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5 Best Outdoor Surveillance Cameras [year]

5 Best Outdoor Home Security Cameras [year]

The devices recommended in this article have been identified based on several characteristics, including Wi-Fi signal strength, picture quality, motion sensitivity, personalization and type of notifications on the smartphone, quality of speakers, app features, storage options, and more.

Outdoor Home Security Cameras also referred to as Surveillance Cameras that is the essential gadget to use. There are several models that make you confused about selecting the best one. We bring out the list of Best Outdoor Surveillance Cameras that are ideal for your home security and value for money.

  1. Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

The Nest Cam IQ is now available outdoors. Composed mainly of plastic, she uses the same dress codes as her indoor girlfriend. Overall, it appears solid and inspires confidence. Connected to the mains, the cable offers a comfortable length.

Very well attached to its wall base, the system is so secure that it seems very complicated for an intruder to remove it. The stand allows it to be rotated or tilted down for the best viewing angle.

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Connect only wifi from the house, you will have to pay attention to the signal strength. There will be no micro USB or USB port here and the images will be stored in a paid cloud dedicated to manufacturers. The Nest app is simple and clear even for beginners. Everything is explained step by step so as not to lose the person.

From the home page, you can have access to direct flows as well as the status of the user absent or at home. Without a subscription, videos are stored for 3 hours only. Besides the recordings, many features are chargeable and this frankly reduces the possibilities. It’s a shame, especially when you know the launch price of the device.

We go to the image quality, by day this is excellent. Noise is reduced and details are crisp. The contrast is also well-managed and the elements in the shadows are quite distinct. At night, the infrared mode is good but not as good as the competition. The shadows remain black, the noise is very present and the details are almost absent.

The camera is triggered when it detects movement at 6.10 m. Regarding audio, the speaker is powerful enough for outdoor use. The sound reproduction is good, the voices are therefore intelligible and relatively natural, the 3 onboard microphones of the device are excellent, the signal is clean and powerful and the voices are faithful.

  1. EZVIZ C3W Surveillance Camera

We continue with our next camera from the EZVIZ brand. With its spherical shape, it is more discreet than the Floodlight and easier to hide. Equipped with 2 antennas on the sides, it might be smarter to hide it in the vegetation to make it completely invisible at first glance. Held via a metal ball joint, it is possible to adjust it.

It is possible to connect it to wifi or Ethernet and we appreciate that the manufacturer leaves us the choice. To complete the configuration, you will have no choice but to install the EZVIZ application. The procedures are simple and very well explained.

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Equipped with a micro sd port, the images are stored locally. The manufacturer announces to keep a photo of the recordings on its cloud. However, it will be deleted as soon as the user destroys the video that corresponds to it. The application, it allows you to find all the cameras associated with the accounts and to see what is happening very quickly. It is also possible to have access to all the videos filmed following the detection of the movement.

In the parameters of the amp, it is possible to adjust the detection sensitivity between 6 levels and to create zones. It is also possible to manage the behavior of the alarm in the event of detection.

Regarding the image quality, by day the images are sharp and detailed, better than the competition, and the colors are also more faithful. Too bad that contrasts are less well managed and that the elements placed in shaded areas are less perspective.

Switching from day mode to night mode is done in 6 seconds. It’s fast but some do better to avoid image loss. At night, we make the same observation with a well-detailed image, and the management of contrasts is more relevant than during the day. The flash makes it possible to bring color images even at night. This model is efficient and offers better image quality than with a simple infrared.

On the audio side, the speaker is efficient, the voices are faithful and the sound power is adequate. The microphone is also efficient and powerful. It picks up discreet noises very well and none of the voice formations is to report. The alarm can be heard up to one meter at full volume. It is nevertheless not dissuasive but surprises.

  1. Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

The details and finishes of the camera are impeccable. In addition to having good looks, it is resistant to temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to over 60 degrees and is resistant to rain and dust.

