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6 Best Lanvin Perfumes For Men in 2021

Best Lanvin Perfumes For Men

Originality and formality, both words can perfectly quote what it means to feel Lanvin, one of the most renowned fashion brands on the planet. His line of perfumes for men can be perfectly used by both businessmen and ordinary people who want to dance at a disco. This, without a doubt, makes it one of the most distinguished brands on the planet.

In the 6 Best Lanvin Men Perfumes in 2021, you will get a taste of it, being able to see firsthand everything that has to do with these perfumes to get the best satisfaction and make everything new. Do not detach from the following Lanvin list:


6 Best Lanvin Men Perfumes & Colognes to Buy in 2021


1. L’Homme by Lanvin

The informal is what defines L’Homme de Lanvin, this perfume will make you feel like a totally free man, making it also a perfect fragrance for any kind of casual gathering, full of simplicity and minimalism.

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Launched in 1997, this perfume opened the door to a style that has quickly spread to every man in the world, containing so much air of freedom that L’Homme needs to be fresh enough to like you from cover to cover and that’s it. It fulfills in many ways, making it an ideal summer fragrance.

Within its manufacture designed exclusively by Alberto Morillas, there are vanilla, sandalwood, amber, musk, mint, and also sage. Also noteworthy is that it has a good potency in its longevity, as it is very durable and with a wake that obeys to be moderate.


2. Arpege Pour Homme by Lanvin

Strong words are Arpege Pour Homme, this perfume comes to open your senses and make you a man with a broad understanding of the world. This has a good dose of freshness, which however is not its main attribute.

On the contrary, what makes Arpege Pour Homme an ideal fragrance for a man is that he can feel special with his own virtues, so really with any kind of man, it will come into effect, where you will feel proud of yourself.

As a perfume launched in the 21st century, it was chosen to use notes with innovative characteristics, such as tonka bean, sandalwood, patchouli or also vanilla, tangerine, neroli, and orange. This provides slightly dry but citrusy air for use in fountains. Its longevity is moderate and its wakefulness is the same.


3. Avant Garde by Lanvin

When, in the preamble to this article, I mentioned that Lanvin perfumes tended towards elegance, we mentioned this thought of Avant-Garde, a very modern type of elegance, made for the man who likes to wear black completely with his Ray glasses. wordless.

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Avant-Garde represents all the elegance you can have, it really has no limits, and also thanks to the fact that it makes you feel like a truly independent man, with no possible ties in your life, its fragrance demonstrates that a man has no dilemmas. moral, as long as its elegance and style are not affected.

The perfume itself was made with notes of cardamom, amber, benzoin, tobacco, beeswax, lavender, and pink pepper to make you a wanted man too, not just unattainable. Due to its moderate longevity and similar wakefulness, along with its notes that make you enter a certain heat, it performs very well in winter or fall.


4. L’Homme Sport by Lanvin

Lots of masculinity overflowing like no other perfume has known how to do, being modern and portentous, L’Homme Sport will inspire you with a lot of confidence, maybe too much, as it makes you a more competitive man.

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L’Homme Sport is really tough, designed for the heated sporting events of a time like summer. It seems that this perfume will make you warm up very quickly, ideal for you to feel elegant, even when surrounded by dangerous movements for your body.

He opted for notes of lavender, oakmoss, Indonesia patchouli, pepper, bergamot, and lavender, making sure that when you sweat, you do it exactly with your fragrance. The longevity it proposes is moderate, as well as its trial is made exclusively for men.


5. Éclat d’Arpège Pour Homme by Lanvin

Variants are always one of the brands of a company like Lanvin, something demonstrated by Éclat d’Arpège Pour Homme, a perfume that is remarkable above all because it will make it very attractive for women, even though its packaging is one of the most careful and fines designed by the company.

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If yours is also to feel masculine, but you want to be attractive, this perfume is what you are looking for. Feeling attracted by your own attractiveness to radiate it out is due to notes of violet, jasmine, musk, rosemary, and bergamot that adhere very well to your body. Its longevity is long and its trail is moderate, ideal for autumn.


6. Oxygene Homme by Lanvin

The feeling of liberation that one feels with Lanvin’s Ovingene Homme comes to mean the most notable of a perfume that came to sneak in as one of the most requested. Thanks to its combination of elements such as notes of Virginia juniper, cedar, white musk, and brunet, this perfume has to achieve the mobility you need for winter, Oxygene Homme even becoming a fragrance with strong traces and longevity.

The secret of a fragrance like this was that they chose to let the person move in their own air, but imbued with notes as to natural and free as possible. The result was the Oxygene Homme, ideal for adventure lovers, both in the city and abroad.

Final Considerations

Lanvin is very attached to men because he made them formal or informal without losing style. Each of the six perfumes we presented above is proof of this and it would really be a waste if you didn’t buy them, we can recommend them over and over again. Should you be the one to enter this world of addictive ambiguity that only Lanvin offers, go ahead and try one of his perfumes!

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