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6 Best Louis Vuitton Perfumes For Women in 2022

Best Louis Vuitton Perfumes For Women

The elegance and beauty of a brand like Louis Vuitton cannot be separated even with a magnifying glass, because since 1854 they have taken the reins of fashion by the horns until they dominate it and put it at their feet, this company is the synonym clearer French style that changed the world.

You will like this article a lot, especially taking into account that it is one where we are going to expose everything that has to do with these 6 Best Louis Vuitton Perfumes for Women.

These aromas are absolutely nothing without the seal of this renowned French company and we put ourselves into practice so that you know everything that becomes of them. In general, we talk about perfumes that have elegance in their delicate notes as well as a lot of presence with strong styles in their combined aromas of flowers and even citrus.


6 Best Louis Vuitton Women Perfumes & Colognes to Buy in 2022


1. Apogee by Louis Vuitton

Jacques Cavallier is the creator of a perfume that caused a revolution in elegant aromas in 2016, this aroma is the Apogée, and a company like Louis Vuitton has managed to lead to the path of success.

Apogee by Louis Vuitton

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Starting from a Floral olfactory family for Women, this perfume bases its essence on notes of orange, tangerine orange, jasmine, and guaiac wood as its most notable components. So you can expect a very citrus and floral aroma, both are the most important hallmarks of the French brand.

Either way, it includes a series of elements in its aroma such as roses and also a presence of wood, ideal for very long-lasting longevity and a very heavy trail, perfect for a winter perfume. Its scent is also made to shine in those moments when you have to take out your best dress.


2. Heures d’Absence by Louis Vuitton

Another perfume that defines very well what this aesthetic so delimited by Louis Vuitton means is Heures d’Absence, a sober, serious perfume with a special magnetism for intelligent girls.

Heures d'Absence by Louis Vuitton

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It belongs to the Woody Floral Musk olfactory family, wrapping its aroma along with scents so different that they attract each other. The notes that make it up are composed of sandalwood, vanilla, musk, May rose, mimosa, and raspberry. The result is a truly floral perfume with a combination especially linked to fruit.

But also, this perfume stands out for having some vanilla, along with light and masterful moments of wood in its background, which makes its aroma one with moderate longevity and heavy trail.

You will like to know that this aroma has a fantastic presence in the summers and that it will not leave you for anything in the heat of its freshness.


3. California Dream by Louis Vuitton

Within Louis Vuitton, they chose to design a perfume that made many nods to American culture, especially to the Californian culture with the California Dream, which stands out as a recommended perfume for all young women who seek to get out of the routine with speed.

California Dream by Louis Vuitton

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This aroma that it has is framed in the Citrus olfactory family for Women and how could it be otherwise, it is designed exclusively for the summer, in addition to having notes of mandarin, musk, pear, benzoin, and ambrette musk. Its designer was Jacques Cavallier and you can expect a scent that comes out of the tonic.

It is really citric, in fact too much and this is also noticeable in that it does not even shade a note as strong as musk, all because its aroma is closely linked to mandarin, which incidentally, is a perfume with long-lasting longevity and a heavy scent.

In this way, you can also see a perfume that invites you to take risks with your most eccentric actions.


4. Turbulences by Louis Vuitton

For those girls who do not like to be tied to a place, but are unpredictable, we have their dream perfume, it is Turbulences by Louis Vuitton, a perfume born in 2016 and that has the Oriental Floral olfactory family for Women on its part.

Turbulences by Louis Vuitton

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What best defines the aroma of this perfume is that it is made with full-bodied floral notes as well as leather and musk, two currents that together make a perfume that does not just settle in any current. For that, Jacques Cavallier dedicated himself to including notes of tuberose, magnolia, rose, leather, musk, and sandalwood in the same bottle.

Then you will have an aroma of the white and smoked flower together with a touch of leather, both extremely different and where one seeks moisture and the other dryness everywhere, which end up making its perfume one for winter, besides, to surprise us with its moderate longevity. and heavy wake.


5. Rose des Vents by Louis Vuitton

Don’t miss out on how beautiful it is to have Rose des Vents in your hands, an entirely floral scent that has roses everywhere without making you feel more than a feminine girl. The olfactory family Floral Women musters a perfume delicate launched in 2016.

Rose des Vents by Louis Vuitton

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You will be able to delight yourself with some notes of May rose, Turkish rose, iris, orris root, violet, and black currants, which are the most special of their aroma. The aroma that by the way is towards the side of the roses, which originally make up all its air so fresh and that will not leave you in the summer.

As if that were not enough, this perfume is accompanied by a rich sweet and spicy air to finish giving the feminine chic touch and that has long-lasting longevity and a soft trail. Without a doubt, we are talking about the most delicate and feminine perfume in the entire article.


6. Matiere Noire by Louis Vuitton

A processed aroma also has to feel good, especially in modern girls who like Louis Vuitton and that with the Matiere Noire they will appreciate, this is an aroma that is full of very strong notes and that belongs to the Oriental olfactory family for Women.

Matiere Noire by Louis Vuitton

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Its notes are composed of roses, patchouli, benzoin, cyclamen, and also sambac jasmine. These strong brushstrokes are what make this perfume enjoy prestige in spring with a strong aroma between fruity and floral, also making its longevity long-lasting and its heavy trail.

But if we go more towards its aroma, it is also balsamic and with a rose on its side, allowing an incredible aroma to be felt and of great value for independent women.


Final Considerations

The Louis Vuitton brand never skimps on all the luxury it can possess as long as they are allowed to make French aromas that the world will appreciate in no time, this is The 6 Best Louis Vuitton Perfumes For Women. However, a lot of techniques in their creations make their aromas the right options for those who want to be attracted to luxury and beauty.

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