with the Hi-Res Audio standard, has an amazing effect of presence, volume and detail. A special application allows you to customize the sound by adding volume or changing the balance of frequencies. When connected wirelessly, the headphones can work up to 30-38 hours, which is another plus.



Sony WF-XB700

Sony WF-XB700 – TWS vacuum earbuds, with an excellent price/quality ratio. At the first visual acquaintance with them, it may seem that the cases are too large, however, thanks to the well-thought-out shape, they sit securely, they are practically not felt in the ears. The pluses also include a stylish unusual design.

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Headphones delight with deep, detailed sound, with an excellent balance of frequencies. There is a tight, detailed bass, smooth and beautiful mids, as well as sonorous, clean highs. Any direction of music sounds great – rock, metal, pop, electronic music, etc. Continuous working time is about 9 hours.


  1. JBL

An American manufacturer of various audio equipment, which is part of the equally well-known corporation Harman International Industries. JBL has a rich history since it was founded back in 1946.

The JBL-branded headphones are renowned for their clear sound with firm, powerful bass. However, there are models with balanced frequency responses.



JBL Live 200BT

Wireless in-ear neckband headphones. They belong to the budget class, while they look much more expensive than their real value – they look noble, the wires are braided with fabric. The cups are compact, lightweight, and fit well in the ears.

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The sound of JBL Live 200BT has a proprietary feature – a clear dense bass, but low frequencies do not play a dominant role – on a par with it, mids and highs sound beautiful. As a result, the sound is suitable for all styles of music. Among the advantages of the headset is also good autonomy, which is about 10 hours.



JBL Tune 500BT

Wireless on-ear headphones with JBL Signature Sound and built-in microphone. They have a neat minimalist design and excellent ergonomics. You can listen to music with headphones for a long time without experiencing pain or discomfort, as is the case with most overhead models.

JBL - Best Headphone Brand

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JBL Tune 500BT has powerful, yet clear, readable low frequencies slightly dropped mids and sonorous highs. Various dance and electronic music sounds especially beautiful, as well as pop, hip-hop, and other modern trends. The time of continuous operation of the gadget is about 16-18 hours.


  1. Samsung

A South Korean manufacturer that succeeds in the smartphone and various electronics markets, implements in-house technologies, and sets trends. Among other things, Samsung has made great strides in the portable headset market for smartphones. You can also check Best Samsung Earbuds and Headphones if you are a Samsung lover.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

One of the most popular fully wireless headsets under the Samsung brand. The earbuds have an unusual design and are classified as earbuds. They look quite futuristic and visually resemble beans while sitting perfectly in the ears. Onboard there is an active noise cancellation system, optical sensors, and transparency mode is also supported.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is equipped with large 12-inch speakers for deep, rich sound. There is a powerful bass, well-read mids, as well as clear, sonorous highs. There is a scene and positioning. Among other advantages is excellent autonomy, reaching 29 hours.



Samsung Galaxy Buds +

Another incredibly popular wireless headset, but this time with in-ear sound guides. It is loved by users for its ergonomic shape and rather a compact size, which provides a secure fit in the ears. There are optical sensors onboard that are responsible for the “auto-pause” option.

Samsung - Best Headphone Brands

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The main advantage of Samsung Galaxy Buds + is detailed, rich sound with dense powerful bass, well-read mids, as well as bright, clear highs. An important plus is the continuous operation time, which is 11 hours, while the total autonomy reaches 22 hours.


  1. Apple

An American giant that needs no introduction. Apple-branded gadgets are among the most copied in the world. Along with smartphones and computer equipment, Apple headsets are appreciated all over the world.


Apple AirPods 2

Continuation of the legendary fully wireless headset. The gadget has become even more perfect – it supports Bluetooth 5.0 and is also equipped with a new processor responsible for sound processing. Visually, the headphones do not differ from the first version of AirPods.

Best Earbud Brand

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The sound remained the same quality and did not undergo significant changes – the same detailed, rich and deep. The audio processor embellishes the sound a little, adding depth and saturation to it. In general, any music sounds beautiful in Apple AirPods 2. The autonomy of the gadget is about 24 hours. Among the pluses is support for wireless charging.


