5 Best Korean Romantic Series and K Dramas to watch

15 Best Korean Romantic Series and K Dramas

Korean Series, also known as K-Dramas, is a type of Asian TV Show. If you’re interested in watching some of the best Korean Romantic Series and girly K dramas, read on.

While K-dramas fans enjoy historical, horror, thriller, fantasy, and comedic films and series just as much, romance is the genre that they all adore the most. Other countries also produce similar dramas, including Japanese dramas, Chinese dramas, Thai dramas, and more.

Best Korean Romantic Series and K Dramas of All Time

K-dramas usually consist of 16 episodes, but some can extend up to 50. They are fictional stories that range from 15 minutes to 1 hour in length.

One is hooked by the flawless fusion of a compelling plot, sizzling main couple chemistry, comedic timing, and an outstanding ensemble.

1. Secret Garden

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A dashing and distant department store chief executive and a fiery stuntwoman have a classic meet-cute at the start of Secret Garden, the fantasy romance to end all fantasy romances. Then, one fatal night, they unexpectedly switch places.

Never have Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won performed better than they do in this drama, which flawlessly captures the well-known elements of K-drama romance. It also has one of the all-time great Korean TV soundtracks.

2. Romance Is a Bonus Book

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In addition to being a successful and attractive writer, Cha Eun Ho is a publishing company’s youngest chief editor. He maintains his composure and reasonability at work.

Then, he starts to get entangled in the life of his childhood buddy, once well-known copywriter Kang Dan Yi.

She is currently divorced, a single mother, jobless, and going through a difficult time in her life. Despite her previous successful career, she is unable to obtain employment.

She starts working as a temporary employee in the same building under none other than Cha Eun Ho after lying about her background in a desperate bid to obtain employment.

More often than not, they become involved in each other’s lives, and a love tale starts to develop.

3. Twenty-Five Twenty-One

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Twenty-Five Twenty-One (25 21) is among the all-time best romantic K dramas; Na Hee Do competes in fencing for her high school. The high school fencing squad is dissolved as a result of the financial crisis in South Korea.

After overcoming all the challenges, she joins the national fencing squad. The financial crisis in South Korea also resulted in the bankruptcy of Baek Yi Jin’s father’s company.

Baek Yi Jin’s life changes as a result, going from one of affluent to impoverished. He works part-time jobs like newspaper delivery in addition to his studies.

He eventually works for a broadcasting network as a sports reporter. In this vibrant story of adolescent passion, a lively Kim Tae-ri, and charming Nam Joo-hyuk tango over several years.

4. My Secret Romance

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The son of a wealthy family who owns a sizable corporation is Cha Jin Wook. Normally, he just wants fleeting love, but he changes when he meets Lee Yoo Mi, who has never been in a relationship.

This pair is having a one-night stand in a dating environment full of busy people who prefer to flirt and chase “some” relationships instead of building genuine connections that allow them to express their true sentiments.

When they cross paths again after a three-year break, they begin a tentative push-pull romance that will keep them on their toes as they develop feelings for one another.

5. Crash Landing on You

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Crash Landing on You is a perfect combination of comedy and romance which makes this Korean series among the best romantic K dramas of all time. An entrepreneur from South Korea unintentionally parishes over the demilitarized zone separating his country from North Korea in this immediate small-screen classic.

She is discovered by a refined yet extremely attractive military officer from North Korea, whom she convinces to conceal her and assist in her escape to the South.

Crash Landing on You increased the popularity of Korean dramas abroad with its unique and humorous premise and the star power of Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin, who would go on to marry, working together for the second time following the hostage thriller The Negotiation.

6. Happiness (2021)

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Yoon Sae Bom is a unique agent possessing fast reflexes and intelligence in addition to another unique trait.

By feigning to marry her high school classmate Jung Yi Hyun, she gains the right to move into a new apartment reserved for civil servants in a highly sought-after apartment building.

Detective Yi Hyun is looking into the spread of an enigmatic illness. When Han Tae Seok, the leader of the task force tasked with containing the disease’s spread, orders the apartment complex to be closed off from the rest of the city, they find themselves stuck inside.

Illness and quarantine expose a caste system in society, exposing the best and worst aspects of the apartment dwellers.

7. Come and Hug Me (2018)

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This is the tale of a twelve-year tragic relationship. Gil Nak Won and Yoon Na Moo were each other’s first loves when they were young.

When Yoon Hee Jae, the psychopath serial killer father of Na Moo, kills Nak Won’s parents, they are compelled to split ways.

Nine years later, Yoon Na Moo is now Chae Do Jin, an ardent and compassionate rookie detective who wants to make up for his father’s transgressions. Gil Nak Won is currently Han Jae Yi, an aspiring actress who is carrying on her mother’s legacy.

Despite having a panic disorder, she maintains a positive attitude in life. But before it does, the sorrow of their history resurfaces, and their brief meeting ends.

8. Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

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Former Goryeo military general Kim Shin was unbeatable until his untimely death. Despite his newfound immortality, he is sick of watching those around him perish.

Kim Shin has been looking for his bride—a mortal who can draw a sword and take his life—for 900 years.

He meets Ji Eun Tak one day, a cheerful, optimistic high school girl who has experienced terrible things but is still resilient. Ji Eun Tak also can see the dead.

Her claim to be the Goblin’s bride, capable of taking away his eternal life, only serves to complicate an otherwise straightforward assignment as the two fall in love.

9. Our Beloved Summer

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Our Beloved Summer is among the best romantic Korean Series where two acrimonious former loves find themselves back in front of the camera and each other’s lives.

A few years after making a highly popular high school documentary. Choi Woong appears to be a carefree and innocent man, but he is yearning for anything in his life for the first time. He displays his thoughts as a result.

Although Kook Yeon Soo’s goal in life was to be the best student in her school, she is now an adult who lives a fierce life and accepts her circumstances.

10. When The Camellia Blooms (2019)

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In the tiny village of Ongsan, there lives Dong Baek, a single mother. In addition to managing the bar-restaurant Camellia, she looks after her son Pil Gu. Ongsan residents are always chatting up Dong Baek.

She is an orphan herself, a single mother, and the owner of a bar that many of the guys in Ongsan come to. Local police officer Hwang Yong Shik is madly in love with Dong Baek, no matter what the rumors in the community may be about her.

Kang Jong Ryeol, Dong Baek’s former boyfriend, unexpectedly arrives in her life in the meantime.

A well-known baseball player, he kept their relationship a secret while they were dating. Something genuinely evil is hiding in the background while Dong Baek searches for happiness.

11. Love in the Moon Light

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To keep herself and her family safe, Hong Ra On poses as a man and gives dating advice to males. She meets Crown Prince Hyo Myung as a result of a love letter she penned for a client.

Both Hyo Myung and Ra On are ignorant of the fact that Ra On is a woman and that he is the Crown Prince.

Soon later, loan sharks force Ra On to become a eunuch, and Ra On and the Crown Prince start to show interest in one another.

Will their love blossom as the Crown Prince makes his way to become king and Ra On struggles to survive the palace?

12. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018)

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The vice president of a business owned by his family, Lee Young Joon, is the narcissistic focus of the story.

He is extremely conceited and full of himself; in fact, he hardly pays attention to anyone else. Kim Mi So, Lee Young Joon’s competent and understanding secretary, has supported him and worked hard for nine years without showing any romantic interest.

Funny misconceptions occur when Mi So decides to retire from her work because she wants to focus on herself and live her life.

Can their relationship, which has been purely professional for the past nine years, finally grow into something more?

13. Business Proposal (2022)

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Shin Ha Ri is a woman employed by a corporation and is single. She has been crushing on her male buddy for a while, but now she finds out he has a girlfriend.

Feeling depressed, Shin Ha Ri decides to see her friend Jin Young Seo, a chaebol family’s daughter.

Then, Jin Young Seo asks Shin Ha Ri to go on a blind date with her and even offers to pay her for the time. Shin Ha Ri says yes to her friend’s invitation.

To be turned down by her date, she goes on a blind date dressed as Jin Young Seo. Shin Ha Ri is astonished to see her blind date. Kang is her blind date.

14. True Beauty

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The romantic comedy “True Beauty” centers on Lim Ju Gyeong, a high school student who gains notoriety as an attractive lady after learning how to apply makeup on YouTube.

Thanks to her makeup artistry, she transforms into a goddess, but she would sooner die than show her face to the public. It narrates her romance with Lee Su Ho, the only boy who has ever seen her without makeup.

Because of his troubled upbringing, Lee Su Ho is a charming and handsome teenager who, despite his outward appearance, is incredibly compassionate.

Meeting, sharing secrets, and falling in love all help them grow, but will Su Ho help Ju Gyeong realize her true beauty?

15. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

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Dentist Yoon Hye Jin flees the metropolis to a beach resort she used to visit as a child after disagreeing with her boss. She chooses to open a permanent dental office in the town after discovering there isn’t one there.

The free-spirited jack of all trades, Hong Do Shik, enters as the former city resident almost instantly offends the locals with his stiff and guarded behavior. They don’t get along at first, but they’re there to teach her how to live in a little village.


It’s always enjoyable and soothing to watch a lighthearted romance television show with friends or a significant other. It makes you feel better to watch something so genuine and realistic happen on film.

It also warms your heart. And since the Hallyu wave is sweeping the globe, love K-dramas are exactly what your soul needs.

Korean dramas today exist in a variety of forms and sizes, but romance remains the genre most closely linked with them. These best Korean romantic series will tell you how perfect can comedy and romance will be.

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