Best Inspirational Netflix Movies in 2020

Best Inspirational Netflix Movies in 2020 | Top Motivational Netflix Movies

There are motivational movies to excite us, to scare us, and to cause us and others that can have a subtle effect on us beyond screens or rooms cinema, when the final credits are completed. Here are some of the Best Inspirational Netflix Movies in 2020 which are surely an inspiration to many.

These are motivational and personal development films that not only tell inspirational stories but often transform the way we see things and the way we make decisions. These are film pieces that seem to have been created to motivate all audiences and fuel the fire of their will.

List of Top Best Motivational Films / Inspirational Netflix Movies in 2020

  • In search of happiness
  • Appolo 13
  • The bright side
  • Forrest Gump
  • A wonderful spirit (A Beautiful Mind, 2001)
  • Honor game (Coach Carter, 2005)
  • Awekennings
  • Seven years in Tibet
  • Walt Before Mickey
  • If I had wings

After an arduous long day, an inspiring film is sometimes the best remedy. Watching inspirational, motivational films, especially when you know that they are based on real events, awakens the part of your imagination that drives your own personal projects, hopes, and life story.

Whether the characters overcome wars and social movements or build from scratch, these inspiring films will help you get started with energy and enthusiasm for the next day.

  1. In search of happiness.

Will Smith plays the role of a father who must face economic ruin and abandonment of his wife to continue providing excellent care for his son. The helplessness and lack of the help supplied by the individualistic society in which he is immersed will not make him throw in the towel in his fight for the search for a future in which he and his son can live in dignity.

A life lesson that teaches us the importance of continuing to fight even when the circumstances are not very promising.

  1. Appolo 13

Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, and Bill Paxton play the besieged and real astronauts of what turned out to be NASA’s cruelest mission when their spacecraft develops a crippling fault.

Director Ron Howard heightens the suspense while Ed Harris plays Gene Krantz, the ground controller who tries to guide them home. Based on the book by Jim Lovell, a character from Hanks, this technical wonder won the Oscars for editing and sound. This movie is one of the best motivational movies on Netflix.

  1. The bright side

Acclaimed film in which the character played by Bradley Cooper learns to cope with the difficulties of life with bipolar disorder when he meets Jennifer Lawrence in the role of Tiffany. This improvised duo will discover how mutual support is capable of transforming reality and decisively improving their lives.

  1. Forrest Gump

I could not miss Forrest Gump in this compilation of Motivational Films 2020. Actor Tom Hanks plays a young man with a low IQ who, thanks to his good faith and his exemplary desire to win, lives thousands of adventures, and earns a place in people’s hearts.

A classic among the Best Inspirational Movies on Netflix; This shows us that an intellectual disability is not an obstacle to leaving its mark in this world.

  1. A wonderful spirit (A Beautiful Mind, 2001)

This film tells the true story of mathematician John Nash. Nash is bright but eccentric and suffers from schizophrenia. Therefore, his relationship with people and the world around him is not easy. Despite his suffering, Nash entered the intellectual world by publishing important political theories that had won him the 1994 Nobel Prize in economics.

  1. Honor game (Coach Carter, 2005).

Coach Carter is at the 6th position on our list of the best motivational films on NetFlix in 2020. The film tells the story of the Richmond school, which is located in a poor district with very problematic students, and for this reason, their basketball team is very unruly and obviously does not win any of their matches before the arrival of a new coach.

Coach Carter joins the team and begins to gain ground not only to develop them in the sport but also to make them better people.

  1. Awakening

This inspiring film, starring Robin Williams and Robert de Niro, tells the story of an experimental doctor who works with catatonic patients who survived the deadly encephalitis epidemic of the 1920s.

By observing and interacting with them, he realizes that their cognitive abilities are not impaired, but that the paralysis of their body prevents them from connecting to the world.

Based on the real story of Doctor Malcolm Sayer, shows how, through the empathetic relationship with their patients and the desire to discover something new in their profession, led him to try a new medicine by making great progress in it. Study of this disease, but also open great debates on the use of experimental drugs in humans.

One of the things I liked most about this film was how we approach the human drama of the patients and how life changes us when we see beyond the surface.

A great inspirational film, Robert de Niro, director Penny Marshall and screenwriter Steven Zaillian were nominated for an Oscar for this film in 1990.

  1. Seven years in Tibet

During the Second World War, the Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer with Peter Ausehnaiter and a team of mountaineers captured by British soldiers in Indian territory and taken to a prison camp. The story of this great drama inspired by history the mountaineers who arrive in Lhasa, Tibet, after crossing the Himalayas, escaped and suffered the adversity of crossing the wildest terrain of the mountain.

As the film starring Brad Pitt progresses, one can observe the deep spiritual twist that the character develops after meeting the little Dalai Lama of the time and sharing with him his knowledge of Western technology.

In one of his books titled “The Universe in One Atom,” the Dalai Lama says that his friendship with Heinrich opened his perspective to the world of technology and helped him better understand the science of West.

Seven Years in Tibet is an exciting, inspiring Motivational film that also shows part of the Chinese conflict in India.

  1. Walt Before Mickey

The story of Walt Disney is undoubtedly one of the most important success stories, but do you know how it started? Walt Before Mickey follows in the footsteps of Walter’s early career in the animation world or rather follows Walter through all the failures he had to go through to become one of the most influential people in the world.

  1. If I had wings

Two teenagers who lead very different lives are part of what was their passion, and the other is the starting point for a dark future. Alex, blind since the age of two, dreams of being part of his school’s racing team. Brad, a teenager going through his most rebellious moment, must help him make up for his bad behavior at school.

A drama that shows how important it is to cross the barriers of life, to open up to meet different people, and to take advantage of the possibilities that present themselves to us.

A motivational film that, despite its simplicity of production, delivers a message of overcoming and perseverance.

Final Words

So, Above are all the Top 10 Motivational and Best Inspirational Netflix Movies to Watch in 2020. I hope so you like the article, and below in the comment section, let us know which one is your favorite or also tell us about other motivational movies that inspire you.


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