Best Hiking & Trekking Shoes 2021

Best Hiking Shoes 2021 – 7 Best Hiking & Trekking Boots

Best Hiking Shoes 2021

When you go to the mountains to go hiking or trekking it is very important to wear good footwear since your comfort and safety depend largely on it. To help you choose, in this article we are going to discuss a selection of the best hiking boots for women and men in the USA that can be bought in 2021, according to our experience and user opinions.

Trekking boots are not, in general, as light as sneakers, but in return, they offer you protection for the ankle and greater stability, something essential if you are going to go hiking in areas of certain technical difficulty or carrying a large backpack.

There is a wide variety of trekking boots so, before choosing, it is essential to know what use you are going to give them: the type of terrain you are going to travel, the distance, the weather conditions you are going to encounter. There are many types of hikers, we have included models with different characteristics and the best brands in our recommendations for hiking boots so that you can choose the ones that best suit you.


7 Best Hiking and Trekking Shoes for Men and Women to Buy in 2021


  1. Merrell Moab 2 Mid GTX – Sturdy Hiking Boots

The American company Merrell is another of the best companies in the sector and has as one of its flagships the Moab 2 Mid GTX boots. The acronym “Moab” means, according to Merrell, “Mother Of All Boats” (that is, “the mother of all boots”) which gives us an idea of ​​the confidence they have in them.



The Moab 2 Mid GTX trekking boots have Gore-Tex fabric that makes them waterproof and breathable so your feet are dry and cool even in the most difficult conditions, with rain and mud. This is also helped by its closed foam tongue that will help keep moisture and dirt out.

They are robust but light boots and are made with high-quality fabrics that make them very resistant and durable. The Vibram rubber sole and the air chamber in the heel will give you great grip and cushioning on difficult and stony trails.

Comfort is another of the virtues of the Moab 2 Mid GTX boots as they incorporate a contoured EVA rubber insole that adjusts perfectly to the foot, also on the descents. This will help prevent the dreaded finger chafing.

You have to be careful, however, when buying them since most users recommend ordering at least one size larger than the one you normally use in street footwear so that they fit well.

The Merrell Moab 2 Mid GTX are waterproof and resistant hiking boots and, also, with a really good value for money. All this makes them one of the best options to consider.


  • Waterproof (Gore-Tex fabric)
  • Strong and durable
  • Great grip and cushioning


  • Caution when choosing the size


  1. Columbia Canyon Point Mid – Best Winter Hiking boots

The American company Columbia has more than 80 years of experience manufacturing equipment for mountain activities and is, without a doubt, one of the best in the sector.

The Canyon Point Mid mid-calf hiking boots perform well in rainy and cold conditions thanks to the Omnitech technology developed by Columbia to make a waterproof membrane, with sealed seams and with high breathability, since their micropores help to evacuate humidity.


They will not only keep your feet dry. The North American brand also incorporates its best technologies, Omni-Grip and Techlite, to the sole so that it provides the best grip and traction on all types of roads, also on smooth floors. They also offer great cushioning to absorb impacts and take advantage of the return energy. This way your legs will get less tired.

Columbia’s Canyon Point Mid is robust yet lightweight. They support the ankle well and fit the foot wonderfully, although many users recommend ordering a size larger than what we usually wear. They are boots designed more for winter, so in summer they may give some heat.

Its price is quite attractive compared to other similar models so, taking into account that we are talking about a brand of Columbia quality, we can say that the Canyon Point Mid hiking boots are a great option to consider.


  • Waterproof (Omnitech technology) and breathable
  • Great shock absorption
  • They fit the foot very well


  • They can be hot in summer


  1. Salomon Outline Mid GTX – Comfortable Hiking boots for all Surfaces

Salomon is a French company that has become a benchmark in mountain sports and a synonym for quality. The Outline Mid GTX trekking boots are versatile and present a really beautiful and modern design.

