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10 Best Open Source Apps for Android

Android is one of the world’s most popular and powerful open-source projects. In addition to the OS, discover the best open-source apps for Android.

Open-source apps allow customers more control over their Android phones, whether by improving existing services, changing source code, or preserving privacy on the top Android apps.

While official apps are excellent, immersing yourself in a service built and maintained by the community is a great alternative to paid solutions. So, unlock your device’s potential with some cool open-source apps that are now accessible on the Play Store.

Best Open Source Apps for Android

There are many popular apps on the PlayStore, but most of you are unaware that they are open-source. So my aim here is to present you with several well-known open-source applications.

1. Firefox Web Browser

Firefox is one of the most popular open-source projects. It covers all the basic options, including cross-platform sync, privacy browsing modes, plugins, bookmarks, and more.

Experience a fast, smart, and personal Web experience. Firefox is an independent and people-oriented browser developed by Mozilla, the most reliable internet company for privacy.

Install now, and join hundreds of millions of people who trust Firefox for a more personal browsing experience.

2. FreeOTP Authenticator

FreeOTP adds a second layer of security for online accounts. This generates one-time passwords on mobile devices that can be used with your regular password to make hacking attempts almost impossible.

FreeOTP is a two-factor authentication application. It works similarly to Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator applications.

You can get these passwords even when your phone is in airplane mode. It supports both TOTP and HOTP protocols and works with all websites that support these protocols.

3. Lawnchair 2

Lawnchair Launcher is one of the latest apps in the list of open-source. Stock is an Android-themed launcher. It is very similar to Pixel Launcher, except for more features.

These include Google Assistant integration (with a plugin), icon pack support, variable icon size, blur mode, and other customizations. It’s still in beta.

It is also free, open-source, and highly functional. It is suitable for those who want some customization options with a minimal Launcher experience.

4. Nextcloud

Nextcloud is a private, open-source cloud storage application. It works as a server on your computer and as an application on your phone.

So you can use your computer as cloud storage. You can synchronize your files, photos, documents, and other files.

The user interface is immaculate and has features like multiple account support, automatic upload for photos and videos, and you can share files. It’s not as strong as something like Google Drive, but it’s much more privacy-based.

5. Open Camera

An open camera is an open-source camera application. It replaces the main camera application for more functionality.

Open Camera supports full manual controls (device permission), configurable hotkeys, HDR support, a widget, and some external microphones for videographers. It is the best open-source camera application available.

6. OsmAnd – Offline Maps

OsmAnd is an open-source navigation application. It uses OpenStreetMap for maps, which means that everything is free. There are turn-by-turn directions with route resets when you deviate from your path. There is also offline support.

7. Phonograph Music Player

The phonograph is one of the few open-source apps for music. It has a Material Design, something that even popular music players don’t always do. Also, the app includes themes, integration, tag editing, playlists, widgets, and more.


QKSMS is one of the only open-source SMS applications. It offers all the standard features like Wear OS (Android Wear) support, MMS, privacy features, TalkBack support for accessibility, and customization, and a dark theme for AMOLED screens.

9. Simple Mobile Tools

Simple Mobile Tools, ranked at 9th position as it is a group of simple, open-source Android app developers with customizable widgets without ads and unnecessary permissions.

It has various open-source applications, including a calendar, gallery, drawing application, contacts application, note-taking application, file manager, flashlight, music player, camera, clock, and more.

 You can replace all the stock apps on your device with them. Each one is completely open-source, and they all work offline.

There are more vigorous opponents, but these are only good for those who want something simple.

10. VLC for Android

The app can be used on more platforms than most other media players. It is also open-source and supports several file formats such as DVD ISOs, live streaming links, and tons of audio codecs.

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