The Floodlight is equipped with a removable battery that can be checked every 6 months or so. The more or less important use of the projector on the autonomy difference. Without an Ethernet port, the camera connects to home wifi. The process is super easy. Once properly installed, the device will set this parameter and can be managed from the Arlo app. The latter is common to all cameras.

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Within the app, there are many shortcuts as well as the adjustment and deactivation of the flash brightness. A library tab is also present for browsing video recordings. These are stored in the cloud which is chargeable to him. Another practical parameter, taking photos of live videos, is the deactivation of the microphone and the speaker or the management of the speaker volume.

In terms of image quality, Floodlight does its job well by capturing 2k images. Brightness can be adjusted to 5 different levels. During the day the images are very good, it switches from day mode to night mode in a second.

No image loss is therefore possible. In infrared mode, the Floodlight detects activity at 6 meters very easily and can identify a face at 2.5 meters. Finally, the last very positive point concerns distortion. Thanks to the 2 standard and full modes, the distortion of the image is very well corrected and even becomes non-existent.

Lastly, the onboard microphone on the camera has no problem picking up all sounds, even the most discreet. The voices are very well picked up and those faithfully even at 2 meters. As for the speakers, they will be audible at 2 meters with the volume at maximum. The Floodlight finally carries a siren whose volume can be heard at one meter in a calm environment.

  1. Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera

The Essential Spotlight is battery-operated. His is not, however, removable. It will therefore be necessary to remove the entire camera when recharging. Autonomy is estimated at 6 months. The support of this model is seen on the device and then fixed to the wall. It will also be possible to place it on a flat surface such as a wall for example.

Its wifi connection is completely independent. The smart hub allows the recordings to be stored locally. However, you will have to pay a small bonus of 200 € to take advantage of all the services. The application allows you to control the camera only. Being the same as for the Floodlight, there is no need to go over it in more detail.

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We go directly to the image quality, by day the tents and the colors are well-controlled and faithful to reality. The details are pretty good. Everything is decent. At one second, the camera switches from day mode to night mode and at night the contrast and exposure are well managed. Items in shaded areas are visible.

On the other hand, the details will grow after a month and we will not necessarily be able to recognize an individual easily, for example. With a flash projector, it is possible to shoot better in color and this mode brings real added value to the camera.

Finally, for audio, the microphone does its job well. The voices are well captured and transcribed. All noises are audible up to the sound of footsteps. The loudspeaker is powerful enough to be heard from 2 m away. It makes it possible to identify the person speaking very easily. On the other hand, the alarm level is quite low. He probably won’t wake up the whole neighborhood.

  1. Reolink Argus PT Camera

Our last candidate, Reolink, is impressive. Spherical in shape, it will not necessarily go unnoticed. Its field of vision extends up to 355 degrees horizontally thanks to the motorized lens. A slot for micro sd conceals at the back of the camera and allows the local conservation of images.

The Argus PT is completely wireless and has a non-removable battery. It is connected to the wifi of the house. Everything is then done from the Reolink application. The procedures are simple and fast.

Unlike the Arlo brand, Reolink offers all its functions free of charge without paying. From the home page, we can find a battery indicator that alerts us when the camera reaches 10%. 2 shortcuts are also present. One is used to stop the detections and the other allows access to all the settings.

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Regarding the image quality, during the day the images may appear a little blurry, and few details are present. However, the exposure is good and the contrast is well-managed to allow the shadows to be discovered.

The colors are good but although a little is less vivid. 3 seconds are needed to switch from day mode to night mode. At night, there is a lack of sharpness in infrared, the exposure is strong enough to discover the shadows. The faces are identifiable at 3.40 meters, which is still correct.

Finally, on the audio side, the microphone is sensitive and will be able to capture all noises, even the most discreet. The voice timbres are faithful, the speaker volume is adjustable via the application.

Yet even at its maximum, it remains weaker than the competition. However, the statements are audible and clear. The voices are faithful and can identify who is speaking quickly. the alarm sends an audible sound level of one meter. Too short to wake up the neighborhood.


What do you think of these best outdoor surveillance (home security) cameras in [year]? if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us in the comments, and tell us about them.

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