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9 Best Nintendo Switch Controllers in 2022

Best Nintendo Switch Controller. Young and old alike are looking for ways to distract themselves from daily routines. You might be one of those people who like to spend hours in control. Just for fun, your own challenges, or hanging out with friends, you’re ready to invest in a good controller, to get the most out of your Switch. Choosing what really suits your expectations is not always easy. This is why we have separated the Best Nintendo Switch controller to add spice to your gaming.


9 Best Nintendo Switch Controllers 2022


1. Nintendo Switch pro Edition Xenoblade Chronicles 2

If you are wondering where to buy the best Switch controller, you should go for a safe bet and bet on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 which is a pink and black colored edition. It has a beautiful design which makes it attractive. It also has small dimensions that allow you to hold it well in your hand without tiring your fingers after several hours of play.

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With its lightness, you can take it with you anywhere. In addition, with this Switch controller, you can enjoy a smooth gaming session with thrills thanks to its various features. Indeed, in addition to the options offered by the Joy-Con controllers, the controller also has movement controls, a high-definition rumble, or even integrated Amiibo technology that can be used for several games on Nintendo Switch. The use of this figure varies depending on the game.

In addition, to connect it to the console, all you need to do is use an AC adapter. You can also power the controller using the USB cable supplied with the model. After about 6 hours, its battery will be completely full.


2. Nintendo Switch Pair of Joy-Con controllers

Original Nintendo product, this pair of controllers shines with fine details. This is, moreover, what sets the brand apart. It deserves special attention if you are looking for the best Switch controller on the market. Compatible only with the Nintendo Switch, it connects via the Bluetooth 3.0 system. The games are controlled by digital and analog technologies, for greater safety.

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The pair is made up of two levers: the right and the left. Each has functional buttons on the front, back, and side. The two elements have their own function, but they are complementary.

A button on the front allows you to take a screenshot, to memorize the moment. A rear infrared camera acts as a motion detector. A button on the side synchronizes the Joy-Con to the Switch. The two controllers can be used separately, in case you want to play together.


3. Nintendo Switch Pro

In this comparison, we cannot miss the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. It is the ideal model to participate in the adventures of your hero, without interruption. This wireless controller is also suitable for big games where you want to show all your skills.

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The 1300mAh battery ensures this long part, with an autonomy of 40 hours. Indicator light displays the charge level. Through Bluetooth connectivity, the controller can be linked to a PC. It accepts the television set by connecting the two using the USB cable, which also allows recharging when necessary.

Reflex vibration buttons, accelerometer, and gyroscope work together to bring the user to life with the character of the action. All Nintendo Switch games can be accessed with this controller. The ergonomics of this model give it a good grip and comfort of use.


4. Exlene Wireless Controller Gamepad

How to choose the best Nintendo Switch controller? To answer it, you have to take a gadget that is both multifunctional and autonomous like this model of Exlene which is compatible with a Nintendo Switch console, a PC, or even a PS3.

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Thanks to the system buttons that have been added to the controller, you will be able to use it on all Switch games. You can also use this controller to replace the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, as it allows better control of movements. Besides, it has other features like the rumble or Turbo button which allows you to have a response without having to press a key repeatedly.

These keys are laid out in the same style as a Gamecube and include quick action trigger buttons as well as shoulder buttons. It has a long-range wireless system and its internal battery can be recharged with an easy-to-plug USB Type-C cable which is included with the purchase.


5. Nintendo Switch PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller

This wireless controller will surely appeal to video game enthusiasts who want to know which is the best brand of Switch controllers. Indeed, it has an original aesthetic design with a motif representing Zelda, the main character in The Legend of Zelda.

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It allows a good grip and has been designed with top-quality materials that guarantee the comfort of the player. The latter will be able to enjoy a long game session because the controller has a long battery life and can operate for up to 30 hours once its rechargeable battery is full.

In the event of a fault, the controller can be powered using a 3m USB-C cable included in the set. Regarding the available options, it can detect movements and control actions remotely thanks to the integrated Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology.

The player can therefore move away from his console. In addition, the controller also features programmable and mappable buttons that allow you to excel in the game. Button settings are indicated by LED lights which also alert you when the battery is low.


6. Diswoe Controllers for Switch

In this search for the most efficient model, it is important to present the Diswoe Controllers for Switch. For starters, it supports the new version of the system. It is connectable via Bluetooth on the Nintendo Switch, supporting all available games.

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It can also be connected to a PC, via USB. This wireless Pro controller can be used up to 10 meters from the console. This allows more freedom of movement, to play all your favorite games and challenge friends.

The integrated dual-motor system is reinforced by a motion sensor, which provides more sensations. A lithium battery of 400 mAh, with an autonomy of 5 to 8 hours supports the engine. It only takes 2 to 3 hours to recharge it, if necessary, using the USB cable that comes with it. This controller is equipped with non-slip handles which make it more comfortable to use.


7. EasySMX Switch Controller

If you like a product that performs well, but less expensive, this would be the one for you. This wireless pro controller is made for Nintendo Switch Pro and Lite. It can be connected to a PC, being compatible with Windows XP / 10/7/8 / 8.1.

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The connection to the PC is made through a USB cable. The wireless model is visible to the Bluetooth device. Non-slip grips, in addition to color, allow perfect control of the controller during gameplay.

This model is equipped with a 6-axis sensor and a dual-turbo vibration system. Movements are easily detected and screen capture becomes possible. A silent chip cancels out the noise. This allows you to play without disturbing the neighborhood. The motor is supported by a 500mAh lithium battery, which can provide up to 5 hours of uninterrupted play. It only takes 2-3 hours for a full charge.


8. PowerA Nintendo Switch Enhanced Wireless Controller

To help you decide the best model to choose, we’ve singled out this Zelda model. Improved wireless controller, it comes in different colors. The player has a choice, depending on their favorite character.

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This Pro controller connects to the console via Bluetooth. This gives the freedom to step away from the Switch to move according to the trends of the game. This accessory is equipped with two AA batteries, which together provide over 30 hours of fun.

Through an LED screen, it is possible to control the game, program certain buttons, and watch over the power supply. The motion detection system helps prevent traps and react quickly. A metal D-Pad facilitates handling. The enlarged buttons are a plus which adds more comfort of use. This controller model offers the possibility of multiplayer play, even up to eight players.


9. iMW Professional wired controller for Nintendo Switch

Professional and inexpensive controller, this wired model comes with three meters of cable. Playing away from the console is therefore possible. This controller stands out above all for its lightweight and pleasant design.

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Even after long hours, the hands will not be inconvenienced. For the duration of the games, there is no need to worry, as the console provides power to the controller. The latter is easy to use. Just connect it to the console, and let’s go!

The controller contains 2 joysticks which help to control all the features. Durable model, supports the hard touches, under the influence of the emotions of the game. Comparing it to other models would not be fair, because, despite the fact that it has no vibration, it is worth its price. It is an accessory that will last for many years, whether with children or with adults.


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