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15 Best Oriflame Perfume For Women 2022

Best Oriflame Perfume For Women. Originality has always formed one of the fundamental pillars of fashion products in general. Without it, it’s impossible to stand out, which is why Oriflame has focused on creating a great line of perfumes for women since 1967, but taking a very careful approach to the body itself, this was perhaps its best attraction for life.

That’s why we wanted to gather in this article its best exponents, in The 15 Best Oriflame Perfume For Her, you’ll find options really perfect for you, don’t lose and release your beauty, but always taking care of your body.


15 Best Oriflame Perfume For Women 2022


15. Miss Giordani by Oriflame

It’s time to start the article with Miss Giordani, this perfume is among the best to provide confidence in women who enjoy this kind of life.

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At the same time, tell him that it has notes of peony, patchouli, and sandalwood, specially made with weak longevity and a smooth trail so that you will arouse a lot of curiosity. Any time of year is ideal to wear this high-caliber perfume.


14. Eclat Femme Weekend by Oriflame

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The fourteenth place belongs to Eclat Femme Weekend, which was made to surprise thanks to an explosion of sweetness, with that you will certainly feel a lot of freedom, but also a very charming fragrance, made with notes of peach and musk. or gooseberry, accompanied by longevity and moderate wake-up that will give you a good constitution. In addition, it has the flexibility to be used at any time of the year, don’t miss it if you look at it.


13. Paradise by Oriflame

Launched in 2011, Oriflame Paradise managed to perfectly recreate everything that has to do with the most intense human desires, it brings a totally exotic sensation, supported by notes of jasmine, rose, freesia and musk.

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At the same time, clarify for yourself that it includes a long-lasting fragrance with a trail that also lasts. Note that it’s perfect for summer, so you can take a dip at the beach.


12. Lovely Garden by Oriflame

The Lovely Garden, designed by Jean Jaques in 2012, is basically a perfume specially designed for women, to highlight in an excellent way all the feminism it offers.

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Here you will feel very fresh and very spontaneous in equal parts for its notes of sandalwood, orchid, or green. In addition, it is notable that it has somewhat weak longevity and a smooth trail, making it the perfect tie for women’s delicacy and also ideal for autumn.


11. My Little Garden by Oriflame

Feeling revitalized sums up in one sentence what it has to do with using Oriflame’s My Little Garden. This perfume launched in 2017 was composed of great floral references materialized in notes of apple blossom, lily of the valley, or sandalwood.

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This will make you feel this scent as new, regardless of your age, also adding that its longevity is weak and its smooth trail is very refined its perfect spring fragrance.


10. Masquerade by Oriflame

Position tenth was designed for Oriflame’s Masquerade, a perfume from a famous brand that comes to take a turn in what they usually create.

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You will feel an enormous sense of mystery in yourself and it will also awaken in the people around you; its own fragrance represents an enigma, as it is not easy to perceive, in the first instance, its notes of orange blossom, vanilla, and sandalwood, very exotic that will surprise more than one. Also, it has a bit of durability and moderation, both in its longevity and its footprint. This is ideal for any type of season because of its adaptability to various settings.


9. Amber Elixir Crystal by Oriflame

Sensuality and passion are the adjectives that best define Oriflame’s Amber Elixir Crystal, a perfume that will undoubtedly make you the most coveted pearl in the region. With this, you will find that your body is very comfortable with itself, thanks to a very natural combination of amber notes from the Baltic Sea that add grapefruit and vanilla.

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Likewise, tell yourself that you will have moderate longevity and wake up all the time, while also perfect for the summer season.


8. Giordani Gold Essenza by Oriflame

In place eight, we need to talk about one of Oriflame’s best perfumes, specifically the Giordani Gold Essenza, which offers every possible luxury, as its notes are bergamot, white flowers, and woody notes.

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With this in the spotlight and its durable longevity and heavy trail, it’s no wonder you feel like you’re in a grand mansion full of gold. Especially ideal for any time of year, luxuries never wait for any date on the calendar.


7. Live in Color by Oriflame

Boredom will never be part of Live in Color, launched on the market in 2018, this meant a great explosion of amber and white rhubarb notes, which will provide a great feeling of frenzy and explosiveness, ideal for those women who like challenges.

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It also has a smooth trail and short longevity that allow you to spray again with this scent designed especially for summers.


6. Possessions by Oriflame

Feminine charm has always been one of Oriflame’s goals, certainly realized with Possess. It is characterized by being a fragrance designed to make you feel very sensual but from a more feminine point of view and not so ferocious.

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In addition, with Possess you will have notes of grapefruit, raspberry, or Madagascar vanilla, perfectly delineated with very lasting longevity and a heavy track, this will give you a lot of ego strength and personality. Autumn is the ideal time to use this perfume with great sensations.


5. On the Edge by Oriflame

On the Edge of Oriflame is presented with its perception as a fragrance specially designed for women with strong eroticism and self-confidence. Its very name generates many looks, and it is with this perfume that you will be in front of a total shower of magical daring, perfect for your night out.

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Its creators Nicolas Beaulieu and Nelly Hache-Ruiz brought notes of orange, black violet, and leather to give a lot of vitality and form to a perfume with lasting longevity and a certain heavy trail. The best time to use this perfume is summer, for those intense moments bathed in sweat.


4. Elvie Summer Joy by Oriflame

With this, women will be able to enjoy the summer forever, as it includes among its notes bergamot, raspberry, or dandelion so that you find yourself with a lot of mischiefs and an inner feeling of a certain sensuality, but mainly fun.

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It has a moderate treadmill and lasting longevity, which gives it a lot of power, especially in tropical environments.


3. Amber Elixir by Oriflame

Now, to review Amber, this 2009 perfume was organized to ideally recreate a very sensual environment, where temptation makes all ideas come true. That’s why it makes you feel really seductive and wanting to be the center of attention.

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Vincent Schaller provided notes of almond, peony, or tangerine to his fragrance, which also includes long-lasting longevity and moderate wakefulness, perfect values ​​so that this perfume can also be used in moments of great ease, such as spring.


2. Giordani Gold Original by Oriflame

With the Giordani Gold Original by Oriflame, you will masterfully obtain a perfume designed so that you can go to any gala party without even feeling sorry. Its notes of Italian mandarin, patchouli, and jasmine will make the beauty stand out in any circumstance.

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Furthermore, its long-lasting longevity contributes to this surprise effect and with a moderate awakening that undoubtedly supports a very particular fragrance. This is an ideal winter scent due to its inner fire.


1. Divine by Oriflame

Its unique name says that we are in front of Divino da Oriflame, a fragrance that could even be called small, given the great style and elegance it has for girls.

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Its fragrance made with notes of orchid, jasmine, and rose will make you position yourself in a very comfortable and respectable place for all who watch you, highlighting that women are divine beings. It has to offer a wake and moderate longevity that make it perfect for winter.


Final considerations

Be sure to buy any of the 15 Best Oriflame Perfume & Fragrances For Women as each cologne will make you stand out as you’ve never experienced before. This is due to the excellent manufacturing and also to all the notes contained in its fragrance. You will be able to attract all eyes and perceptions with these perfumes presented here, Do not miss this opportunity!

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