Best Incense Scent Women Perfumes

5 Best Incense Perfumes For Women

It is time for us to touch on one of the most interesting topics from every point of view; speaking directly about perfumery and fashion, it is time for us to analyze incense, one of the most characteristic and ancient elements of perfumes for women.

We will explain this more thoroughly with The 5 Best Incense perfumes for Her; these small containers contain everything your spirit needs.

This incense has always been closely linked to what perfumes for women are, but because it has been used for many centuries, it was even one of the first notes used to conform to these aromas for women. Over the years, everything related to its aromas was perfected, in addition to being able to join other components without problems.

But what makes incense such a sought-after fragrance? It is not easy to explain. However, everything is linked to spirituality and the concept of depth of the human being that is easily found in any preparation with this element of nature. Incense is an almost magical formula to feel in tune with yourself, especially the power to get a philosophy of life.

Top 5 Incense Perfumes For Women

1. Michael Kors Chic Fragrance

One of the most atypical perfumes in the case of incense perfumes for women is the Chic by Michael Kors, a scent that saw its launch in 2005 and is well linked to the Spicy Amber olfactory family for Women. Michael Kors perfume mixes an even sporty presence, typical of its designer, who gave life to all these fragrances.

Michael Kors Chic Fragrance

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It does not take much review in its notes, which are Moroccan incense, spices, and tuberose; these three will always give a complete presence to this perfume. In general, it has a lot of spicy heat, in addition to being very hot and where the essence of flowers stands out as they rarely appear.

The thing does not end there, especially when considering that it is a perfume intended for rewarding moments such as climbing a mountain or going on an excursion. This is mainly the work of smell, with the balm among its best components.

If we touch on the issue that it has some moderate flexibility in its average longevity, it leaves no room for doubts about its perfect harmony. As for its wake, it is enormous, and therefore, you can have it with you for many days.

2. Juicy Couture Royal Rose

The mystical and essential thing in life is present from the first moment you use the Royal Rose by Juicy Couture, which is one of the most complete perfumes you can use. This is linked to the Amber Floral olfactory family for Women and was officially launched in 2017.

Juicy Couture Royal Rose

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This perfume stands out above many others mainly because it has a suitable combination of many essential factors for a feminine yet intelligent scent designed for women who look at life in detail and objectively. That is why it also has a few notes, including the rose of Taif, incense, heliotrope, and musk.

The floral, amber, and powdery accords stand out first of all these aromas within the Royal Rose. In this first part, it is easy to get lost among its top notes because they already mark the path of a feminine perfume but with greatness. Then, you can enjoy its smoky accords, where the vanilla and spicy heat are powerfully noticed.

Thanks to the fact that it is a warm perfume, it is perfect for the winter season; it will also come equipped with very long-lasting longevity and a consistently moderate trail.

3. Kenzo Flower Oriental

Brought from Asia, the Flower by Kenzo Oriental is one of the perfumes that creates the most mystery and addiction in the women who use it; taking this into account, it is not surprising that it is one of the best Alberto Morillas perfumes. It was launched in 2005 and is part of the Woody Amber olfactory family for Women.

Kenzo Flower Oriental

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It has all the proper and necessary notes to make you feel good about yourself, and you can radiate confidence later in those who observe you. It comprises a series of essential messages, highlighting incense, flowers, violet, Bulgarian rose, vanilla, and pepper. This combination will bring you one of the most exquisite combinations ever seen.

It boasts of having aromas of amber joined above all to the warm and where you can count on touches of flowers, both strong and weak, to make you feel like you are in a garden. But this is also made with a very balsamic air, where the vanilla is noticeable.

All its chords are planned to be used in spring, considering that it must be a perfect perfume for young girls, especially those in their prime because it is a delightful perfume with moderate longevity and a trail. Heavy.

In addition, it has a pretty exciting side, which already has to do with social gatherings, because it is such a good perfume that it will give you what you are looking for in confidence, considering its balms and vanilla.

4. Bvlgari Lazulia Fragrance

A Bvlgari has always liked to experiment with chords Arabic and, therefore, the Laz Julia is one of the best perfumes for this because its aroma, designed by Daniela Andrier, combines amber with flowers in the olfactory family Amber Floral for Women and was launched in 2015.

Therefore, it will be a perfume with much to contribute, giving a mix of Arab and European that makes even the coldest man in this world fall in love.

Bvlgari Lazulia Fragrance

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The Lazuli will give you notes of jasmine, incense, and oud wood, all of them well attached to a very floral aroma, very woody, and of course, warm, the characteristic stamp of incense that is very noticeable in summer. On the other hand, with the Lazuli, you can enjoy a few moments of more than necessary flowers when you have to go slowly as they are strong.

He does not experiment with new modalities in combinations because it is classic, and the ncense contributes to this. It has moderate longevity and a weighty scent. The latter marks its presence, especially when it is noticed in closed places such as clubs. Hence, you want to use it if you want to be seen; it is a well-polished Arabic pearl in the form of a sophisticated perfume.

5. Shiseido Zen Gold Edition

Very deep, specially dedicated to the complete women that exist, the Zen Gold by Shiseido is a perfume that has the Amber Floral olfactory family for Women and that was launched in 2008; that’s why you have to think of it as a bridge between the modern and still classic, its hallmark.

Shiseido Zen Gold Edition

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So are its notes, which range between flowers, wood, incense, and amber. Much spicy heat stands out from this perfume that has possibilities between the wood and the flowers, and its warmth is always in its aroma. This is not for all women, as it is strong, and not all like this feeling on their skin. They consider it a perfume designed for long-lasting longevity and a soft trail.

A scent like Zen Gold is best suited to fall, and it’s a somewhat introverted way of making itself known despite its long permanence. In addition to this aroma, it can be highlighted that it can feel very delicious in the mornings to hang out at work, while at night, it shows that you want to have a silent and warm companion for your body.


Incense Fragrances has shown many things in this article, and we will explain it more in-depth in this final closing. The first thing is that they are spiritual aromas that do not look for you to wear them with material things in the background, but rather to feel comfortable with yourself at all times because they live from today. Your thoughts to feel good in those moments when it seems that cosmopolitan it’s too overwhelming.

Secondly, we owe it to the best perfumes with incense for women to feel sure of themselves and, without many explanations, put themselves in tune with everything related to their bodies and minds; they activate your sensations. This is why they are the most recommended fragrances for complete women full of goals and do not want to get bogged down in trivia.

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