These boots stand out for being very comfortable. They have been built with a light and flexible last, in the style of running shoes, but that offers the fit and protection of a mid-calf boot. Besides, its EVA rubber midsole achieves great cushioning from the impacts of the footsteps to be able to walk for hours and that the legs suffer less.


They keep feet dry well thanks to their waterproof Gore-Tex fabric. Also contributing to this is its Ortholite foam insole, designed to wick away moisture, and the reinforced tongue that prevents dirt and mud from entering.

The Contagrip sole is resistant and has great grip and traction on all terrains, whether hard or soft, thanks to the arrangement of its studs. The laces, although not quick lacing, create very strong knots that do not come undone easily.

In general, as is often the case with Salomon, it is advisable to choose one size larger than the one you use in your usual footwear. The Salomon Outline GTX hiking boots adapt to a wide variety of terrains and conditions, which makes them perfect for all kinds of adventures in Nature or the city, all year round.


  • Waterproof (Gore-Tex)
  • Comfortable, light, and flexible
  • Good grip on all terrains


  • The laces are not Quicklace


  1. Chiruca Pointer Gore-Tex – Classic Hiking boots, ideal for Tough conditions.

The Spanish company Chiruca has been manufacturing footwear and other equipment for activities in Nature for more than 50 years, always betting on the most advanced technologies. The Chiruca Pointer Gore-Tex boots are made of leather and have a nice classic and elegant design that will allow you to use them in many situations.

They stand out, above all, for being very resistant and all-terrain trekking boots designed to respond in the worst conditions, especially in cold and rain. The built-in Gore-Tex lining will keep your feet warm and dry.



The Pointer Gore-Tex is also very comfortable boots. They fit very well to the foot and ankle, and its polyurethane sole is designed to cushion the impacts of the tread. It is therefore possible to give them intensive use without suffering discomfort. In general, the shoe size you normally wear should fit.

It must be taken into account that, due to the type of materials used, the boots need a little more maintenance than other models. They must be cleaned and brushed gently, and the manufacturer recommends the use of creams so that the leather of the footwear does not lose its properties.

If what you are looking for is waterproof, resistant, and warm hiking boots that offer you great protection in the most difficult conditions, the Chiruca Pointer Gore-Tex fully meets expectations.


  • They are waterproof (Gore-Tex)
  • Warm and resistant
  • Classic and elegant design


  • They require more care


  1. Columbia Redmon V2 Mid –Comfortable Hiking boots for long walks

The Redmon V2 Mid hiking boots are another of Columbia’s most outstanding models and have the quality and the best technologies of the American brand. Comfort is one of the main virtues of the Columbia Redmon V2 Mid and is that, thanks to its lightness and its combination of materials, they adapt to the foot from the first moment, without having to wait to “tame” them. They will be ideal for walking for many hours on excursions and crossings of intermediate difficulty.


They have good waterproofing and to keep your feet dry, the mid-cut waist that prevents the entry of moisture and the breathable fabric with which they are made also contribute.

For the sole, the Omni-Grip system of multidirectional studs has been used that will give you excellent cushioning, adherence, and stability on rough or steep surfaces. They are also very practical for daily use in the city, although as a downside it must be noted that they sometimes tend to slip on some smooth wet surfaces.

In this case, the sizing is quite accurate so our usual shoe size will surely fit us. In conclusion, the Redmond V2 Mid from Columbia are very comfortable and versatile trekking boots, and they are not badly priced for all the features they offer.


  • Waterproof
  • Light and comfortable from the first moment
  • Good cushioning, adherence, and stability


  • They can slip a bit on smooth wet floors


  1. CMP Rigel Mid – Best for all types of the terrain of medium difficulty.

CMP is an Italian company that has been manufacturing outdoor sports products since the 1960s. The CMP Rigel Mid trekking boots are a classic model of the brand. They are very comfortable from the first moment, thanks to the EVA rubber midsole, the cushioned insole, and the reinforcements in the heel.

