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Top 10 Best Netflix Christmas Movies to watch in December 2020

10 Best Netflix Christmas Movies to watch this Winter in December 2020

Wondering which Christmas movie to watch this year on Netflix this winter in December 2020? Here are our top 10 best Netflix Christmas Movies to watch in December 2020 has not been an easy year. We were entitled to weeks of confinement. Luckily, Noel, the family day is here.

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This is a great opportunity to strengthen ties and forget, for our mental health, the existence of any virus (while respecting barrier gestures of course). So why not opt ​​for some family movie time? You will be able to spend pleasant moments watching Christmas movies.

Top 10 Best Christmas Movies ideas to watch this winter on Netflix in December 2020.

Christmas 2020 is near and everyone will gather for the dinner. Here we have mentioned some of the Top 10 best Netflix Christmas Movies to watch this Christmas.

1. The alchemy of Christmas

Directed by Monika Mitchell, The Alchemy of Christmas is a 92-minute comedy-drama released on November 21, 2019. Thanks to a very strange witch, Sir Cole, a medieval knight is propelled into a modern American world. There he meets Brooke, a science teacher. The latter, previously disappointed by love, rediscovers the magic of this universal feeling.

The film is made in a setting that is faithful to the Christmas celebrations. It will easily make you plunge back into a romantic and magical rosewater atmosphere that we love so much at Christmas.

2. Klaus

This is a British animated thread produced by Sergio Pablos and released on November 8, 2019. She revisits the legend of the famous Santa Klaus as we have never seen him before. It is the story of a lazy postman and a withdrawn toymaker who will form an unlikely bond.

The latter will allow them to create the spirit of Christmas in a gloomy and violent village. The goal of this work is to bring back to the origins of Santa Claus. Endearing and funny characters and passages loaded with emotions. This film will make you release the pressure of the year and enjoy this precious Christmas.

3. The Christmas Chronicles

A beautiful American fantasy comedy by Clay Kaytis, released on November 22, 2018. In this film, the charismatic Kurt Russell aka Santa Claus will do everything possible to save Christmas with a brother and sister. The latter having accidentally damaged the sleigh of the big red man.

A hip Santa Claus and elves to melt you, this film is rich in adventure and humor. And it fits perfectly into the spirit and classic Christmas magic. So do not hesitate to follow this film which plunges into this magic which always makes us dream so much on winter evenings.

4. The Princess of Chicago

A classic of the prince and the poor revisited by Mike Rohl in the spirit of Christmas and released on November 16, 2018. High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens in the role of a pastry chef will exchange her life with the fiancée of the Prince of Belgravia. A classic that presents its charm in a Christmas context.

This film is a romantic comedy that is sure to win you over. Decorations and dialogues worked for atmospheres very blue flower as we like them. In addition, our princess of Chicago returns at the end of the year for even more happiness and magic.

5. The “A Christmas Prince” trilogy

Directed successively by Alex Zamm and John Schulz for the last two, these films are released in mid-November. This is a classic story about Christmas Cinderella, a celibate prince, and a journalist bewitched by the latter. From its first installment published in 2017, this film had succeeded in seducing more than one. The journalist will see herself as a princess in the second part and pregnant in the third part of the trilogy.

6. Jingle Jangle: An Enchanted Christmas

David E. Talbert offers us since November 13, 2020, this musical with a cast of the first choice. This film tells us about a talented toy designer who will do anything to wow his little girl with a revolutionary invention.

But it is the little girl who will have to do everything to save the magic of Christmas when the revolutionary invention is stolen. The magic of Christmas in all its splendor. Combining fantasy and melodies, this new great film is intended to please the whole family. This musical will certainly offer you a friendly moment.

7. Let it snow

A 100% Emotions teenage movie by Luke Snellin released on November 8, 2019. This film tells the story of young teenagers who get to know each other during a freezing Christmas night. An original Netflix production focused on teens. However, inter-character crossover stories are likely to appeal to any audience.

And of course, this thread is full of predictable Christmas clichés that never cease to move us. Whether you follow him as a couple, with family, or alone under your duvet, the moment will only be pleasant.

8. A Christmas to eat

It is a Canadian production by Justin G. Dyck released in November 2018 that tells a romantic story. The manager of a restaurant, shot down by a professional failure, is more troubled by a new chef. The latter brings her hope when she learns that he has not known sweet days either.

If you were already a food lover, this romantic comedy is literally a Christmas treat. This film harmoniously combines gastronomy and love. There is no lack of languid looks and Christmas celebrations. In addition, the story takes place in a ski resort and the white backgrounds will immediately put you in the classic Christmas mood.

9. A Safari for Christmas

A beautiful romantic work by Ernie Barbarash and present on Netflix since November 2019. A New Yorker determined to give herself back a goal in life after a painful breakup goes to Africa on her own.

However, his guide will stop along the way to save a baby elephant. So you can imagine the rest. This movie doesn’t really showcase the red, green, and white colors of Christmas, but is still interesting nonetheless. The romance around an ideal of animal welfare still offers the desired magic. A beautiful romantic film to watch this winter.

10. A Christmas has fallen from the sky

A romantic Christmas thread directed by Martin Wood and available on Netflix since November 5, 2020. A film typically in the spirit of Christmas than meets our expectations of seasoned Christmas movie lovers. It brings us to life the story of a parliamentary assistant sent on a mission just before Christmas. She will then succumb to the charm of the island and of a virtuous captain.

Although predictable, this film offers at the end of the year a gentle transition to winter and its festivities. It is not really the best Netflix production in the field. However, this film remains a perfect hot chocolate for Christmas.

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