Top 5 Best Original Christmas Gifts Ideas 2020

5 Best Original Christmas Gifts Ideas 2020

5 Best Original Christmas Gifts Ideas 2020

Do you want to surprise your loved ones at Christmas while making them happy? Ditch the eternal perfume box and turn to ideas for Christmas gifts that are much more original and not necessarily more expensive. In the rest of this article, we will present trendy and unusual gift ideas!

Best Original Christmas Gifts Ideas 2020


1. A very moving Christmas original gift (Photo Calendar)

To begin with, we are going to present you a Christmas gift that has real sentimental value. This is the personalized photo calendar. This calendar will contain beautiful photos but above all very beautiful memories. And Christmas will be the perfect opportunity for you to remember them all together around the tree!

You are going to make the grandparents very happy with this very special attention. So don’t hesitate to create your photo calendar online on dedicated platforms. You will be able to integrate the most beautiful moments of your life and that of your loved ones. Don’t forget to add little messages to show them your affection.

2. A very masculine Christmas original gift (Table Football)

The timeless table football is making a comeback in a mini version under the tree. To please a man (regardless of his age), we can only advise you to opt for this so masculine present. He will be able to play matches in the middle of an aperitif!

3. A very feminine Christmas original gift (Jewellery as Pendant)

To please a woman for this Christmas 2020, you can offer her a connected piece of jewellery to wear as a pendant. This fabulous accessory for the modern fashionista will allow her to monitor and analyze the quality of her sleep, to calculate the number of her daily steps but also to learn to manage her anxiety thanks to different breathing exercises.

4. A very smart Christmas original gift (History Art Comics Box)

If you have History, Art and Culture buffs in your family, we have the perfect gift for them! This year, you will be able to find boxes of comics on the History of Art. They trace all the names, places and dates that mark out the History of Art.

5. A very connected Christmas original gift (Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker)

Finally, if your loved ones appreciate connected gifts, we advise you to opt for the mini portable Bluetooth speaker. They can connect the speaker to their smartphone or tablet to listen to their favourite music, absolutely everywhere. You will find these mini speakers in several colours (black, white, gold, pink, etc.) to please both men and women.

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