Best Molinard Perfumes for Women

9 Best Molinard Perfumes For Women

Molinard is one of the few brands that still values this philosophy. In this article, we’ll be reviewing the best Molinard perfumes for women, each guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your skin.

Best Molinard Women Perfumes & Colognes

In today’s business landscape, it’s rare for companies to maintain a family-like atmosphere. Founded over a century ago, this French company offers a range of perfumes that are both charismatic and sweet.

1. Molinard Patchouli

With a scent that can easily be classified as addictive and original, Patchouli is a perfume that was launched within the Woody Chypre olfactory family for Women. Launched in 2015, this scent is extremely heavy.

Molinard Patchouli

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Boasting notes of geranium, orange, patchouli, sandalwood, and vanilla, it contains an aroma full of wood, as well as having warm and truly citrus accords, which in general create a very comfortable thermal sensation. This scent is intended for winter and comes with very short longevity along with a heavy trail.

2. Molinard Muguet Eau de Toilette

Since it was launched in 1999, the Muguet has always been the perfume to share and enjoy with friends of Molinard, because it’s fun and spontaneous thanks to an olfactory family Floral for Women welcomes notes.

Muguet by Molinard

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Lilac, rose, lotus flower, water jasmine, and lily of the valley are present to give you an exclusively floral air with various well-highlighted nuances such as delicate, fresh aromas and close to herbs.

Feeling very comfortable in summer will be easy with this perfume It also has short longevity and a moderate trail.

3. Molinard Ambre

Remarkably changing its aroma, we warn you that Ambre is a perfume that is quite refined and that is demonstrated in its union with the Amber for Women olfactory family, it was launched in 2015.

Ambre by Molinard

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This perfume has a series of very emblematic aromas, such as being very citrusy due to its orange and lemon notes, as well as a penetrating sweetness due to the vanilla note. 

The lavender and patchouli are also part of the air quite smoked for young girls. With the Ambre you can enjoy the springs, having short longevity and a moderate wake.

4. Molinard Heliotrope Eau de Parfum

Those who want a prestigious perfume should use Heliotrope, a remarkable perfume from the Floral for Women olfactory family that was launched in 2015.

Molinard Heliotrope

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With this perfume, notes of the size of the heliotrope come together, which is its dominant aroma, where the scents of neroli, iris, jasmine, rose, and tonka bean are combined. Its conformation is highly citric and with many vanilla sweet passages.

Its full enjoyment goes hand in hand with fall, allowing it to keep up with moderate longevity and show off its presence with its heavy wake.

5. Molinard Nirmala Le Reve

The Nirmala Le Rêve expects to make live love for the first time thanks to an aroma-laden sophisticated fruit, so it is within the olfactory family Frutal Gourmand for women.

Nirmala Le Reve by Molinard

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Mathieu Nardin in 2017 officially launched the launch of this perfume with the presence of notes of peach, mandarin, bergamot, violet, iris, and rose.

So women will enjoy a summery scent with clear sweet fruit scents, plus some wood and comfortable warmth. This perfume penetrates strongly through a trail that is very heavy and does not last long due to its short longevity.

6. Molinard Jasmin

All the depth and freshness of jasmine is present in Jasmin, a perfume that of course comes within the Floral for Women olfactory family, where you will be amazed in spring by its main note.

Jasmin by Molinard

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Launched in 2015, this perfume is associated with notes of jasmine, lemon, carnation, rose, and sandalwood as its main fragrances nothing more and nothing less giving a mixture of fresh flowers and delicate flowers. All this freedom is also expressed in its moderate longevity and soft trail.

7. Molinard Cher Wood

The enigmas and sensuality will cope in the bottle very light of the Cher Wood, which is relevant in the Woody Amber fragrance family for Women.

Cher Wood by Molinard

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Its components are very diverse, especially if we take into account that it has notes of fruits, flowers, Madagascar vanilla, and cedar to always open with a heavy trail in an aroma full of wood, feminine sweetness, and a more than sensual warmth.

However, Cher Wood is also a perfume with long-lasting longevity that should be used in autumn.

8. Molinard Tubereuse Vertigineuse

With a high presence of a heavy trail and long-lasting longevity, the Tubereuse Vertigineuse is a perfume that fits perfectly into the Floral Amber olfactory family for Women, in addition to having been launched in 2015.

Tubereuse Vertigineuse by Molinard

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The virtues of this perfume are based on notes of coconut, peach blossom, tuberose, cedar, and rosewood. 

As such, we have an aroma loaded with white flower accords, also made of wood, making references to the spicy. To feel present in winter, it is a perfume that stands out.

9. Molinard Rose

The love for roses and spring is reflected in Rose, a perfume that is in the Floral for Women olfactory family and that, like many other Molinard perfumes, was launched in 2015.

Rose by Molinard

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Highlighting rose, geranium, cloves, violet, and vanilla as essential notes, the Rose has an aroma full of sweet roses, violets, and a certain warmth, but not before leaving you speechless with long-lasting longevity and a heavy trail, the latter highly preferred by modern girls.

Final Considerations

Attention and privileges are generated by Molinard perfumes for women, which are now at your disposal thanks to the fact that they surely represent everything you are looking for, where comfort, freshness, and sensuality are part of an enviable family.

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