The mid-cut construction offers good stability, support, and protection for the ankles. They also have a protective Kevlar band on the sides and a rubber toe cap to keep your fingers safe. All these elements will give you security when walking through difficult terrain.


The boots have been manufactured with a waterproof and breathable Waterproof membrane that achieves a high level of performance in most situations with the neighborhood, rain, etc. For its part, the sole is composed of a mixture of various materials and adapts to all types of surfaces, whether dry or wet.

They are available in many different colors and their design is sporty but without being extravagant so they can also be used on other informal occasions. The laces could be a little better but it is always possible to change them.

The sizing is quite accurate although it may be advisable to order a size a little larger than normal, especially if we are going to use thick socks. With the Rigel Mid from CMP, we are facing mountain boots that have a great value for money and that are ideal for intermediate-level hikers who want to move through all kinds of terrain.


  • Impermeability Waterproof
  • Very comfortable
  • Good protection and stability


  • Improvable laces


  1. Salewa ALP Trainer Mid GTX – Waterproof Hiking boots

The Italian brand Salewa has been manufacturing mountain equipment for more than 80 years and its prestige is such that it has been used by legendary mountaineers such as Reinhold Messner. The Salewa Alp Trainer Mid GTX is robust and light mountain boots at the same time.

One of its most surprising features is that the insoles can be customized thanks to the Multi-Fit Footbed + system with interchangeable layers that allows, for example, to put more or less volume in the heel. In this way they can be perfectly adjusted to the shape of the feet, so the comfort of the boots is one of its best virtues.



They are waterproof but also breathable, thanks to their Gore-Tex Extended lining, and their Vibram sole grips very well and offers stability on difficult terrain.

Another proprietary technology from Salewa, the 3F, allows great flexibility in movements and provides greater protection for the ankle area. The midsole is also designed to return great cushioning after the tread, especially on descents.

For all these reasons, the Alp Trainer Mid GTX will respond effectively, both on medium-difficulty excursions and more technical trekkings, where you can walk comfortably and safely.

As is usual with the issue of sizes, when ordering it is quite advisable to choose a larger number than you normally use so that they are not too tight. Although their price is a little higher than that of other models, few boots offer practically unbeatable protection and comfort for your feet like the Alp Trainer Mid GTX hiking boots from Salewa.


  • Waterproof (Gore-Tex lining)
  • Very comfortable and with customizable templates
  • Greater protection in the ankle area


  • Price somewhat higher


  1. Salomon Authentic LTR GTX – Sturdy Hiking boots

The Authentic LTR GTX boots are another of the most interesting models of the Salomon brand. It is made of very resistant materials and is designed to withstand the most adverse conditions. Again, we are faced with some half-round trekking boots that incorporate a high-quality Gore-Tex membrane so they are waterproof and very breathable. They will allow you to walk quietly in the rain or even snow since the humidity will not seep inside.



They have a traditional hiking boot look and are surprisingly light and comfortable thanks to Salomon’s SensiFit system that wraps the foot, so you can easily use them for long hikes.

The Authentic LTR GTX has a raised studded Contagrip sole that is designed to grip all types of rough terrain. However, as sometimes happens in this type of boots, it can lose some grip on smooth wet surfaces. On the other hand, the EVA rubber midsole provides good cushioning and stability so that you can move safely even in steep areas.

Once again, when it comes to Salomon, it is recommended to order approximately one size larger than what we usually wear to get the boots to fit well. The Salomon Authentic LTR GTX mountain boots can be your adventure companions throughout the year as they offer high performance in all types of weather conditions


  • Waterproof (Gore-Tex) and breathable
  • Great grip on complex terrain
  • Resistant and light


  • They can lose grip on smooth wet surfaces


Final Verdict

That’s all we got for you as there are the Seven Best Hiking and Trekking Shoes for Men and Women to Buy in 2021 that will work in both the Summer and Winter seasons as they are made for Rough and Tough Surface.


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