10 Best International Money Transfer Apps

10 Best International Money Transfer Apps

Whether you are an individual or a business, these international money transfer apps will ease your sending money abroad.

Best Money Transfer Apps

Transferring money online is an increasingly common practice with the globalization of the economy. However, making a classic bank transfer is not always easy and can entail significant costs for an international money transfer.

1. TransferWise

The TransferWise app is also dedicated to sending money abroad. It promises to convert your money into 28 currencies (pound sterling, euro, US dollar, Swiss franc, Hong Kong dollar, Japanese yen…) ​​always based on the lowest real exchange rate of the moment.

A simple, fast, and free application that will save you time and money. This application is intended for expatriates, foreign students, small businesses, freelancers, or simply travelers.

2. Western Union

Western Union offers secure money transfer services around the world. Thanks to the app, you can send money online safely.

In less than five seconds, this app allows you to send money online to whoever you want using only the recipient’s phone number, which must also be registered in the app. This is the best way to send money fast to the United States, China, and around the world.

The app also has a “Request Money” option that allows you to remind your contacts to make your payment. You can get it by going to your bank’s website or app. Available on Android and Apple iOS smartphones, the Western Union application is one of the most practical for sending money abroad.

3. Paypal

We no longer present Paypal which is the most famous electronic wallet application (e-wallet). This application allows you to send and receive money, as well as to create a mutual fund in a secure way, simple and immediate.

It is free for transfers in euros in countries of the European Union. Note that PayPal recently announced that it will also support BitCoin and certain other cryptocurrencies.

You can therefore send money to your contacts in other EU countries without commission. To use the services, it is sufficient to be registered in a PayPal account and to have an account or an associated card or to have a PayPal balance.

4. Skrill

The Skrill App allows you to send and receive money in 40 currencies and 180 countries. Money transfer takes place directly to other Skrill members as well from the app, but can also be done to bank accounts.

Skrill also allows crypto-currencies to be exchanged quickly and easily, which is a significant advantage compared to other applications. The simplicity of the interface is useful for businessmen who work internationally. He can very simply check their balance and add money when they travel abroad.

5. Google pay

The Google Pay app is a very practical mobile payment solution. All you need to do is associate a bank card with the application to pay using the smartphone’s NFC contactless function. When traveling, it is a practical payment solution that saves you from having to take out your bank card.

The functions are multiple and will be useful to you in multiple situations in all countries where Google services are functional:

  • make contactless payments;
  • use loyalty cards, gift cards, offers, event tickets and boarding passes,
  • pay to take the train and the bus,
  • send money to relatives.

This secure payment application protects your account and banking information on multiple levels. Note that while the Android application works very well internationally, the iPhone iOS version only works in the United States and India.

6. Venmo

This mobile application allows people to receive and send money between friends and family. It simplifies money transfers and avoids opening your wallet and taking out money.

Mobile payments through Venmo can refer to three things:

  • pay at the cash register using your smartphone;
  • use an application to make payments online or in another application;
  • accept or send money to a contact who has a Venmo e-wallet.

Even if you’re not currently using a mobile payment app, your friends probably do, and sooner or later they’ll send you a request or payment. In this case, nothing could be simpler, just download the application to immediately receive your money.

7. Remitly

Less known than the other applications mentioned above, Remitly is still used by more than 3 million people. It is mainly used to send money abroad to relatives. Among the main advantages that make it successful, we note:

  • know the exact date and time when your money will reach the beneficiary;
  • encrypted transfers to guard against fraud;
  • transparent exchange rates and zero hidden fees.
  • compatible in more than 60 countries: Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, and Haiti.

8. Lydia

Lydia is a French fintech specializing in mobile payment. After having revolutionized the payment between relatives, the application has extended its services to become a “super-app to manage your money”!

Simplicity is the watchword of the app offered by Lydia which allows you to pay any international contact via their phone number, but also to request a refund or collect money for the fundraisers.

Among the new options available, there are now the Lydia Visa card, ephemeral Internet cards, a Lydia IBAN, contactless payment, and the possibility of withdrawing and paying free of charge abroad!

9. Pour

Although not backed by any bank, Verse has become a benchmark when it comes to sending and receiving funds. At no cost, you can instantly and securely send money online, request, and receive money.

To use it, just download the app and register your phone number and card. The Verse app offers the ability to create an event that other users can participate in by donating money or working as an online fundraiser to pay for whatever you want together.

10. Azimo

This app allows you to send money online to over one hundred and ninety-five countries and over sixty euro-area currencies. Transfers from the app are instant in over fifty countries and the majority of transfers to all other countries arrive in less than twenty-four hours. A comfortable and secure request, but at low costs.

You can send money online to any bank account, to a virtual wallet, or to over 300,000 secure withdrawal points. Its customer service is available in ten different languages, so you can ask all kinds of questions.


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