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3 Best Heated Insoles to Buy in 2021: Comparison & Buying Guide

Best Heated Insoles of 2021: Comparison & Buying Guide

It’s winter, the cold is here. To face it, more than a solution: cover yourself. But clothing can go beyond traditional hats, scarves, and gloves. These 3 Best Heated insoles of 2021 are a great way to keep your feet warm and dry, or even prevent frostbite.

They can be electronic, or wireless. This type of accessory not only brings you comfort but also offers your feet a real cocoon to protect themselves from the cold. If you often have the feeling of having frozen toes, heated insoles may be a good solution to soothe the pain.


3 Best Heated Insoles to Buy in 2021


1. Thermrup

If you have recurring foot problems, or they are particularly sensitive during the cold seasons… Thermrup insoles are likely to please you! They have the specificity of being electric!


A reusable sole

Thanks to their battery operation, Thermrup insoles can be reused every day. There is, therefore, no need to store several pairs: these are top of the range and will last you several years.

Portable heater

The biggest strength of Thermrups is obviously the heat they provide to the feet. Who has never known the feeling of having all their members frozen in the middle of February? These heated insoles are a game-changer. Once activated, they give your feet all the comfort you want, because you can adjust their temperature.

Like a conventional heater, you, therefore, have the option of adjusting them in the way that suits you best depending on the time of day. You can then take advantage of it, during all kinds of outdoor activities, whether it is for biking, hunting or simply walking around with hiking boots.

Rubber manufacturing

The Thermrup have the particularity of being able to adapt to any type of feet. Whether your size is 36 or 40, it will fit easily into your shoe. Its rubber material gives it flexibility, and above all a certain strength. They are thus equipped against wear while being comfortable and discreet.

A battery to always have with you

If electronic soles are undeniably very advantageous, the fact remains that we must also think about recharging them. The battery, always to have with you, imposes certain constraints: plugging it in at night, or carrying it on, for example, your ankle or calf are habits to take.


2. Thermopad

Thermopads are disposable heated insoles that are sold in sets of ten. Very practical for going on vacation, they are very good value for money.


Insoles quick to heat

Unlike the previous model, these heated insoles do not need to be charged or prepped before use. They work thanks to their natural components.

So you can go outside on a whim and take these heated insoles with you, the heat will be there. All you have to do is open the bag: the temperature rises in contact with oxygen. They are therefore immediately usable, with no preheating time required.

Insoles that adapt to the foot

Available in several sizes, the Thermopad adapts particularly well to the foot. Their design facilitates their installation in the shoe, thanks to their adhesive surfaces.

Sticking them there is child’s play. That way, they won’t move while you’re wearing them. Ski boots or simple sneakers, you can choose any shoe for your day: the sole will accommodate and remain stable.

Natural ingredients

Made from natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about their composition either. Iron powder, activated charcoal, water, and vermiculite, a mineral, are the secret of this cordless heating sole.

The reaction of all these elements thus causes gradual heating which lasts for nearly eight hours.

but a questionable ecological impact

If these insoles are made from natural ingredients, the problem of the ecological impact remains. Due to their disposable nature and the plastic used to package them, they generate a certain amount of waste, which is not very beneficial for the environment.


3. The Heat Company

Available in small or large quantities, The Heat Company’s heated insoles have the advantage of being accessible to everyone. It is a model that is not expensive and gives your feet all the warmth they need.


Simple activation

Not very complex to use, these heated insoles are quicker to act. It suffices to open the bag and then place them inside the shoe. Then all you have to do is walk with it for the magic to work.

Long service life

If you’re not sure you can consume all the soles in your bundle at once, that’s okay. This is a model that lasts a long time, provided that the bags containing them remain closed.

Indeed, the soles are activated only in contact with air. Keeping them in their packaging, therefore, guarantees you can use them months later, without any worries.

Their autonomy once worn is just as impressive. They are sufficiently resistant and can accompany you for example for eight hours of ride, ski, or mountain bike.

A very small price

If you are new to the concept of heated insoles, this model may be perfect to try out. Very affordable, you can, to start, choose to receive a pack of five insoles. That way, you won’t end up with huge stocks.

An effective sole

If you are particularly sensitive to high temperatures, it might be best to go for a model where it is adjustable. Indeed, The Heat Company is aptly named and brings you a lot of warmth.

The more cautious are delighted, but other people may find the intensity a little too strong.

Heated insoles: how does it work?

Heated insoles, unlike gloves, scarves, and other accessories designed to protect us from the cold, are an original device, to say the least. Real little pocket heaters, it is legitimate to wonder how such objects can work. How can simple insoles generate heat? First of all, there are several types of heated insoles: cordless and rechargeable.

Rechargeable heated insoles

Perhaps a little less surprising than a model without electricity, the operation of a rechargeable heated soleplate is rather simple. Equipped with batteries and wires, it suffices, as their name suggests, to recharge them in the evening at home, before putting them in the next day, once they are at 100%.

The process may seem familiar to you: it is a gesture that we do regularly for our cell phones. More modern than gloves, these heated insoles have the advantage of being reusable again and again, for several months.

As with any connected object, the stored energy will then be transformed and produce heat. However, be careful not to forget to take the battery for the soles with you, as it is usually external. In order not to be cluttered, you can for example hang it on your ankles or your calves.

Cordless heated insoles

A little more astonishing, the cordless heating insoles work completely naturally, without any battery. It is the mixture of its components that will raise its temperature. Once they come into contact with oxygen, it causes a chemical reaction that will create heat for several hours.

These insoles, generally, can only be used once and are therefore disposable, unlike an electrical or electronic product.

How to choose the right heated insoles in 2021?

There are a lot of heated insoles on sale, which is not always easy to choose. If you have any doubts, you should look out at these 3 Best heated insoles of 2021 and also consider these several criteria:

Disposable or reusable?

Do you prefer a disposable or a durable item? If you only want it for occasional use, a disposable model may be the best option for you.

On the other hand, if you need it for a frequent activity or your job, a heated insole with a battery would probably be more appropriate. It would accompany you for a long time and would ultimately be more economical than a wireless model.


The most important thing in a heated insole is to feel good. As we do not all have the same resistance to cold or heat, so do not hesitate to test several products to find which level of heat suits us best. It all depends on our skin, the weather conditions outside, or our activity.

You can also turn to the most high-end models, where the temperature is adjustable in several levels.


Do you need insoles for just a few hours or the whole day? Paying attention to the service life is essential to plan the number of soles you need.

If you need to be warm for the afternoon, be sure to take a sole with a battery life of at least eight hours in a row, whether it is disposable or not.


The material of the sole is also essential, not only for your comfort but also to be able to slip it easily into the shoe. Rubber, for example, is particularly recommended, as it is flexible and durable. The fabric, however, will require a bit more handling.


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