Apple AirPods Pro

Another completely wireless model. It has some significant differences from AirPods 2, the main of which is the cups with in-ear sound guides. This design affects not only the perception of sound but also the fit. Apple AirPods Pro fits well regardless of the anatomy of the ear. There is an active noise cancellation system on board.

Best Headphone and Earbud Brand

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Apple AirPods Pro delight with deep, clear, rich sound. It cannot be called audiophile, but it is excellently detailed, has a stage, as well as well-readable frequencies in its entire range. The battery life of the headset is approximately 24 hours.


  1. Beats

Another American manufacturer is an Apple subsidiary. Unlike the latter, it is exclusively engaged in the production of headphones and speakers. Note that Beats was founded by rapper and hip-hop producer Dr. Dre, which was reflected in the sound of her products. Most models emphasize low frequencies, which are usually important in such areas of music as rap or hip-hop.


Beats Powerbeats High-Performance Wireless

A popular model of wireless in-ear headphones with a cord. It is designed for sports activities and just for active users. Comfortable ear hooks provide a secure fit. As a result, the cups sit securely in the ears and do not fall out during active head movements.

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The sound of Beats Powerbeats High-Performance Wireless is suitable not only for hip-hop and electronic music but also for other directions. Along with the firm’s dense bass, the mids sound beautiful, in detail, while sonorous highs give brightness and expressiveness. The battery life is at least 15 hours.


Beats Powerbeats Pro

Fully wireless vacuum earbuds that, like the Powerbeats High-Performance, are suitable for sports use. Thanks to the ear hooks, they are well fixed in the ears. Other features include a stylish sporty design.

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The sound of Beats Powerbeats Pro is aimed at users with different musical tastes. There is a proprietary, clear, well-detailed bass, as well as perfectly readable mids, clean highs. There is a deep stage and positioning. The battery life of the gadget reaches 9 hours.


  1. AKG

An Austrian audio manufacturer is known for its high-end monitor and audiophile headphones. Moreover, among the advantages are not only excellent, clean, and honest sound, but also an excellent price/quality ratio.


AKG K 361

Full-size monitor headphones that belong to the budget segment. When developing them, the manufacturer focused on ergonomics and sound quality. They received a simple design, the body is made of plastic, it does not have any frills. But on the other hand, they fit perfectly on the head, do not cause discomfort even with prolonged use.

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AKG K 361 is equipped with large 50 mm drivers that operate in a wide frequency range – from 15 to 28000 Hz. Thanks to them, the sound is spacious, rich, while crystal clear and detailed. Moreover, any music sounds great in the headphones, from classics to rap.


AKG K 701

Affordable headphones that belong to the Hi-End class. Moreover, even visually, they look like a premium-level gadget. This is facilitated by a noble, light gray color, a metal frame, ear cushions covered with velvety fabric, and a headband made of quality leather. Other features include an open acoustical design for the cups.

Best Headphone Brands

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AKG K 701 sound in a wide frequency range – from 10 to 39800 Hz. The sound has a wide and deep stage while pleasing with the effect of presence. There is a thick, warm bass with excellent articulation, along with it, the rest of the frequencies sound beautifully and in detail.


  1. Sennheiser

Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG is a German audio technology company founded in 1945 by Fritz Sennheiser. To this day, it remains an exclusively family business, renowned for its strict quality control. Sennheiser branded headphones are famous for their clean, well-balanced, yet fairly honest sound, but with some trademark coloration. It is for the last audiophile.


Sennheiser IE 40 Pro

Wired vacuum headphones that belong to the monitor class. They have detachable wires and ear hooks. At the same time, the design is convenient, it allows you to use the gadget for many hours without discomfort.

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Sennheiser IE 40 Pro has smooth, honest, detailed sound. Plays track exactly as they were recorded in the studio, without embellishments or distortion of the frequency response. Moreover, the sound remains so even at maximum volume levels.


Sennheiser HD 25 Plus

Extremely popular model, which is a reissue for the 25th anniversary of the DJ’s on-ear headphones. In other words, the Sennheiser HD 25 Plus has been one of Sennheiser’s most popular overhead models for about 30 years. Before moving on to the sound, let’s note the simple but nice design, as well as good ergonomics.

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However, the main asset for which the HD 25 Plus is valued is great, clear, and deep sound with stunning detail. The headphones are suitable for music and studio work due to their flat frequency response and excellent readability over the entire audio range, which ranges from 16 to 22000 Hz.


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